Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

A bit late but still a couple of hours to go. Taken the glowing pumpkin out of the window now the succession of tiny imps and mini Harry Potter's etc. have dwindled. A few fireworks going off nearby. A spooky family moving in a couple of doors down - they picked a good night for it! One cannot usually go by outward appearances but they looked very dodgy to me. Are those scary masks or their real faces?? Gulp!
Watched a suitably skin crawling film "Jeepers Creepers" which probably wasn't a good idea. It was pretty silly for the most part and what one might expect.
A few sweets and toffees left over in the basket we can nibble at our leisure.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Archie Tecture

Archie is making a great collaged book for the art class in school - on the theme of Architecture. Here's the cover . Its got lots more inside including a great pop-up page with a house. Will try and copy some more sometime.
Went into town today as it was sunny and quite mild. Got a few things for crimble and a new colour ink cartridge that we seem to get through in no time. Partners do there own brand I've discovered which are 3 or 4 quid cheaper than Hewlett P. and last a lot longer ( it says on the packet ). Let's hope so. Found Archie some old "OINK" comics from the 80's - they look a bit like VIZ but not as rude and have a piggy theme running through them. Shame they didn't last very long. Also some cheap videos including Alan Partridge and the Hannible Lectar pre-qual "Red Dragon".
I made a collage for the latest Scrapiteria theme of The Fall this afternoon. I was tempted to make one with Mark E. Smith in it but had second thoughts!
Archie carved a pumpkin head the other day and last night used some of the leftovers to make a pumpkin and vegetable soup which was rather tasty even if I say so myself. We had some Austrian part baked pretzels with it which were delicious- piping hot from the oven. Yum!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

John Hegley Lecture

A nice day on Friday when we all got up at 5-30am to go to Manchester on the train to see and hear John Hegley do a "lecture" at the MMU. It was still dark when the train got to Piccadilly so very strange to be walking through the empty gloomy streets of Manchester to the University buildings at All Saints. Having been a student in Manchester in the 60's it was even odder for me as these weird feelings of deja vu kept lurching into my addled brain.
Time for a big breakfast in the staff canteen before John arrived at 10. He got Hazel running around for him doing scans and photo-copies of sheets he wanted to send to Time Out and some for the students. One was a drawing of a long beaky sea bird that I've forgotten the name of - gherkin? gravy boat? glue gun? no I can't remember. Hazel will remind me no doubt but she's asleep at the moment. Oh I remember now - it was a guillemot!

The photo above is one I took back in 2002 when John came for tea. I neglected to take any at the lecture but Hazel did but they are still in her camera.
The lecture was great ofcourse- John sang some songs accompanying himself on the mandolin and read a couple of poems- two new ones for a project about biology- how to make biology more accessible for kids. Songs about the guillemot and osmosis. Also some old favourites like Omoeba ( we had to draw an Omeoba ) and design a CD sleeve for the first release whilst he went off to get a coffee.

Amazing how much you can cram into an hour. John projected all the drawings of guillemots with hats , rockets and additions onto the screen and had amusing comments to say about them all. The students seemed to like it, some saying it was the best lecture they'd ever been to.

After a short signing session we went off for lunch in the staff canteen. John had battered cod and boiled potatoes and mushy peas. We had mushroom soup and cheesy bread. Had a nice chat and mulled over the drawings again then John had to rush off to the station to get a train to Edinburgh.

Hazel went back to college to do some work and Archie and I got the bus to Piccadilly and then walked to the Arndale Centre which was very crowded with shoppers to the Apple store. Archie drooled over the latest laptops and other gadgets for a while and then we got the train home. Phew! Quite an exhausting day. I can see why Hazel is so knackered by the time she gets home!

John, Michael and Archie in All Saints yesterday.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sorting Office

Went to the sorting office this morning to help Treena with the mail art exhibition. I took down the Handy Postcards and put up the feet shaped postcards I"ve been sent for the "Let Your Postcards Do The Walking" project. The deadline was next March but a month has gone by without any new participation so seems a good time to bring the proejct to a close and show all the cards I have accumulated. It took ages juts to take down the hands and peel off the Blu-Tak from them . Treena put up the Post Office project she's been doing for the last few months. Lots of people came in to collect parcels and make enquiries about change of address issues etc. so it was nice to see that the work gets seen if only for a few moments.

Home again to see if Archie was o.k. He'd made himself a toasted cheese sandwich so he wasn't hungry thankfully.
Hazel e-mailed to say she'd been to a lecture at the Cornerhouse. It sounded extremely tedious and dull. The students thought so too apprently. Her cough is getting better and we managed to get some sleep last night which made a nice change!
I tried to encourage Archie out to get some fresh air but he was on that wretched Rune-Scape all afternoon with short interlude watching "Who's Line Is It Anyway" on Dave.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another Week Gone!

The days just seem to whizz by and the Autumn really has arrived in all it's nippy glory. I can't remember most of it but we had the gas man in to fix the hot water ( diaphram broke in boiler ) . Also a plumber came to give price for leaky pipes in bathroom. Said he might be back later in the week but no sign of him. What do we do that frightens them off?
Hazel has a nasty cold and nagging cough which has disturbed her sleep. Archie had tummy trouble and had Friday off school. He's better now. He's had his haircut and suddenly looks very long and lanky. I think he must be having a growing spurt.
Today there was only one boot sale at LA Fitness and it was pretty busy considering how blinkin' cold it was. Only found a Ken Dodd video and PC game which doesn't work for some reason. Hazel bought some pitch pipes and glass coasters with signs on them which read "Toxic", "Inflammable" and "Corrosive".
Archie stayed in bed to do some more growing no doubt.

