Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Wheelbarrows - delicious!

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Another of those days that makes no sense whatsoever - a bit like this collage! Mail was very thin on the doormat - just a circular from the council arts Network. Ive been looking for stuff today. raking through the cupboards and unearthing things I'd forgotten we had like the big box of tie-labels in assorted colours and the book and record by Anna Russell which is great. I will have to make a scan of it and put it on the Boot Sale Sounds group. I was sneezing for ages afterwards with all the dust I disturbed! Still couldn't find that Vindaloo label tape with Stan Dithedrington and Minkey Frasworeth.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Can you guess the celebs this far away?

Class Photo
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Made the photo smaller to make the big gap vanish but now it's hard to see the faces of these people. How many can you recognise?
Went into town this morning. First to the bank to get some dosh. officious clerk made me sign the back of my stupid new card. They change their staff so often at my bank , it's really irritating. Not much in the way of bargains. No Pictbridge connectors at Dixons. Mr. bean with goatee beard said we'd have to buy "unusual" leads from the HP website, which is annoying because the Pictbridge doodah was one of the features they plugged when selling the thing to Hazel, saying how fantastically useful it would be!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Cinema treats and sweets

Cinema Sweets
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This collage is a reminder of those great days of children's matinees I've mentioned before in a previous blog but forgot to mention the sweets. The penny and ha'penny chews, the gobstoppers, the flying saucers, the candy cigarettes (now called candy sticks) the bulls eyes and hundreds and thousands, the bubble gum and the sherbet dabs! No wonder I have so many fillings!

Drink Your Milk

Drink Your Milk
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This big gap has appeared at the top of my blog again for no apparent reason?I have changed the settings in the hope it will fix itself. Here's another scanned collage from a few years ago. So much better than those wonky photos.

W. Reginald Bray

W. Reginald Bray
was a Victorian gent,
who tested the post
with whatever he sent

A collector of curios
and postal phenomena,
his passion was sending
all kinds of ephemera

The largest and elephant,
the smallest a bee.
A bicycle pump,
an old piece of tree

He carved his address
on a large knobbly turnip,
and sent it first class
so they could returnit

His collection of artifacts
was extremely contrived,
but his rasher of bacon?

It never arrived.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Thrilling Correspondence Novels

Correspondence Novel
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Hooray! Managed to figure out new HP combi printer/scanner and copier so all set to send some sharper images of collages and other ephemera to blog. This is the first test scan and look pretty good to me. Probably using up far too much memory and hard disc space though. Oh well, at least we can get photo copies done straight away without having to walk the 2 miles into town to do them at the photography shop.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Boot sale sounds

Just a reminder that the Boot Sale Sounds can be accessed via the link to the left. Just uploaded a motely selection from previous flea markets and charity shop rummagings. As well as two tracks from the Monty Python team there is a strange Bollywood song, Gertie The Girl with the Gong by Elsie Carlisle, the Little One Eyed Trouser Snake and a Captain Beefheart cover by Frank Sidebottom.
They will remain until Monday probabaly. I'm hoping for some scratchy records and floppy tapes from the boot sale on sunday.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Old sweets and candy wrappers

This has been taken through glass , so not a very good photo. Its a collection of old sweets and candy wrappers and confections collected by Hazel when we lived in London in the 80's. Some are beginnin g to show their age and leaking out as a kind of primordial syrup!
Yesterday wasa bit of a dull rainy day. The nice electrician, Derrick, came round to fix the new halogen lights in Archie's room. he looked at the doorbell too but couldn't find the fault. Archie came home with another sack of conkers.
Today I went into town and got my haircut. the lady barber was very chatty, telling me all about her kids at university and isn't it terrible weather and the cost of holidays etc. I don't know why they feel they have to tell you all these things? Thank goodness I don't have to have it cut for another 3 months!
Didnt find much in town. A Dennis the menace book for Archie but he already has it. Also a book of cut-out alphabet letters in 3-D. I was supposed to get bananas ( Hazel needs lots of the essential mineral they contain - is it zinc?) but I forgot!
The library had nothing new to offer so i came home and made some toasted haloumi sandwiches with tomatoes and basil. Yum!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

You've got to hand it to him

Handy postcards
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Just a few of the many dozens of hand shaped postcards hanging from my workroom ceiling - part of a mail art project some years ago. I have a box full in the cupboard. They were hung like this in Worcester Art Gallery for a while and I never did get a photo of them so this is long overdue!
Today I went into town and got Archie some lights for his bedroom so he can read properly. I phoned the friendly retired electrician who promised to come and fix them soon. The charity shops were very busy but I didn't find much, just a CD of comedy from the BBC with Tony Hancock,Pete and Dud, Billy Connolly etc.
Hazel's been on the mac all day with college work so I haven't had much chance to use it. Just heard that a cyber-cafe is being planned for the derelict bit of the station which is good news - maybe use it myself if I can't get online at home!

