Sunday, January 30, 2005

Another drizzly Sunday at home.

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I ventured out for the papiers and read those in between breakfasts. Archie's friend James was staying so they were giggling away like mad, making a Flash animation about a boy whose head grows like a very tall hat and breaks the moon. Flying saucers and sputniks whizz passed and wobble by as it ascends through clouds. All to the tune of "Obo the Hobo".
This afternoon I did some collaging (one of them above for the Collage Kids Frickr group) and Hazel took some junk from the shed we are having demolished to the local tip. I was hoping to go for a walk so I could try out my new camera on ducks and other wildlife but the weather was still a bit iffy and Archie had homework to do.
I made a huge vegetable curry for dinner and now I feel very full.

Here's another collage finished today but started a while ago, for the same theme of "Valentine".

Friday, January 28, 2005

Landing Art gallery re-opens

Landing Art gallery
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Most of these were put up when we first moved here 6 years ago and for the Cheshire Open Studios so about time I put some new work up.
Just trying out my new cheapo tiny Vivitar digital camera that I bought in a sale yesterday. I was taking snaps of the house and interior all afternoon trying to figure out what the best settings were etc. It only has 8mb of internal memory but with that you can store 11 photos of the less pixelated variety (as shown here) and on lower settings can store 23 which are adequate for blogging etc. I might get a memory card at a later date which would significantly boost storage capacity to 64mb. Pleased with the results so far. To see more go to Flickr.
I also bought a battery charger as the chap in the shop said it eats them! Only ten quid and so have an endless supply now which is good - I hate buying batteries. Archie's remote controlled cars get through a hell of a lot and it seems such a waste!
The fellow from Northwich Glass came to measure our shed for possible conservatory - Hazel is desperate to have somewhere to work undisturbed. We are going to look at the showroom on Saturday.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

A trip to another Planet and Jodrell Bank.

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The Planet was a conservatory and windows merchant over at Holmes Chapel. hazel wanted to look at a few to see what was available,sizes and prices etc. She's desperate to get a place to work. A chap is coming over next week to look at our shed we want fetching down and give us a quote for work etc.
We saw a sign for Jodrell Bank so decided to have a look at the telescope and visitors centre which was only a short drive away. Got there just as the gates were being opened!
The main visitors centre is being demolished to make way for a state of the art one in a few years. A smaller version and cafe and 3-D theatre is all that is left. It made a nice change to see the amazing structure of the telescope again and walk in the Arboeretum.
The 3-D film was very short and was about quasars and black holes and narrated by a long necked alien creature. We had to wear 3-D glasses but the effects were few and far between. Archie bought a fossiled sharks tooth in the shop and some pens and toys for Granma and Auntie Audrey.
This collage is another for the Flickr "Collage Kids" sci-fi theme. Danny Kaye looks abit like the Little Prince with his foot on that planet?

Jodrell Bank at Sunset
Jodrell Bank radio telescope.

Friday, January 21, 2005

The tale of the Curios Dog.

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This is an old mail art "dogumentation" from some years ago. Curios Thing is the usual collaged book photo-copied in small editions and sent out in the mail but this issue was based around the DOG mail art project I initiated in 1999. It includes an address list which all self respecting mail art docs. must include and 16 pages of nonsense about dogs. Having just watched a bit of Ross Noble's DVD (borrowed from library) whilst having my lunch it reminds me of his daft quiz included therein. i.e. "Pea Hair dogs in the english land have taste organs in their legs."
Also- "For the well trained dog....Make 'walkies' and travel a pleasure not a chore with these unique bladder control harnesses, designed and used by ex-carpet pile-olice."
A quiet day so far with just two packets in the post - a CD of Brian Wilson's latest from Vittore Baroni ( Goons coming soon V.B.) and an interesting compilation from Creative Thing ( CD coming soon C.T.) of psychedelia and oddness from the rock 'n' roll backwaters.
Have been listening to them and to the Mark Lamaar vintage rock show on BBC radio 2 which is always full of surprises and gems I'd not heard before including a great Moon Mullican track. Catch it on the "listen again" streaming service.

Here's another from the mid 90's. An android and eccentric invention issue to coincide with Hazel's exhibition at the Young Vic.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Twenty different kinds of sleet.

