Friday, December 31, 2004

Another year done gone.

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It really flew by. More so, every year it seems. Highlights were our trip to Venice in the Spring( would have a photo here but Flickr has deleted most of them!) and holiday in London and Essex during the Summer. Discovering blogs and Flickr and re-discovering the mail art in the coal shed. Ones own upsets and calamities seem rather puny and insignificant when compared with current disasters and overwhelming tragedies in the Middle East and Far East. Lets hope for a better 2005.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

At home with the diverse.

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Another from the travelling exhibtion "The Silent Scene". Don't ask what it's about!
Another bank holiday which seems a little excessive but I'm sure many people are glad of an extra day off work. We went into town again to see if the sales had started but it was the same as yesterday. Archie had some vouchers burning a hole in his pocket so he bought The Sims for the PS2 and I got Medal of Honour2 as I enjoyed the first one so much.

Monday, December 27, 2004

There's a rat in de kitchen.

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Now he's in the living room watching Rolf Harris paint a nice Chritsmas Card using custard and a big bag of glitter.
Xmas has been and gone and we wonder what all the fuss is about. Lots of money spent and lots of food consumed and wrapping paper ceremoniously burned in the mexican stove in the back garden. Archie is tuning in his new telescope to look at the chimney pots and Hazel is still under the duvet, curled in a ball.
This collage has been travelling over 6 years and just arrived home on Xmas eve, remarkably unscathed.
It snowed on xmas day much to Archie's delight and he was able to make two snowmen in Granma's garden. Can you smell carrots?
It didn't last very long and turned into slush and icy puddles the next morning. Ever hopeful Archie took his sledge to the local hilly park but the remaining snow was hardly enough to roll a snowball.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Merry Christmas!

merry christmas!
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All a bit hectic here so not much time to blog. Thanks to all the nice people who have supported flobberlob since it started in particular Sebastian and I Like and all the nice people at Blogger, Flickr and the Collage Kids. It's time to go and trap some sprouts and track down some nuts for the xmas dinner.

Monday, December 20, 2004

House warning party.

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This is a collage made very quickly for the Frickr folk as they like to stick comments and notes on things. Ones with lots of heads seem very popular so I concocted this xmas quiz to see if they know who all the celebs are. You can have a go too if you like.
The house warming party over at Wincham was enjoyable up to a point. I had a nagging headache so wasn't really into socialising.I would have loved to have drunk some beer or wine but restricted to orange juice due to paracetamol. Lots of nice food served up later on and I was starving having gone without lunch and by the time the food was ready it was about 3 o'clock!
Thankfully our neighbours from over the road came along later despite the chicken pox their little girl was recovering from. Archie had Thomas to play with for a while. We didn't have anything in common with anybody there really and we felt rather excluded from this well-heeled Cheshire set. Nevermind, it made a change to see how the other half live. A lovely barn conversion which was very spacious and made our house seem very tiny in comparison.
Today we braved the freezing weather to do some more xmas shopping. Got some Dennis the Menace annuals for Archie in a charity shop but he had them already. They are in better nick than the ones he has , so he will use them as "swaps". Also got some plastic boxes which are in stock again, for the last of the mail art archive. Hazel and Archie put the tree up and I helped hang some decorations. Hazel baked a cake for her Mum's birthday and Archie decorarted it with Smarties.

Friday, December 17, 2004

The Hendersons will all be there.

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A collage made for the Collage Kids Frickr group based on a Beatles song and you had to guess which one. Its easy and I've given you a clue already.
A headache all morning and what with the drizzle I've stayed in to blog and write a few last minute cards. Just see the poor postman almost doubled up with the weight of xmas post so don't expect he'll deliver ours until about tea time!
Also added to photo archive from the old albums that are crumbling away. They were crumbling in the 60's when I started them so now just held together with a single thread and some old peeling sellotape. The rabbit is typing a letter or rather the noise she makes when drinking water from the container wired to her hutch.Clickerty-clickwerty-clickwerty!
Hazels last day at college so she'll be happier with the thought of a few weeks break from it all. She said some of her students read this so better be careful what I say!
Archie is home early with his mate James who is a non-stop giggler.They had a carol service this morning and played on the computers.James' Mum who works at the chemist will pick him up at three.
The wind is whistling down the chimney and the rain is lashing the window again.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Bygones of ye olde Cheshire.