Sunday, September 19, 2004


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Fond memories came flooding back as I found this poster for Captain Video on the web. One of my favourites and still available to buy on DVD it says! I expect I'd be very disapointed if I saw it today. I recently saw an old Republic serial and realised how cheap and shoddy they were but as kids you don't notice such things ofcourse, well I didnt!

More piles of old tat to sort through

Just back from a fairly big boot sale at Hartford. The ground there was really uneven and full of pot-holes full of water, but managed to find a few bargains stepping gingerly around them. Some videos for 20p including the wonderful City of Lost Children, Ren &Stimpy and The Lost Highway. Also some french films inc. Les Amants des Pont- Neuf and Merci la Vie. So plenty to watch these rainy winter evenings! Bargain of the day must be the old Topper annual from 1960 I got for 20p. Archie was delighted. Hazel says I should have saved it for his birthday but I was too excited and just had to show him what a clever dad he had to spot such a treasure amongst all the rubbish. They've gone for a second rummage and to take Audrey and Hazel's Mom. The weather has been kind so far this morning. Archie also got some How To draw books which he doesn't need really and some Lego kits. Hazel bought some plants and a choc tin of dubious vintage.No scratchy records alas except a single by Monty Python folks -Always Look On the Bright Side of Life from the Life of Brian film.Also the Greatest Hits? of Wrestless Eric.The photo is of the old Century cinema at Pitsea in Essex where I used to go to Saturday morning matinees to see the adventures of Captain Video, Batman and the great Republic serials back in the 1950's.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

When Saturday comes around again

Toy Shelf
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The week has whizzed by once more and this morning I ventured out into the drizzle for a brisk walk into town. Shaking my wet brolly outside shops before diving in to gently steam with the other customers. Found two records in the Help the Aged charity shop. A compilation of childrens songs from the BBC including Brian Cant and other Play Away folk and a strange disc of magical tricks and puzzles by Paul Daniels.
Also found some candy floss pink card to make into covers for the first issue of FLOSS. The kind man at the photography shop who I keep bothering was really helpful and fed the card into the colour copier by hand which took ages - luckily no other customers as it was still peeing down outside! They look great though the bottom edge of image just missed slightly so will have to fill in with black pen. Later will fold and staple pages into the first issue and put them in envelopes to send out on Monday.
Bought a gas filled stove lighter as the batteries have run out on the gas stove and don't know how to change them. Using matches is a pain and I've singed the hairs on my knuckles a few times already.
Bought the Daily Mirror, which is a rubbish paper, but it had a free DVD of Brassed Off starring Ewan McGregor and Pete Postlethwaite inside.
Chastised by Hazel for forgetting the eggs and cheese - she wasn't impressed with my alternative purchases!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Cabinet of Doctor Curiosity

Toy Cupboard
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Filled with all manner of junk, old toys, sweet wrappers,paper gliders and plastic gew-gaws. Didn't quite fit the Sooty egg-cup in the picture.
Just back from a brisk walk into town( a slower walk coming home!) where i took some Cd's and DVD back to the library. 88p fine for being two days overdue. Not much in the "new additions" section. I borrowed a CD of Bollywood songs inspired by my purchase yesterday. Not much else in the way of bargains but did find a PC game called Hand of Fate for 49p. It's one of those "point and click" adventures about a wizardess who has to travel to the centre of the earth to get the KEY STONE to break the enchantment thats making the rocks and trees disappear. Pretty typical of it's type. Awful graphics- a few years old I imagine. My favourite "point and click" adventure was the Broken Sword but havent played the 3-D update on the PS2 yet - waiting to find it cheap at a boot sale.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

