Friday, October 12, 2018

Rose Croft, Brentwood - 2nd October 1972

Dear Stalker Hat, Thank you for the amuisin' p. card with Winifred Atwell in a sea mist. I'm glad you came on Saturday, it makes a nice change when friends visit me on this lonely outpost, where the last dregs of humanity huddle around someone sucking a peppermint in a vain effort to keep warm. I sent H. a "rough" of the proposed burpday cart but she hasn't replied yet, is she still in a state of shock? O yes, before I forget again, would you ask Dave if the car he offered for £5 is in working order and has tax, M.O.T. and all that stuff? Lynne wants to know. Apparette? Apparantly "The Goons", Tony Hancock and I.T.M.A. was on the radio this morning before I got up. Also the fireman's entrance exam consists of questions like "Who did Sinbad The Sailor fight?" and "What is the name of the dog in Peter Pan?" I went down the mighty dump again yesterday with Bill and his van. We took a dustbin full of grot to pretend we were there to make use of the councils grorious amentities. We were though in a slightly different way to what they imagine! I got quite a lot of gear - a small bookcase ( which came in very handy ) two Rupert books, some door handles ( which I fitted on Dinah's and my doors as they were broken - you maye have noticed?) pon and pats, a painting on glass by someone called Lyn Mouth? a carved wooden letter rack of a little house among trees and lots of other stuff to numerous to mention. Bill found a small printing press and a big box of type and lots of tools, clamps and strange implements. Ed got a sewing machine ( the dumpman sold it to him for a £1 )and another sink.I'd better stop there before I do? Here's some things to keep you amused whilst Dave is sawing up his dad's bike. Felicitations, Micky Icky. P.S. Have you seen hat Michael Bentine Timeon Fridays? I don't think it's as good as I remember The Bumblies being.

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