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A very pleasant day wandering the highways and byways of Cheshire with old chum Tony who I hadn't seen for a while. It was his birthday so for a treat we went to Nantwich( about 10 miles away as the dodo flies) to walk its quaint cobbled streets in search of gifts of one sort or another. Lots of charity shops but no bargains did we find. Tony showed me this wonderful old shop which had a mini-museum and a cafe at the back. It has a website here.
It was an amzing place full of old advertising signs and shop items from the 20's.30's and 40's. We sat and had a coffee and soaked up the surroundings. Hazel and Archie must come here as they would love it!
Then we drove over to some antique barns near Stapley Water Gardens past some very beautiful countryside and many winding lanes. A bit expensive but did find a couple of old 60's Lion and Victor annuals for Archie which seemed more reasonably priced.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Empire state of mind.

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A fragment of sound from this old 78 souvenir from the top of the Empire State Building can be found at my yahoo group Boot Sale Sounds. It sounds terrible, I warn you now!
A pretty terrible day all round being the 13th ofcourse which are usually pretty unlucky for me. I went shopping to get some last minute gifts but ended up buying myself records from a charity shop. They look better than they sound. Find them at Flickr.
Hazel had her root canal work done so not so lucky for her either! She survived it but took some pain killers and went to bed for an hour or so. She described in loving detail the instruments of torture ( a small bottle brush apparently?) and the anguish she felt as she felt them revolving inside her tooth root! Ouch! Thank goodness my appointemnt isn't for another 5 months!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

The clock shop nightmare before christmas.

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This collage was rather rushed due to Crimble and card making and sending and shopping etc. It's another for the Collage Kids group on Flickr and for this weeks theme of "Time".
A nice drive out to Tatton Park this morning to visit the farm which we'd not done before. Santa was there, somewhere at the end of a big queue of crying infants so we avoided that bit! The old farm house had been turned into a mini-museum with rooms decorated and furnished in 1930's style. The lady who was born in the house was making toast downstairs on an old coal fire banked up really high with glowing coke. She was telling the assembled throng about her childhood and how she became a secretary and not worked on the farm atall. The only photo she had of her mother, who died when she was three, was upstairs in a big oval frame above the fire-place. When a man cheekily grabbed some buttered toast which was meant for the children she told him off in no uncertain terms! Another who foolishly told his family in a loud voice that this was the home of a "poor family" got a withering look and told " I used to live here and it wasn't a poor family!" He tried to make ammends by saying what he really meant was that it was very old. He just dug himself into a deeper hole and eventually slunk out. Another man amusingly said "Heat up that toasting fork and I'll go and stick it in him!" A small girl in someones arms said "In his bottom!" Oh how we laughed! Even the lady with the toast had to smile at that one.
The farm also had a piggery with many piglets squeaking and snuffling in some rather wiffy sties. Also an enormous sow sat on her bottom and was munching rather noisily at some chewy hay. She looked rather like an automata made of yellowish sacking material with a big clunky motor inside! Archie fed some goats with some food her bought at the farm shop. His hand was covered in goat drool so he had to go and wash it off. Yuk!
There was also a pottery, a carpenter and a smithy and tractor rides I think but they didn't start until the afternoon. We were hungry so wended our way home via the playground where Archie had a quick go of some swings and monkey climbing bars.

Hilarious cracker joke.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Here's another fine blog you've got me into Stanley!

Todays mail came around 1pm as I was washing up the lunch things. Not a huge ammount but a very welcome postcard from Frips that originated with me and i sent to Ed Giecek and now its back again aftera round trip of several thousand miles from here to the U.S.A. and then to Belgium and back to me. I just saw it on Frips fine blog and i expect Ed has it on his too?!add&pass
Thats four L&H cards back from various journeys so far. I must send some more out. I have a whole postcard book full of them.
A quiet day scanning ephemera for the Frickr group of the same name. Found four "Lucky bags" that fit the bill perfectly. We had lots but foolishly left the sticky sweet in some of them and they turned to gunk with the passage of time!
Just discovered this place that turns your blogs into books! You can find it here.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Peter porker picked a pig of painted piffle.