More scratchy records from Crewe

purab aur pachhim
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Just back from crewe flea market and two scratchy records in my sweaty hands. The Indian film "Purab Aur Pachhim"(East & West) 1970 on the Odeon label is a classic piece of Bollywood with a wonderful song called Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which I have put in the files of the Boot Sale Sounds yahoo group. It's one of the oddest songs I've heard for a long time. Just found the poster in Dogpile which is even more bizarre with the twin towers in the background! Also got a Kanda Bongo Man comp. on Globe Style. Hazel found a thermometer for her growing thermometer collection. It has a nice metal case shaped like a cruise missile.
Popped round to see Tony and saw the new DVD single of the Fat Cats which was great (see the website in links where you can download it).

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The tail end of hurricane Ivan?

Its a miserable morning here - the rain lashing down and the wind whipping whats left of the slug addled sunflowers. I was hoping to go into town to visit the library and do some shopping but maybe I'll wait until later. Maybe it will clear and the sun will come out. Fingers crossed.
Hazel has gone off to Manchester to put some metal objects in the 3-D showcase along with some of her inventions.Archie has gone to school with a rucksack crammed with stuff - it weighed a ton! I think he's filled it with conkers?
The thirteenth lived up to it's reputation for an unlucky day yesterday with no post atall and my search for collage material ended in a cul-de-sac.
Having this big wide gap at the top of my blog doesn't help! It shouldn't annoy me but it does!
Thinking of changing my template but all my links will be lost and I don't fancy typing all those out again.Ho hum.
We complain about our weather constantly but at least our houses dont get blown away! Those poor folk in Jamaica, Cuba and Mexico etc. It must be awful have to leave and return to such a mess. My desk upstairs doesn't seem so bad now!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Tex Ritter rides again!

Tex Ritter
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Not sure why this blog has suddenly developed a BIG SPACE above it? Perhaps this will rectify the matter.
This is not the Tex Ritter LP I bought today but this song was on it - played at 22 rpm.
Hazel and Archie have taken Audrey to the Antique barns of Lady Mugwump. I am staying home to catch up with my correspondance.

More exotic finds at the boot sale

Martin Denny
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Well, not too many really but just enough to make it worthwhile. Pleased with the 3 scratchy LP's I bought for next to nothing from the boot sale at Chelford, the last of the year. We weren't going to go to that one but the other, the cow pat field, only had half a dozen cars in it! So Hazel said to the man in the turban "Is this all there is?" to which he scratched his crotch and held out his hand saying "£1 please" so we turned round and went to Chelford which is a mile or two further on. Hazel hates going there as they are usually so grumpty and snatch your change off you as you drive in. This time they seemed friendlier. Maybe because it was the last of the year on that spot. They are moving to a ploughed pit near Macclesfield.
Other bargains included another Tex Ritter compilation from the 60's with an even slower version of "Blood On The Saddle" sounds like the record needs winding back up! Also a tribute to the Cowboy Copas by some persons called Opry Stars, who abviously not stars atall but nonentities. A nice sound though if you like that kind of thing.
You can hear sample tracks if you go to the Boot Sale Sounds yahoo group that you will find in the links.
Hazel got some pins that will appear on her blog soon. Archie got a Beano from 1981 but he thought it was in better condition but it wasn't really. Another swap.He bought two old newspapers from the 60's. One has a great photo of Mars on the front saying "Amazing Photos from Mars!" but it looks like a blurry shot of someone's thumb!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Children Have Been Downsized

Abnormal Service
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So sayeth the lady selling antiques on Flog It! (BBC 2 TV) I might have missheard her.
Just been helping Hazel put links on her new Blog - about the mechanics of toys.
Throwing a biscuit tin out with odds and ends in. Hazel and Archie, the scavangers, have retrieved it from the back door step to sift through the "treasures" I might have been destroying - broken pencils,badge pins,cocktail sticks,rubberstamp handles,ludo counters, plastic coins and other plastic trivia! They were in Heaven, holding each dusty gew-gaw up to examine it under the "big light".
I declined to go into town as it's too busy on a Saturday - I feel myself turning into Victor Meldrew with all the jostling and noise that goes on!
Hopefully more luck tomorrow at the boot sale,if it's not raining.

