Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Bluebells and Dandelions

Nice sunny walk this morning to see the bluebells at Wincham Mill Woods and along the Old Warrington Road. Also some dandelions from yesterdays walk in our local park. Always a treat to see so many types of plants and flowers blooming at this time of year. Our daily walks have kept us sane these last couple of years of lockdowns and restrictions.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Blakemere Boot

A few bargains from this mornings boot sale at Blakemere Craft Centre or whatever it's called now. Quite a full field with the sunshine too. Hazel found most of the things - an old Hall's "State" toffee tin, a ceramic bowl, some padlock shaped key rings, plants, a spool of ribbon etc. My only find was a set of lino cutting tools for 50p. Nobody wearing masks and lot of coughing so we were wary of airbourne germs. Later we bumped into Bob who has Covid and he said it's lasted 16 days! Bob usually has a stall at the boot sale but decided it wasa bad idea.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Marsden and Slaithswaite

Nice couple of days in West Yorkshire staying with our old chum Dave. Some lovely walks along the canal and around the town. Sunny but slightly nippy. Discovered a great artisan bakery in Slaithswaite by the canal. Spent loads on sourdough loaves, buns, pastries and delicious almond croissant we shared in the lock gates as a mid morning snack. As good as anything you can buy in France. Yum! The antique emporium was a bit pricey but Hazel bought an old bread token that seemed appropriate - simply pressed out of tin.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Double Boot Sales

Some interesting finds at todays double boot sales at Vagrants and Weston near Crewe. Hazel found all the bargains. I searched high and low but didn't find anything I wanted. I probably have enough junk now (collectables I mean!) . Hazel found lots of cheap cotton spools, some for embroidery ( not that she's ever done any to my knowledge ) . A glass bottle, a knitting thingy, a tin train in a battered box for me ( Easter present ), plants, a blouse , a cushion ( in the wash ) amd various other nick nackery. The Weston boot sale was larger but not so many bargains. Nice sunny day for a rummage. Was careful to use hand gel just in case. In the afternoon we went over to Hazel's Mom and sisters for Easter present exchange and a chat. Nice chat with our boy on the phone. He was having a meal with his girlfreind and flatmate. It sounded very nice.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Fishy Ponds

This mornings wander around the fishing ponds that look very tidy - somebody has been pruning the trees and cutting the grass it seems. No froglets but some swans, coots, and ducks in attendence. We heard a two woodpeckers having a conversation! Thats what it sounded like anyway , morse code - in stereo. 11th April 2022.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

First Boot Of The Year

Slim pickins at the first Vagrants boot sale of the year over near Nantwich. I got Archie a cowboy badge for his Sheriffs badge collection. Hazel found some sewing doodads and an old throat lozenge tin she remembers from her childhood. The other thing is a metal straw for drinking matte tea? Then over to the bigger boot sale at Weston - a drive of about 10 minutes further on. Not much here despite the crowds. We were only ones in masks - lots of coughing going on. Lovely sunny morning - a bit nippy though.

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Fishy Ponds And Frog

This mornings walk in the drizzle to the fishy ponds. Hoping to see some froglets or tadpoles but just one very still frog that refused to jump even when Hazel prodded it with her finger. Maybe it was stunned?

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Witton Mill Meadows

After shopping this morning in town we drove to Witton Mill Meadows which is about 5 minutes from centre of town. Amazing to see all the reeds, trees budding and the sound of distant woodpecker. Sat on a bench watching the clouds. Some cheeky twitchers passed by - one said "Oh look a love birds nest - mind you don't get pregnant!" Lots of dog walkers too. A scruffy hound peed up the end of the bench and the owner said "It's alright - they are freindly". Yes, but still - peeing right next to us - a bit too friendly! The woodpecker seemed to be getting nearer. We looked into the tree tops but couldn't spot it. Lots of bluebells bursting through the under growth. It will be a blaze of blue in a months time!

Friday, April 01, 2022

Griffiths Park Park Again

A sunny walk despite the cold wind to Griffiths Park again via the post office and the conk conk path. Found several things on the way - a broken 78 record - a rabbit rushing off - a pylon next to the TATA factory - a wooden bench made of railway sleepers.