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Another day that flew by and one wonder where the time went. I finished off a collaborative collage and posted it back to Swapatorium in time for Xmas. The post orifice was full up and lots of people decided to get parcels sent to relatives in Australia and Canada etc. Then to the pet shop to get some straw for the rabbit and the newsagents for the Radio Times. Home again to hoover and put some washing in the machine. Clean out the rabbit. Wrapped a few presents. Took some photos for my blog and Flickr including the ellusive "Lady In The Bath" and some messy shots of my messy workspace. Found this childrens colouring book in a box of mail. Not sure of the date- 60's I would guess? Just a little garage band tune byQuestion Mark & The Mysterions courtesy of the Necrography and K.D.Opdello for the link.Only up for a short time.

lady in bath puzzle
Here's the "Lady In The Bath" puzzle. It hasa magnet inside so to put her in the bath without her jumping out you have to tap the bath on the table so the magnet inside the bath slides down a bit and then the lady is happy to go in the bath. More clever toys and their mechanisms here.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Usual suspects at the boot sales

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Two boot sales today though rather sparse and tending towards the xmas market/bazaar end of things. The first was at the Witton Albion ground and the regulars were there with the same stuff they bought last time but with wrapping paper and old tree ornaments etc. Did find a couple of videos of films we'd missed at the cinema including "The Missing" with Tommy Lee Jones and "Starsky & Hutch" with Ben Stiller. Also some secret things for Crimble presents which I had to hide away from Hazel and Archie. Archie found some old Beanos and Dandys from the 70's, so he was happy as Larry!
The next was pretty much the same over at Winnington Youth Club. Some more secrets and a record by Bob Williamson, a northern comic. If it's any good I'll put a couple of tracks on the Boot Sale group.
Hazel's just gone to take Audrey to one or both.Archie is playing with his Lego. The sun is trying to get through the mist. Made this collage for the Collage Kids group at Flickr. Can you guess who the usual suspects are? The theme this week was "Crime Scene" suggested by Big Al.I was looking for my Boys Book Of Scotland Yard for ages but couldn't find it so found a policeman in an old Ronnie Barker's Gentleman's Relish book of naughty postcards. This afternoon went for a walk over at Carey Park as it was a nice bright day. Got lost coming back from the top of the hill overlooking the steaming factory in the distance, took a left instaed of a right and ened up on a path full of dog walkers by a babbling brook. It was a pleasant detour but we had to ask someone eventually if the path led to Northwich and he put us right. So we went right round in a big circle it seems and ended up back where we stated some two hours later. Hazel took lots of photos of distant steamy factory buildings and Archie with steam coming out of the top of his head etc. so expect to see them on Flickr soon.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Peter Sellers at Boot Sale Sounds

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New uploads of Peter Sellers and others at Boot Sale Sounds yahoo group which can be found in the links section. I just found this 1958 LP "The Best of Sellers" in a charity shop in town.£1.49.This 10" disc on Parlophone was produced by George Martin I think though it doesn't mention him on the sleeve.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Happy 64th Birthday Bob Dylan!

Happy 64th Birthday Bob Dylan!
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Here's your chance to take part in a mail art project by sending something appropriate to Ed who will put it on the blog he's just started. You can find it here
I went into town again for a nice healthy walk and got the Animation book which was even cheaper than I imagined which was good.Also found Archie a video and a phone book(for writing phone numbers in) as the old one has fallen to bits. Hazel just phoned to say her lecture went o.k. despite the shakes and her tooth hasn't troubled her today.
Nice post from Roger- the pass along book that we are doing with Sylvia. It's looking good.Also another Xmas card - this time from Auntie Olwen. Must get Archie to design our card before it's too late and we have to use a generic one from the Pound Shop!


Thursday, December 02, 2004

Darby Day Darby Day, Darby All The Way.

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Sung to the tune of jingle bells. This was an echo from my childhood but not sure how or why my Mum found this so funny. Darby day is getting closer and so more Crimble shopping today which uncovered some trifles and gew-gaws. Saw a wonderful Taschen book called Animation Now which was over 500 pages and full of colour plates and DVD slipped into the back cover. I might go back and get it for Archie as an extra present mainly because I want to look through it again. Borrowed a 4 DVD set from the library of Live Aid which we watched a bit of today. Queen were very good and also enjoyed Dire Straits but most was awful 80's pop fodder I'd forgotten about like Howard Jones and Adam Ant etc.
The hairdressers was empty so popped in for my festive yuletide trim. The lady barber was very chatty and was very keen to know what art I did and what I did all day. I tried to make it sound exciting and busy but don't think I succeeded!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Another day in the big smelly city.