This afternoon we went for a walk around Marbury- down to the lake to feed the ducks, swans and geese. Also saw some squirrels doing gymnastics in a tree by the bird hide and a rare white squirrel in the car park letting down tyres or whatever mischief they get up to.
Home for nut roast and all the trimmings. Hazel and Archie had corn-on-the-cob for starters but I can't stand the stuff- it gets stuck in between my teeth and really annoys me.
Have connected the Freeview set top box to the small TV in the back room now so can watch all manner of junk whilst browsing the blogs and suchlike. Discovered a new channel called Dave ( I know what a stupid name! Unless you are called Dave ofcourse!) which shows laddish shows from the archives like Top Gear, Who's Line IS It Anyway ( quite funny still ) and Red Dwarf etc.

Photos show the strange black pellets left in Marbury. Archie and Hazel tried to push one but it didn't go far. No more conkers - we looked.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Autumn Walk

Spotted this fly on a mushroom (or is it a toadstool?) yesterday on our Shakerley walk. He was very kind as to pose for a few moments whilst the clever camera got him in focus.
The photo of us all sitting on a bench was a bit fuzzy so havent used that. Taking digital photos is a bit hit or miss with me- at least you don't waste pounds on film and printing costs!
Below is Archie's pointing nose which is useful for pointing out ducks and wrens behind logs etc.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Got Blisters On Me Fingers!

This is Archie and new guitar strap he got for his birthday. I took another of him blowing out the candles on his cake but thet was a bit too blurry.
Just back from a walk around Shakerley Mere and feeding the bird life with our stale crusts. No boots today. Shame as it was quite a nice day. Passed the pub nearby that is in the top ten for Gastro pubs - as featured in the Sunday Times. We havent tried it though imagine it's expensive and they have a big waiting list. Give me a chunk of crusty bread and lump of cheese and pickle any day!

Sat waiting for the mouse to appear but no sign. A motley collection of short arsed dogs went by with their motley owners.
Archie saw a kingfisher but we missed it - a blue flash and it was gone.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

On The Fiddle

Roger pointed me towards this great clip of Wilbur Hall from a Spike Jones TV Show in the 50's. Amazing stuff. I think Little Tich used to have a pair of those long boots also.
It's Saturday once again- the week has whizzed by. Have mostly been blogging and collaging. Waiting round for the postman who sometimes arrives and sometimes doesn't due to 24 and 48 hour strikes. Thankfully its all been settled now.
Maybe go and see Rat-a-tooey today as part of Archie's birthday treat. It's on in Knutsford.
I walked into town the other day and bought Archie "Ice Age 2" on DVD as a bonus present. It has directors commentary and bonus short film and other extras which is always interesting. Maybe our Staurday night "family film" if there isnt much on the box and there usually isn't these days! My leg has gone to sleep so better get up and walk around and get some milk and papers from local shop.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Archie's Birthday

Quite a busy day today what with it being Archie's 15th birdbath and all. He opened some cards before he left for school but saved most of his presents until later.
We had to pop down town this morning to get his cake and candles etc. Took another big bag of vids. to the charity shop. They have a lot of trouble shifting them so probably not to keen to take them these days but they put on a brave face and accepted them saying "Thankyou, lots of people are getting rid of their videos- they are copying them onto DVD now you know." Really?
Treena came round for lunch and brought back some unsold books and money from the book fair last week. We had a nice chat and Hazel showed her the URBIS installation on Second Life she and some 1st years are doing at the moment.

Later, Granma and Auntie Audrey came round for tea and cake and to sing "Happy Birthday" and fire poppers and search internet for knitting patterns,

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Der Blues

We went out to see and hear the Daniel Smith Blues Band the other evening at Archie's school. Sadly only a handful of people turned up to enjoy an evening of boogie woogie and bluesy tunes. It was part of the Cheshire Touring Network who organise events and concerts in village halls etc. A few years back we saw The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain doing a similar concert at Plumley before they got big and appeared on Jools Holland's show and the Barbican etc. Can we expect to see Dan and his chums on this years Hootenanny? You never know. They are certainly good enough .
We bought a CD and Daniel signed it with a squiggly flourish that looked like a three year old had done it!

Archie has sorted through his Beano and Dandy swaps and taken a huge bag to the charity shop I could hardly lift. Hazel managed to drag it down the stairs and into the car. I've done my back in too many times to attempt it!
Now he's cleared his Lego city away you can actually walk into his room without tripping over things.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Virus Alert!

Amusing new video/animation from Weird Al Yankovich. Well, it makes me laugh anyway.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Throbbing Corn Stooks

Walked to town this morning despite dull achey corn on little toe. Thankfully the back-ache has eased off so no need to go back to the doc's for fizzio-therapy. I bought some cornplaters in Drug-U-Like which apparently "cushions the corn and softens the skin allowing gentle corn removal". I can't wait.
Also bought a DVD of old Betty Boop cartoons for 49p in a charity shop. Betty in Age Concern said there was no boot sales this Sunday as far as she knew. Hazel will be glad to hear it as she is working every day this week and will enjoy a lie-in for a change.

Nice mail today from Big Al Davies- a CD of songs sung by people beginning with the letter "B" - Blind Faith, Kenny Ball, Syd Barrett, Mel Blanc etc. a nice eclectic mix that sounds just right for October. Also some lovely Flickr mini-moo cards and stickers!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Wonderful World Of Culler

This should be a green, and this should be violet. How the world looks different in glorious colour!
It does take time though- all that extra html code you have to employ to make the type sing.
That last green looks a bit like the first though and it was a completely different code!
I think this clour lark is going to take some time in sorting out.
Salmon should be a nice one I think?
This will hardly be readable I would think?
Yes, I thought as much!