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The lights flickered omniously yesterday but the power stayed on thankfully. Several thunderstorms and hail,sleet,rain and drizzle later I watched the news and traffic reports to see why Hazel might be stuck at in Manchester. But, she was only 30 minutes late which isnt too bad considering.
Earlier I had gone into town- crunching through the slush and looked round the library. Borrowed Shrek 2, mainly to see the "extras" like making of, out-takes etc. which are always fascinating. The extras here though were mainly aimed at 5 year olds unfortunatley and consisted of dull "inter-active" maps and jukeboxes where you replay clips of the film you have just watched! Even a five year old would tire of these very quickly!
Also bought some cox's apples and a seedy loaf.
The childrens drawing here was voted a atop favourite at Flickr out of all the images I've uploaded. I can see why. Archie's teacher made them draw themselves and he compiled this great picture of the whole class for an end or year calendar. I just love the range of drawing abilities from simple stick figures to more sophisticated efforts with shoes and hairstyles etc.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Superstitious nonsense.

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Walking under magpies, throwing spilled mirrors over your shoulder, spitting through the rungs of ladders etc. supertitious nonsense or olde worlde charm? Hence the collage for the Frickr group Collage Kids this week.
Yesterday a pleasant walk around the mere at Shackerly. Archie had spoiled the ducks rotten with a brand new white loaf he bought for 17p at Tescos. In the local corner shop they are 97p! The swans,geese, moorhens etc. didnt mind either way - they woofed it down like it was the last bread they'd see for some considerable time. I'm amazed they could float afterwards!
In the afternoon we went to help Granma and Audrey dispose of a Buddlia? that had blown over in the gale. We arrived to find Audrey sawing away with the tiniest saw imaginable - one from a midgets play set! "It's taken me ages!" she wailed. "No wonder!" we rejoindered, " couldn't you find the nail file?"
Anyway, after Hazel made quick work of it with a proper saw, we put the branches and twiglets into sacks and took it to the tip.
Today was very rainy and windy so stayed in to fiddle with the PC plug. Discovered it didn't need a new fuse but had merely needed to be pushed firmly into the socket from which it had become disengaged! I did feel a fool!

Archie feeding the ducks,swans,geese etc. at Shackerley Mere.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Seamus Heaney was a meanie.

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Seamus Heaney was a meanie
Always playing naughty tricks.
Putting worms in my lunch-box
And flicking me with whippy sticks.

Teacher gave him fifty lines
For writing words upon the wall.
But all the punishments and fines
Could not stop him, not at all.

He put a ferret down my trousers
Where he got it, heaven knows.
He smashed the windows of our houses
And trod on Wendy Cope's toes.

A quiet day wrestling with computers and pulling out hair when they don't do what you want them too. I think a fuse must have blown in a plug or soemthing 'cos the PC just won't work atall now - not a flicker!
Also had trouble burning some MP3's to disc on the mac. Not enough room for files it says though one lot fits fine on one disc so why it wont transfer heaven only knows? Does it accumulate files in the transfer process? I'm totally baffled and not for the first time!

Friday, January 14, 2005

I got Friday on my mind.

1loving the alien
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Another week nearly over. I went into town, mainly for the walk and the exercise and some fresh air to try and blow this headache away. I should'nt have had that fizzy beer last night - it was only one can but it seems to disagree with me. It must be the widgets!
Didnt find much in the library. The woman in the bank lectured me on keeping my card and cheque-book sellotaped together. My explaination that I found it easier to find them both did not seem to ease her fears. I didnt want a card in the first place - the bank forced it on me.
Found some cheap CD's- the sort they give away in the sunday papers. Brian Wilson sings the Surfin' Hits - Live! What a treat and only 20p! Also found a giveaway DVD of that great british comedy written by Alan Bennett "A Private Function" with Michael Palin and Maggie Smith etc.
Also bought a cheap copy of Black Adders second series with Rowan Atkinson as Archie was complaining that he had "nothing to watch" when having his breakfast in the mornings!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This could be magic.

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We have been let off lightly by the bad weather that seems to have blighted some parts of Scotland and northern England. The winds have died down and was able to walk into town with a bright blue sky above. Found a wonderful heavy book in a charity shop called "THE EARTH FROM THE AIR - 365 DAYS" with fantastic aerial photos taken by Yann Arthus- Bertrand . He has a website that can be found here.
In another charity shop found a video of that great Coen Brothers film "The Big Lebowski"- so not a bad day for bargains. Mind you, I think my arms have stretched an inch or so longer after carrying that weighty tome home!
Hazel and Archie are in the garden as I write this filling up the green wheelie-bin for tomorrows "recycling" day - once a fortnight they come to collect our garden rubbish, bottles, cans and paper. Hazel is burning the card, which they don't take (for some weird reason?) in the mexican pot-bellied stove. It's making a fine plume of smoke and flame in the twilight.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Tight wellies curtail Sunday walk.