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This time I hope this blog works as I spent ages typing up this day and the whole lot vanished in to the ether! Or wherever the lost blogs go?
Went to Manchester again this time to see Archie's animation at the under 18's film fest. at the Cornerhouse cinema. It was a cold morning with a beautiful sunrise that Hazel managed to snap with her trusty digital camera through the grimey train window. I read some of Andrew Collins "Where Did It All Go Right?" which is good (see links for his website). Had breakfast at the college and then went to the Cornerhouse to see the short films with a packed cinema full of High School kids who had obviously come straight from school in a coach.Very noisy lot!
Most of the films were mercifully short and some were great like the plasticine animations of werewolfs in wythenshawe and the magician producing rabbits from trousers etc. Archie's looked great on the big screen and it really made him realise the potential I think as when he got home he started right into making another flash animation about a cave man thinking about what the wheel (he invented in the last one) could be used for. Squashing rabbits!
Afterwards we had a walk into the centre of town. Bought some Dutch pancakes with sickly chocolate sauce at the Continental market by the town hall and had a ride in the big observation wheel. Then to the URBIS museum of city life which is very impressive biulding like a big wedge of stilton. Unfortunately not much, besides the funicular railway, inside to justify the huge expense of keeping this thing running. Lots of videos and "inter-active" buttons to press but with little sense of discovery or fun attached. Afterwards dragged our weary carcases to the station via the pound shop where I found some great old cult movies- three per disc! the original "Little Shop of Horrors", which is awful ( the Frank Oz version is much better)and Herk Harvey's "Carnival of Souls".

This is the first issue of CURIOS THING made back in 1984/5.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

In the middle row of the Regal.

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What better way to spend a damp Sunday afternoon than watching Pixar's latest offeringThe Incrediblesat the Regal cinema with a giant packet of popcorn and a giant Coke (with three straws!). The film was great and much better than Finding Nemo though not as funny as Toy Story (1 or 2). A must see for all the family. The little short film about a sheep at the beginning was worth the admission price alone. Hazel's tooth behaved itself which was good too. The traffic through town was terrible due to road works so good job we set out a bit earlier than normal.
Otherwise another lazy Sunday, reading the papers and watching TV and blogging etc. The collage is from a concertina book I made for an artist's book exhibition in Manchester a few years back.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Label maker and the table shaker.

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Found this label maker atACME which is quite fun and easy to use. Thanks to
Easy Dreamer and PopCultureLinks.
Hazel and Archie have gone out to do some shopping.Just phoned the chap who made the Leslie Sarony compilation. He was telling about his old record deck which survived the war when a doodle-bug hit the house while they were cowering in the Anderson shelter at the bottom of the garden! Most of the furniture was smashed to bits but the the record player was saved by a table which proteced it from the falling masonary. He still uses it today. Amazing!

This was the postcard seen on "Spaced" I believe, though not actually seen it myself. This one was made for Boomerang in about 1998 I think.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Graces or the Furies?

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Not sure which. Could be the neighbours from hell? We are lucky, our neighbours are very nice and we hardly see them.
Hazel's tooth still playing her up. She went to the dentist and she prescribed some antibiotics. She's been holding an icepack made from an orange lolly next to her cheek all day. Not sure how she'll cope with her lecture tomorrow. I think she should cancell it.
Archie is in the "free" version of the Chronicle that came out today. Its a better photo and bigger and the headline says " Archie's in the frame for Hollywood success". No pressure or anything!
I made this collage today for the Collage Kids group on Flickr. The theme is the Three Graces or The Furies. Not sure if this qualifies for either but I quite like it. I've been trying to find a use for that Snakes and Ladders image for ages.

Envelope from Ruud Janssen, collaged and recycled to Ed Giecek. The most blogged envelope of the week!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Local boy makes good!

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Not much happening today but Archie is in one of the local rags about his success with his flash animation at the Exposures Student Film Festival in Manchester. Its a terrible photo and printed very badly - I can see why the Chronicle doesnt sell as many copies as the Guardian (the other local paper) now. Still its a nice little piece that they've written almost word for word from the e-mail Hazel sent them.
I have been catching up with the mail (one envelope to Rudi Rubberoid below) and trying to do some collaging from scraps piling up on my work table.
Hazel's gone out to drive her Mom to the Infirmary for her eye-test. Archie rushed in from school, changed and rushed out with James and James's Granma and will be back later for his dinner. He didnt even have time to look at his picture in the paper!


