Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Unlucky for some!

Prestatyn Soggy Golf!
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Here we are at hole number 13- better known as Soggy Prestatyn.
Going there was a doddle compared with coming back. We only missed one turn off and ended up in Mold. Took us about an hour and twenty minutes to get to the North Wales coastal resort (hah!) which is mostly a big sandy beach with assorted car parks dotted along behind a big sea wall- some seedy cafes amd a swimming pool/leisure complex. Still, it was the seaside and Archie enjoyed the digging and the paddling until the rain came down and we sat in the car for a bit looking at the sea and the rain. Eventually it stopped and we went to play crazy golf. Then the rain came again and so we played about half the holes and decided to quit whilst we were still ahead. We got a free ticket to try again sometime. Fat chance!
Getting home was a nightmare in the rain and only the barest map directions. We stopped off at Abberkan for tea and look round the cloth remnants and seconds. Hazel bought some cushion material. Then off again to find the way home only to find the huge bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal near Birkenhead instead! Retraced our steps and eventually with much bad luck found the centre of Chester ( dog nose how we managed this?) and total gridlock that lasted what seemed like hours. Anyway, we made it home and now it doesn't seem so bad. We will laugh about it tomorrow! hah Ha!

Pannini and Chips

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We took a load of Archie's old toys and junk he had decided he didn't want anymore to the charity shop. The manager is a tranvestite, at least we think he/she is? She has a very deep voice and needs a shave.
I walked around town and went in all the other charity shops but didnt find many bargains. I was hoping to make up for Mondays boot sale disaster (it rained and I looked like a drowned rat!) but only found a DVD of a film called "Happiness" which I'd never heard of but had some critical acclaim according to the sleeve notes. Also found a double tape of old wartime humour, most of which I had already.
For lunch we went to the pub in Plumley as a belated birthday treat. Hazel's Mom wasn't feeling very well in July so we didn't have the traditional pub lunch. After waddling out after a huge platefulof pannini and chips ( Audrey and Doreen had the cod) we went to a the Hidden Nursery to look at plants and flowerpots. Audrey and Doreen bought some big gaudy orange flowering droopy plants I forget the names of. They had to be laid down in the boot and risked having their flowers cut off when the boot was closed!
Then home to collapse on the settee. That pint of bitter I had at lunchtime wasnt a good idea, it just makes me very sleepy.
Added more to new Boot Sale Sounds blog, which is looking pretty good though I say so myself.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mmmmmm! Fish and chips!

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It's cooking now as I type this. Archie is just showing me some easter chicks trapped in a cardboard egg. What came first the fish or the egg?
How long is a piece of string? How high is up? etc.
What has been today's highlights?
Went into town and discovered more reductions at the Booksale shop who sadly are closing down soon. Bought a Josephine Baker CD for 75p! It has some nice french songs on it that will probably end up on my new BLOG at some point. Just podded some fresh peas. They should be done by now so better go.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Oh Mr. Porter!

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Crash! I was woken at 2.30a.m. by what sounded like a tipper truck full of ming vases being driven into the bay window. Nobody else had woke up so I assumed it was just a dream but went down stairs in Hazel's pink dressing gown just incase it was burglars and the sight of me would frighten them away! I found piles of broken crockery and glass all over the quarry tiled kitchen floor- one of the shelves in the kitchen cupboard had collapsed and the contents had slid out making a lovely mess to clear up. I waited until morning though as I was still half asleep and didn't want to cut myself.
No bootsales today - none we knew the whereabouts of anyway. So After breakfast Hazel took Jackie to Matalan and Archie & I stayed at home.
Later we drove to Crewe and dropped Jackie off at the railway station after a few detours around Crewe's notorious one way, roundabout obsessed streets.

