Sunday, March 31, 2019

More Mothering

More Mothering Sunday treats in the afternoon over at Granma Jones' and some home made cake and coffee. Hazel took some flowers and plants and chocs for her Mom.

Mothering Sunday

Nice card and presents from Archie who instructed me to buy the tiny daffodils. Googly eyes and tin toys - he knows his mother well! Then off to the outdoor boot sale at Blakmere which was the first of the season. A bit quiet but big enough to make it interesting. Got a DVD boxed set of Quatermass series from the 90's with John Mills. Also a Bob Dylan live CD which I may have already. Hazel founf a farme for her recent Plum Jam portrait she got in Wales and pile of ceramic flowerpots for 10p each. Nice to get back home in the warm. Some framing to do now before lunch. More mail to sort later.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Congleton Walks

Lovely sunny day - walks round Congleton with our old chums Tone and Pene. Once round the lake in the nearby Country Park and then a bit later after some antique rummaging in the old mill we walked to the other park cafe for a beer and sat in the sun by the River Dane. Later we had lunch in the cafe above the antiques. Pene went off for her swimming aquarobics thing and we walked round the town and looked in a few charity shops. Found a nice tin motor boat that works with steam power. Hazel considered a frog mask/head but decided it was too expensive and cumbersome.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Boot Sale Time

Slim picking's at the indoor boot sale at Memorial Court this morning. Lots of my favourite sellers weren't there sadly so didn't get anything. Hazel found a few bits and bobs including a small trug, some hessian for rag rug making, custard glass, Dinky ice cream van, etc etc.

Old Photo Album

A page from an old photo album. Mostly pictures of me in various places around Kent and Essex where we used to live.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Monday, March 11, 2019

Memorial Court Boot Sale

Ventured out into the rain and wind to the indoor boot sale in town. Got a few bargains despite being at the back of the huge queue again. Nobody seems to like the junk we buy! Just as well ! Got a nice tin toy "Monkey Circus" that trundles around very slowly when you wind it's key - a couple of books to cut up for collage material ( they are battered and scribbled in so don't feel bad ) a penknife, a tiny pencil, Capt. Webb's matchbox, a bezique counter thingy, a ceramic Welsh lady called Jones, a small plastic man with large head? and all manner of other goodies. Then to Lidl to buy a few bits ( grumpy sales girl at till ).