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Eye's Pie With My Little Blog

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Something beginning with "O". Yes, it's the 'orrible eye test at Spec Savers but it wasnt too bad. My eyes hadn't deteriorated atall so no need for new glasses (Sorry Hazel- she hates the glasses I have and thinks they make me look a spectacle of myself!) So £18 out of pocket I went to the bank and then to the post office to post Vittore's packet. Not many bargains to be had in the charity shops but did find a 2005 desk diary in the new bookshop for a £1. Bought some rabbit pellets and walked home in the drizzle. Life just does'nt get better than this!

No friendly mail today or mail of any kind. Not sure what's happening to it all. Our postman is not prone to throwing it over a nearby hedge as some are likely to do.Usually something interesting here.

From Iwerks to Kricfalusi.

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I've always loved animated films from seeing the Fliescher Brothers "Popeye" on TV in the 50's to the the big blockbuster Pixar films at the cinema. I expect this is why Archie, our 12 year old son, has become such a keen animator using Flash. Some of Hazel's students have also used stop-motion,Flash etc .Here we see Andy Sykes using it to great effect especially in "Hot Stuff". The creator of "Ren & Stimpy" John Kricfalusi,has a great showreel here which shows his madcap humour and inventiveness. Good news is that Kricfalusi has regained the rights to Ren & Stimpy from Nickelodeon who ruined it for a while and 6 new episodes are available now - hopefully the BBC or C4 will sign him up for a new series. For more news and views about animation past and present go to Cartoon Brew.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Beyond Our Kennel

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Not only a great book of poems by John Hegley but cover art by yours truly. I sent John two collages and they choose not to use this one which was my favourite.( The one used can be seen below).
Nevermind, the other was used by Boomerang so seen quite widely in cinema foyers for a while.
Sunday was very quiet. Too wet for a walk and a headache didn't help. Hazel thinks I should get my eyes tested again as its been a couple of years since the last test.

Published by Methuen in 1998.

Friday, November 19, 2004

A day in the big metrollops.

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Up at the crack of dawn to get the train to Manchester to see a great lecture by Tim Hunkin who used to do the Rudiments of Wisdom cartoons in the Observer for many years and made lots of inventive tv programmes about how machines worked called "The Secret Life of Machines" and now makes wonderful automata for his own amusement arcade on Southwold Pier in Suffolk. A lovely man and very entertaining. Archie had a day off school especially to see him and got his autograph. Archie particularly enjoyed his animations made from photographs - a kind of 3-D version of those Monty Python catoons by Terry Gilliam. After the lecture Archie and I went to the Manchester Museum to see the newly installed T.Rex skeleton (a plastic copy) which was impressive and looked at the live exhibits which include Axolotls, poisonous blue frogs, snakes and monkeytoads? A very tiring day and I can see why Hazel collapses in a heap when she gets home after a full day of fending off students questions and commuting on the terribly uncomfortable and unreliable trains!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Great Scott! He's learned how to make links!

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It's quite simple really once you know the secret code. I shall have to do this more often though it is a bit of a faff.
More lovely Michael Scott letters just uploaded at my other blog. Also just discovered at the wonderful Neil Innes website some new MP3's from a live gig in Chicago ealier in the year. Over an hour of great music if you go to The Sediments nice site as well.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I make no bones about it.....

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This Skeleton postcard for Boomerang was made for the schools network- for the biology teacher's. They hated it apparently so not been commissioned to design anymore which is a shame. Perhaps "hate" is too strong a word. They didn't feel it was appropriate. Too colourful and quirky and not enough information for their students. If it's a diagram they want they can surely look in a text book? A quiet day collaging and going to the dentist for my check-up and hygenist appointment. Going private has made them just as tardy but a bit more thorough - checking jaw bone and salivary gland? Seemed rather unnecessery, espcially counting the fillings and x-rays of tongue? In the waiting room I flicked through several National Geographics and read an interesting article about itunes and Napster in Word magazine. Seems that Napster is best, having far more access to the works of Showaddywaddy and The Wombles. Not sure if it was the magazines or the scraping of the teeth that gave me the headache which has lasted until now. Having fun finding animal clippings for the Collage Kids theme that I initiated of "Noah's Ark- in the 21st century". Almost finished it and will upload tomorrow if I get a chance. Testing out how to add a link now. Hey! Check out this! It's Hazel's latest addition to her great blog about toys.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This must be the plaice?