Peter Sellers/Temperence 7 - Ukulele Lady

Sol Hoopii - There's Nothing Else To Do

These You Send It files are available for seven days or until exhausted.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Old bottles, packets and cheese toasties.

salt pastiller packet
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Juts back from a nice trip over to Nantwich and a rummage in all the charity shops and lunch in the deli that has the old packaging and shop museum bit at the back by the resturant.
Found a double Cd by Mungo Jerry for 99p which cheered me up- Hazel wasn't impressed! I suspect it's a remake of Ray Dorset and some other people going under that name. I havent listened to it yet.
Archie bought a very annoying Voice Distorting machine which makes him sound like either a dalek or a demented pixie depending on which setting you put it on. He wandered around Nantwich with it in a bag and the microphone sticking up over his t-shirt so that he could annoy all and sundry with variations of both.I think I shall be hiding the batteries very soon!
Hazel bought a bag for the beach- indeed, it seemed to have most of a beach still attached to it!
Hazel's old chum Jackie came too and she spent ages trying on clothes and not buying anything.
Afterwards we drove over the Dagfields on the way to Stoke and browsed the antigue barns. Found a nice old side table with two drawers that the computer will fit on nicely. A bit pricey but we haven't seen one we like so bought it. The chap delivered it for free and it arrived about 30 minutes after we got home! It's great to have a proper table at last and get rid of the folding card table and the school desk that had the printer on. Now we can see the bookshelf again and can get our knees under this table which has castors on so it can be easily moved if needs arise
Salt Pastiller packet found in Hamar in Norway..

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I can't really a fiord it.

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Sorry for the terrible pun. I have been waiting to use that one for the last fortnight!
Went t a car boot sale at Verdin park this morning as the sun was out temporarily despite some cheeky grey clouds creeping along close behind.
Got a few old photos in a book shaped box that splits in two and some smaller ones in an album. £2 for each which i thought a bargain. I can't help but think what they may have cost in Norway. An arm and a leg I suspect. I did buy an old postcard at an ANTIKK shop in the countryside, just outside Hamar. It cost me 30k which is about three quid. I wish I'd bought some more but it seemd a bit extravagant at the time - watching the pennies.
Also got a 1973 Topper annual for Archie but he already has it.
Archie got a big stack of Simpsons and Futurama comics so he was happy as Larry (whoever he might be?) and Hazel got a small tapestry/sampler thing in a frame she's going to sew into a cushion cover.
Archie has gone off to his friend Jame's house for the afternoon. Hazel is reading the sunday papers and I'm catching up with the blogs and e-mails. A pretty typical sunday with the clouds getting greyer and the rain coming again.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Holiday memories.

Oslo harbour
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Luckliy we missed the BA strike fiasco that afflicted the Heathrow bound flights and managed to get home without too much upset. Poor Archie though was picked out whilst going through the metal detector gate thing. Turns out he had some metal strips in his trainers which he had to take off and put through another conveyor belt gadget much to his embarressment. If this wasn't bad enough they found his spud gun in his ruckrack which we'd forgotten all about and they had to confisgate it which really upset him. On the ingoing trip we had four spud guns in our big luggage and the metal strips in his shoes didnt even show up! Typical. Still its reassuring they are on the ball in Oslo at least.
My ears didnt hurt on the way back either which was good. Going, they were very painful despite the special earplugs I was using.
In Oslo we stayed at the Savoy Hotel which sounds very grand but is quite ordinairy by Norwegian standards. It is slap bang in the centre of Oslo just a short walk from the Nasjonnalgalleriat which is the equivelent of the Tate in London. You can walk to most places of interest or take the short boat ride to the peninsula where most of the big museums are- like the Folk Museum, The Viking Ships Museum, the Kon Tiki Museum and the Polar Ship ~Museum. We did that last time we went to Oslo four years ago so this time we did the castle, the Film Museum, the Vigeland Museum and Sculpture park and the Historik Museum. Our feet ached quite a bit after all of these I can tell you! We had a short boat "mini-cruise" around the fiord too which was fun which lasted about 50 minutes with a guide telling you about the places of interest and the islands in the fiord.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Lake Osen, Norway.

Lake Osen, Norway.
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Just back from a lovely holiday in beautiful Norway. Stayed with our friend Esther and her three children at Hamar and for a few days at the holiday home Esther's mother has on the shores of Lake Osen. It's a most idyllic place and we were very priviledged to be able to stay there amongst the lonesome pines.
The photo does not do the view justice really. We had two of three days of drizzly rain but mostly the weather was perfect for walking and exploring the region, climbing hills and picking berries etc. Archie and the kids had a great time in the tree houses they had built and swimming at the sandy beach about 15 minutes drive away. The lake itself is long and thin like a scottish loch and about 18 miles long by a mile wide. No monster has been sighted but rumours are rife!
We also spent a couple of days in Oslo going to museums and art galleries and doing lots of window shopping ( the only sort we could afford! Norway is very expensive!)
What a beautiful place though and the people are so helpful and friendly.