Saturday, June 18, 2016

Squirrel Cake

Busy day doing some shopping and finding things to do. A cheeky squirrel came into the garden - a regular visitor to attack our bird feeders and fat balls. He froze for a while looking over next doors - maybe a cat? Anyway, he nibbled some seeds and knocked the fat ball holder to the ground and then scampered off only to return some minutes later with glint in his little beady eye. Two fat pigeons frightened him off eventually. In town I did the usual charity shop and market rounds. Didn't find anything. Bought some Twinings tea and a washing line to hoist up bags of stuff into the newly boarded attic. Hazel is afraid to go up there. She thinks Tim Peak is up here still but just heard he has arrived down again and being wheeled about in a barrow until his legs get stronger. We popped into Sainsburys for some delicious Mozerella burgers and ice cream ( not on the same plate ) and then to B&Q and Argos for a new kettle and white paint for the summer house ceiling. Hazel made a yummy looking birthday cake for me this afternoon with dark chocolate, cream and strawberries. Yum! Taking it over to Granma's tomorrow as Monday will be too busy on the roads around Lostock due to the Cheshire Show. She let me lick the bowl out.