Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Twenty different kinds of sleet.

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The lights flickered omniously yesterday but the power stayed on thankfully. Several thunderstorms and hail,sleet,rain and drizzle later I watched the news and traffic reports to see why Hazel might be stuck at in Manchester. But, she was only 30 minutes late which isnt too bad considering.
Earlier I had gone into town- crunching through the slush and looked round the library. Borrowed Shrek 2, mainly to see the "extras" like making of, out-takes etc. which are always fascinating. The extras here though were mainly aimed at 5 year olds unfortunatley and consisted of dull "inter-active" maps and jukeboxes where you replay clips of the film you have just watched! Even a five year old would tire of these very quickly!
Also bought some cox's apples and a seedy loaf.
The childrens drawing here was voted a atop favourite at Flickr out of all the images I've uploaded. I can see why. Archie's teacher made them draw themselves and he compiled this great picture of the whole class for an end or year calendar. I just love the range of drawing abilities from simple stick figures to more sophisticated efforts with shoes and hairstyles etc.


Roger Stevens said...

We've seen a few films recently. Joe and Steph lent us a whole load to watch on DVD.
Best of the bunch - Amelie. Excellent film I thought.
Secretary was interesting, but the last third was pants.
Worst film? Dangerous Liasons. Crappy on just about every level - although I can see it might have been an interesting stage play.

DrFluxbuxenstein said...

love, Love, LOVE Archie's class portrait! Very stunning.

michael said...

Amelie is my all time favourite film i think, even better than Delicatessen which is by the same director. Audrey tartou has teamed up with this director( cant think of his name offhand) for a new film called A Very Long Engagement which is also sposed to be stunning. Cant wait to see it though doubt it will come to Northwich.
Thanks for the nice thumbs up for Archies class portrait Julie. Everyone seems to vote it a favourite and i can see why.