Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Party Popper Gatling Gun

Another great video from Archie and his latest creation at Brighton University.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Social Whirl

Slightly whirlwind weekend where first we met up with John Hegley the poet in Northwich for opening of new VAC gallery and he came back for some soup and cake. The next day off to Brighton on the trains ( which behaved for a change!) to see Archie and quick trip to Hove Museum to see all the toys and then fish and chips with our friends Debra and Bridget who we stayed with. Then to Roger Stevens CD launch ( the one I did the sleeve art for ) at low dive below pub the Greenhouse Effect? Got quite drunk and had a good time ( terrible headache the next day!) and watched a variety of poets and performers including the defunct Killer Rabbits. Breakfast with rowdy throng in the Hove Kitchen (lovely place) and then wet drizzly walk to station and 4 hour journey back home. Phew!
Have been neglecting this blog for a while. Lots of stuff happened between 9th December and now ofcourse - Xmas for one thing and then New Year. Here we are in 2013. Weve all had horrible colds and Man-Flu . Hazel got it worst and was anti-biotics for a week and a week off college. It was awful. Still coughing a month later!