Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last Sunny & Warm Weekend of Autumn

Went to Carey Park yesterday with old chum Tony Eve.  Walked along the River Weaver to the wonderful Anderton Boat Lift.  Saw this Hawkshead Moth caterpillar on the way trundling along the path - it was massive, about 4 inches long!  Had a nice pub lunch in the beer garden of the Stanley Arms. Fish and chips for me and omelette and chips for Tony  (specially made ).  Hazel was in Birmingham having a girls day out with her old college chums. Felt very full afterwards and so needed the walk back to the car to feel a bit lighter!
Lovely day of sunshine and boot sales. Got a few bargains too including Aliens ( the extended edition ) on DVD. Two nice CD's from the 60's I have fond memories of  The Youngbloods "Live" and Big Brother & The Holding Co. with the Robert Crumb cover. Hazel got a few odds and sods including a complete super 8 cine set, with three films for £1;50. Also several wooden rulers, staples, Basildon Bond writing paper, ink cartridge, and plants.  She's made some delicious custard tarts this afternoon. We took some over to Granma and Audrey and they were much impressed.  Planted some wall flowers in their back garden.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Marsden and Bradford

 Had a nice weekend in Yorkshire visiting our old friend Dave Smith in Marsden. We stayed at the Cobblers again- a small holiday cottage that used to be a cobblers shop. We stayed there a couple of years ago and it's ideal, just two doors away from Dave and next to a bubbling brook with ducks.  Dave treated us to a slap up meal at the Olive Branch nearby where we used to stay until we discovered the Cobblers.
The next day Dave drove us to Bradford to see the Media Museum which I've always wanted to see. Hazel had been before with students I think and Archie did once with a school trip.  It looks rather shabby on the outside but the 7 floors are packed with interesting stuff from old cameras and photographic equipment to 8 bit games machines to a fully equipped TV studio where you can make your own news snippet. Hazel had a go and result is on my Flickr stream.  Also loads of things for kids to do - like these giant sets for the Borrowers etc.
We had a nice lunch in the cafe and continued discovering new rooms of wonder through the afternoon. Like the flashy hall of mirrors, the stereo views ( including one of Southend's Pier Hill ).
We managed to negotiate the nightmarish road system of Bradford ( not unlike Leeds)  and found our way back to the tranquility of Marsden.  We got some fish and chips from the busy village chippy ( full of rowdy drunks) and had a nice meal back at the Cobblers with Dave, who bought round his home made stereo viewer and some slides of New York.
We rushed back the next day to avoid the "storm" that was big in the news , coming from the West. Luckily we missed it but the sat -nav took us through the centre of Manchester where we certainly didn't want to be - poor Hazel was having kittens! Thankfully not as busy as a week day. Got back at 9:30am with just a bit of drizzle to contend with. Phew!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Knutsford Boot

 We went to the giant boot sale at Knutsford this morning.  Got a few old postcards including these two of Blackpool Tower. Also a folder for collages. Hazel got a few odd bits for her odd bits collection - a measurer for eyes, picture hangers, fold away magnifying glass and some ceramics etc.  This after noon walked through Carey park to the Anderton Lift along the River Weaver and had lunch in the beer garden of the pub nearby.  Only asked for a sandwich but it arrived with a pile of chips and salad - so much for a light lunch!  Waddled back into town to get some jelly for Hazel's Mom who is having teeth trouble  (had one out and two fillings) so finding it hard to eat solids.  No jelly in Marks & Sparks so got her some custardy trifles etc. to try.