Monday, March 28, 2022

Griffiths Park and Canal Walk

This mornings wander to the local park and the canal via the fencing emporium. Hazel's Mom and sister need a rotten fence replacing and they have tried to contact lots of places to no avail. It seems they are snowed under with work since the storms of last month! Anyway, the nice man in his tumble-down shed said he would contact them soon - when there was a lull in the workload. Fingers crossed. Then to our favourite bench to take a selfie and admire the clouds. A few dog walkers passed by. One pooch had an enromous stick in it's mouth as long as he was! Then to the canal for a wander down the tow path and around the houses. Got a bit lots down some cul-de-sacs looking for the park. Eventually found our way back and through to the Co-op as it wasn't that busy to get a few bits and bobs we'd run out of. Exciting eh?

Friday, March 25, 2022

Marbury Country Park

Lovely walk in the sunshine around the woods and garden centre. Very quiet for a change although the car park had filled up by the time we got back from our ramblings. I took a lot of photos but these are just a few. Others on FB. Hazel bought some plants for Mothers Day at the garden centre which we had to ourselves for the most part. Tete a tetes and wall flowers etc. Some for her Mom and some for herself.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Daily Doodles No. 3435

Carey Park

Pleasant wander around Carey Park this morning and sat looking at the ducks coming in to land on the flashes. Walked into town to do some shopping at Poundstretcher's 50% off sale. Hazel found a few bulbs, seeds and household items.

Friday, March 18, 2022


Escaped the house for a few hours over to Tattenhall near Chester to visit old chums Beth and Simon who just moved there. The Sat nav took us a wiggly route through Corkscrew Road and Bendy Lane - passed lots of daffodils blooming nodding waving etc. by the roadside. Lots of quaint houses and cottages. Went for a nice cheese and onion toastie in the posh cafe in the town (more of a village?) . Some lovely old shops and pubs including one called The Letters Inn with a red pillar box depicted on the sign.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Springtime For Frogs

My camera failed to take more than two snaps before the battery ran out this morning. Nice walk in the sunshine to the River Dane and the fishing ponds. Sat in the community orchard admiring the blossom on the cherry and plum trees. Lots of dog walkers about today- even a lone fisherman. He must have gone to the river as he wasn't by the pond as we walked round it. Lots of frogs were cavorting in the long grass - some sploshed into the water as we tip toed by. Some were having a piggyback! Expecting lots of tiny froglets soon like last year. We didn't know where to tread!

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Daily Doodles

Some sketchbook pages drawn in pen and one collage - inspired by various books like the Trademarks of the 30's and 40's that's been very inspirational just lately. Some hand craved rubber stamps might result from these - who knows? Meanwhile, in the real world, more depressing news of dear friends departed and families torn apart by war. I've stopped watching the news as it's been a bit too much. Please be kind to one another out there.

Sunday, March 06, 2022

The Organic Farm Shop Again!

Nantwich - Again!

Yes, another morning in Nantwich - this tie on a Saturday. \\\\\\\It was very busy but we managed to avoid people who had no masks on. If a shop seems too busy we declined to go in until a bit later when it was less crowded..........The market was busy and the toy man seemed pleased to see us but we didnt buy anything this time. He enjoyed selling things to our chum Tony he said. We are spreading the word about you we said. The Civic hall was busy but with spangly girls doing a dance-a-thon or something so we escaped to the charity shops. Not much in the way of bargains. We bumped into our old neighbour Katie just outside the market selling hospice lucky tickets or something. On the way home we stopped off at the hospice to have a mooch. Hazel found a tin of bobbins and spools of brightly coloured cotton and other sewing stuff. There wasa man singing "The Young Ones" - the old Cliff Richard hit in the market square ( outside the church ) very badly. I should have mentioned that earlier!