Old Photo of boy

Friday, September 10, 2004

Boot Sale Sounds launch party

Decided to add a new dimension to my blogging activites in the shape of a linked yahoo group on collecting vinyl, floppy tapes, CD's, wax cylinders etc. from boot sales, flea markets, thrift stores etc. mainly because I can't figure out how to upload music to my blog. this seeems the next best thing. new tracks from recent jumble sales uploaded now for you to download or just listen to. Mostly it's old crackly stuff that tickels me. So this week you have they Might be Giants. tex Ritter yodelling into his whiskey, lanky Spoken 'ere. and Ivor Biggun and the red hot burglars. Join via the link at the side.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Don't you have any that work?

venice tap merchant
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Ah yes, the old tap sellers of Venice - what has happened to them all? We hardly saw any when we were there over Easter.
Went into town to try and get some copies done but the Photography man was rather unhelpful but in a helpful way. I asked him if i could bring my own card for his photo-copier in the hope I could get some cheaper copies but he looked very concerned and said It might jam the machine. How thick would the card be - so had to look round the shop to find a peiceof card similar to the sort I was thinking of. More concerned looks and chin rubbing. How many sheets did I want? Well, about 25 to start with. MMMMmmmm well, that could be tricky - you might be wasting your money and you'd have 24 sheets to find a use for if the first one went wrong. O dear! And so on in this way for some time. The other assistant came over to rub his chin too and look concerned at my plight. I'll think about it some more then and left them rubbing chins and fingering bits of card.
Borrowed The cat In The Hat on DVD from the library. We watched it later with Archie,Barb and Des (just back from a shopping trip to Manchester) and chortled away at some of the gags. It was funnier than the Grinch.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Tin Robot

Tin Robot
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Seems to be a bit of trouble t'mill? Blogger seems unable to work at the moment. i wonder if this will blog?

I will have to take my jumper off

It's getting warmer. I haven't been to india but imagine this is what the summers must be like. The illusion will be complete if I make a curry tonight.
The comments don't seem to be working at the moment? Has anyone else had this problem?I asked Blogger but no reply from them as yet.
Hazel has gone to Manchester for a meeting though college doesn't start for a couple of weeks yet.Back to the old routine. She hates getting up so early after the comfort of lie-ins during the summer.
I have been doing some last minute hoovering before Barb & Des arrive. Exciting eh?!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The sun has got his hat on - hip, hip, hip, hooray!

Angel of the volcano
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This is an old collage I did for Boomerang which they didn't like either. They wanted one for their schools project which seems to have fizzled out as far as I know. I did one before of a skeleton which they accepted but I don't think the boring old biology teachers liked it much - far too bright and garish for them! I stuck the angel on when I got it back.
Today we went into town for provisions - food for my sister and brother-in-law who are visiting tomorrow for a couple of days. Found a They Might be Giants LP in a charity shop for £1. I like their quirky songs (some free mp3's at their amusing website). Also a strange CD called Weird & Wonderful which caught my eye, also in a charity shop. But it turned out to be a horrible Andrew Lloyd Webber soundalike and not remotely weird or wonderful!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Eight days a week!

The Beatles
The Beatles,
originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Good news! Karin the photographer just phoned to say that my collages had turned up after 8 days lost in the post! I was just about to give up on them and send her another package of work to photograph so good job she phoned when she did!
This Beatles collage to celebrate the 30th anniverary of the release of Love Me Do was one of the lost and now found. I hope she can take a better photo than the wonkey one here!
Have been helping Hazel hoover and tidy up today for impending arrival of my sister Barb and her hubby Des on Wednesday. They are staying a couple of nights before travelling back to Basildon via Nottingham where they will pick up Des's Mum. I've not seen the place looking so spotless and clean. It takes the threat of guests to get us rattling the dust pan and brush!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

A walk in the woods

Carved Tree Trunk
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Quite a busy day considering the heat. Now this is what August should'ave been like!
Went to the annual charity boot sale at Knutsford this morning and found a few bargains including two odd records by obscure comedy groups I'd not hear of before - the Earwigos and Doris and Stanley Piecrust (something like that)
Also got a tape by Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren which I think I have already. Hazel got more metal gadgets inc. a tool set inside a brass tube that unscrews very cleverly. Archie got a pile of Horrible Histories books he's wanted for a while and two Beano Annuals so he was happy. Later we took Doreen and Audrey to another boot sale a bit closer at Witton Albion where we found a Weakest Link game for a £1 which we've been trying and not getting very far - Anne Robinson is far too intimidating!
In the afternoon we had a nice walk under some cool trees at Marbury and sat on this tree that had been carved by a local sculptor. It has rabbits, badgers, mice and birds as well as this handsome frog.