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Just back from a short walk to the River Weaver near the village of Wobbleton? Wivvington? Willingdon? something like that. The students form Sir John Deans College were sculling up the river in their skiffs or whatever it is they are called? Six in one boat and three in another and single scullers? Followed by men on bikes on the towpath. Archie wanted a bullrush but was afraid of sinking into the marshy ground they grew in. His boots hurt so he was limping a little so we decided to come home after 20 minutes or so.
Not much of a walk, nevermind, at least we got out into a new bit of countryside we'd not explored before although Archie had been there with the Thomas and family from across the road.
This is a photo that Hazel took using the timing thingy when Roger and Jilly were here New Years Day. I've changed it to monochrome as I didn't like the red eyes Archie and I have and dont know how to use the red eye reduction on i-photos!

Saturday, January 08, 2005


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Here's a new mail art project by my old friend in California ,Creative Thing a.k.a Leslie Caldera. Leslie and I have been corresponding for over 20 years now and he has done some wonderful projects in the past, notably a homage to Kurt Schwitters and for another of his heroes , Joseph Cornell.
The wind kept us awake last night, rolling bins and cans down the road and rattling the window frames etc. Surprised to see little damage done when we looked out the window this morning. A few flowerpots blown over.It seems silly to even mention it.
Archie has been trying to teach me the basics of Flash animation but I'm a terrible pupil and my attention span is nil! So many things you have to remember - miss out one and you're stuck! He was very patient though and encouraged me to carry on despite this dismal start. The stick man I made jump onto a box took only 10 minutes to do but the thought i doing anything more elaborate fills me with admiration for Archie and these other folk who make it look so effortless!

Friday, January 07, 2005

I'm a non-entity, get me out of here!

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Blimey, the wind is whistling around the perimeters something chronic! Sorry, I promised not to mention our feeble weather.
Here's another puzzle picture full of people you might know - like Quasimodo, that face rings a bell? I expect you will know some of them but others are more obscure, especially for non U.K. citizens.
Hazel has started adding to her blog again after a lull in activities. You can find it here.
Went into town today to take a game back to the library and borrow another. Found some cheap DVD's and a CD of "car music" from the 90's featured on that dreadful Top Gear programme on telly. It contains classics like the La's "There She Goes" and Talking Heads "Road To Nowhere".
Not much in the mail today.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The glorious twelth.

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So, all the decorations have to come down. Even Tony Blair's enormous baubles were being packed away in the middle of Downing Street - I just saw it on the news.
Sorting cards into piles of home-made and store bought. The home-made get put away in the archive and the others are recycled. Roger and Jilly said you would hardly notice the difference when we took our decorations down as we have so much on the walls and ceiling anyway but it does feel that much tidier now they have all been packed away for another year.
Made this collage today for the Frickr Collage Kids group weekly theme. Not one of my most inspired efforts but considering I was sorting cards, taking down fairy lights and such it's not too bad.
More gale force winds and rain forcaste for tomorrow but it seems so pathetic to moan about the weather when people have lost everything on the other side of the world. I don't think I shall mention the drizzle ever again!

A Greenfield/Stangroom/Leigh collaboration.2001.

Monday, January 03, 2005

A germ fearless drawers of plain pyjamas

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I don't know what it means either. Just back from a nice walk around Shackerly Mere to feed ducks,geese,swans and other feathered friends with our stale bread. Lots of other folk had the same idea. Lots of new puppy dogs for crimble and not just for life.
Archie found a long iron hook which made a satisfying "prang" noise when thrown at the gravel path.
Its a nice sunny days here and not as cold or windy as the last few days. We needed to get out and stretch our legs. Archie is back to school tomorrow and Hazel will start back to college soon. Back to the old routine.
Archie just got a phone call from his friend James and Hazel has gone to drop him off at his house for the afternoon.
I have some mail to catch up with and a very messy work table to tidy.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Whats the difference between a Jilly Roger and a pirate?

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We had fun with cracker jokes and riddles when Jilly and Roger were here and got a few good trinkets too including a pen, address book,nail clippers,stainless steel bookmarker,tiny picture frame etc. It was lovely to see them both and we hada nice chat and Roger played some ditties on Hazel's old guitar which he tuned. Archie showed them his animations and a few card tricks. The wind was howling last night and kept us all awake. The rabbit was very noisy too and Hazel had to get up in the night to muffle her with some extra straw! I went and got the Sunday papers this morning but we were having so much fun making things out of torn cracker left-overs we forgot to look at them. Played Cluedo (Archie won) and cards after a nice lunch of pannini and haloumi cheese etc. They went off about 3-30p.m. to see chums in Stockport and then to Liverpool and Beatle bandland. It's very quiet now and it's back to blogging and Flickr where I am alarmed that I've used 25% of this months ration already - how can this be?

Roger discovers the yellow pencil!