The century of miracles

The century of miracles, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

One of the collages that got lost in the post. Still, at least I have a record of it. Not one of my better efforts by any means but annoying that it's just vanished into the postal void! Changed my Frickr blog settings again - this should look bigger.

Who's an ugly boy then?

Parrot Target
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Another of those sideways looks at the collages of Joseph Cornell that I love so much. I found a big pile of magazines on parrots and bird keeping in a charity shop and leaf through them for likely collage material now and again. One can't help think of Cornell when cutting out a parrot with your trusty scissors. Actually this is just a test run for the new Flickr set-up.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Invasion Of The Handbag Snatchers

Handbag Snatchers
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One of those envelopes that got out of hand. The photo from the Radio Times or similar magazine with an article about the TV soap Coronation Street. I decided the characters were too dull and needed prettying up a little! Not sure where the Handbag Snatchers label came from but it seemed appropriate some how.

The twistory of history

I've found this great little book called ON THIS DAY puplished by Hutchinson. In it are all the things they deem worthy of note that happened ON THIS DAY going back in time. For instance the first of january says in 1887 Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India in Delhi.It tells you who was born and who died. People that are famous and people I've never heard of like the British architect Frederick `Gibberd who died on Jan. 9th 1949. It's a fascinating compendium of useless facts and coincidences. So to amuse myself I've been twisting the facts a little to make up silly names and strange anniversaries for my own ON THIS DAY using the book as a guide.

So today 4th September we have the Red Kipper Society was founded in 1870. John Luddle in a U.S. radio interview claimed his group The Futiles were more famous than Mrs. Doris God and consequently all the Futiles records were melted down in some southern states and made into fried chicken buckets.

Friday, September 03, 2004

The Mail On The Floss

Punch & Judy
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Just back from town where I had some photo copies made of several images and typefaces for the FLOSS project. Trying to juggle them into a striking front cover. This Punch & Judy booth would make a nice frame but I found something else that would copy in B & W much more successfully. A colour cover would be nice but I just can't afford it. Hand colouring is an option ofcourse that I will think about.
Went to the new Scope shop but it seemed to be very similar to the last one and with the same stuff for sale!
I bought a white loaf for Hazel and posted some things at the post office No sign of the collages I posted to Chester( the photographer never phoned, so assume she never got them) so had to fill in a claim form and post that off. How annoying - now I'll have to unframe some more and take them to Chester myself as I don't trust the post office anymore.
Archie should be back from his second day at High School soon. Time to put the kettle on.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

It was Archie's first day at the High School today so a bit nerve-racking for everybody but it turned out o.k. He looked very smart in his new school uniform. We went into town to get some groceries and check out the library. I borrowed The Return Of the King on DVD as I enjoyed it at the cinema and would like to see it again (and all the "extras"). Hazel got her birthday present at last - a very snazzy and dinky digital camera that she is trying to suss out as I write this. I expect the results of her labours will soon appear on her blog.
Archie came home full of beans and singing so obviously wasn't too bad a day though he has homework already in the shape of some easy maths. It was a general finding you way about day by the sound of it.
The nice family from across the road sent him a Good Luck card and later came over to see how he got on.
He's gone out now to play on his bike with Rosemary. A fuzzy walkie-talkie message just came through "Wphat time izzzzzzzz it? phut"
"Twenty to five" "zzzzphwat? I cantzzzzz hear yozzzzzzzzz"

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Summer has been extended until December 1st.

Winter Scene
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A sunny and warm day that feels more like July than September. We went to Crewe flea market to find some bargains including a nice Emergoplast tin for Hazel for 20p( soon to be on her blog I expect) a spanish childrens recording of ducks singing such favourites as Bananas and Couac Couac! Also a Cd of the soundtrack of one of our favourite films The Little Shop Of Horrors on a cheap label.
Archie just found a huge caterpiller he narrowly missed running over with his bike. I looked it up on the internet and it turns out to be an elephant hawk moth.