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It wasn't that cold out so felt rather hot and stuffy in my overcoat after walking to town. Did the usual round of charity shops, bank, post office and library. Got some "stocking fillers" and wrapping paper at the market.
Hazel was all excited for Chris, one of her students, who has won first prize (shared with someone else) in the Channel 5 "Art Challenge" that is broadcast on Thursday but took place last night in Liverpool. Hazel wanted to be there but a long way to go and no transport.
This collage is another from the early 80's thats been jiggled around for another booklet. Another Xmas cat. page below.


Monday, November 15, 2004

Christmas catalogue archive fun.

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These pages are from old Xmas catalogues made in the past to amuse friends and relatives, now i can share afew pages with my blog. These items are NOT for sale so please don't send money or enquiries to the addresses shown - they are pure fiction!


Sunday, November 14, 2004

An old serviettte joke is better than none.

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An old collage using some terrible old "Boys Own" annual clipping, probably from the early 70's just found in the coal shed mail pile.
Today we had a pleasant walk in Marbury despite the cold. Extra thick socks definately worth stuffing in yer wellies. The mad ducks, dogs and owners were out in force. The stale bread didn't last long - hoovered up by many a beak. We sat a while at the "hide' and saw a mouse or vole grab the bread and rush off into the undergrowth. Two grey squirrels nearby burying nuts in the leaves. Saw two jays and several magpies, tits, finches,etc. Lots of paths made more pronounced by gravel and asphalt. I prefer the muddy tracks but better for families with buggies & small children I suppose.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

When you go to sANDROIDcisco

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers. sure to wear some collage in your hair. Ah, the old songs are the best!
Creative Thing sent me some waste paper bits he found whilst holidaying in S.F. with his missus. I felt a strong urge to compost them into something bloggable, and here it is. And so to bed.....

A postcard started by Swapatorium and finished by me.

Another neverlope from the budgie bag.

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Never an envelope, more of a piece of paper stapled around three sides. Another from the coal shed that I sent Hazel around 1985. I'm not sure what she was doing in Swindon but I guess the alternative of living in a chilly portaloo in Stepney was too awful to contemplate!
Nice mail today despite it being the 13th, from an old chap in Devon who saw my ad. in "Yours" magazine for novelty songs. He wrote that he had similar interests and a big collection of 78's which sounded promising. i phoned him up and he sounded very amused at the idea of a swap."Sorry if I sound a bit strange", he said, "but I've just had all me teeth out!" Not much one can say to this revelation! Anyway, we had a nice chat and he's going to send me some Leslie Sarony that he can dub to CD which will be great. He said " The trouble is, when people retire and move down to Devon they sell all their 78's before they get here!"
Hazel and Archie have been tidying and now gone out to do some shopping and see the opticians through glasses.

Friday, November 12, 2004

The tooths that is so hard to bare.

Annoying day psyching myself up for a my 6 monthly visit to the dentist only to find they had cancelled it without even telling me! I felt my Victor Meldrew alter-ego rising and my hackles (whatever they are?!) so quickly left the surgery before I said something caustic to the dozy receptionist.
Walked home in drizzle muttering foul oaths. At least I had escaped the scraping and polishing until next week, so made myself a cuppa and had a mini Jaffa cake to celebrate!
The good thing later was being able at last to get Real Player to load and being able to listen again to Charlie Gillett's great show on BBC Radio London. I sorted some more boxes and decanted some mail art into plastic boxes. Three more boxes should do it!Hooray!
An envelope sent to Hazel when we were courtin' in 1985.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Handbag Snatchers In Rovers Snug Horror!

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Hazel keeps telling me that Coronation Street is better than ever but I can't see it myself. Those were the days when Ena Sharples, Albert Tatlock and Minnie Caldwell haunted the alleyways of Rosamund Street.
The Charity Market in town was a bit of a let-down- hardly any scratchy records or bargains for me but Hazel got a few things. All I got were two CD's - one by Ronnie Ronalde, the whistler, and another of French accordion music which all sounds vaguley similar after a while. Also a video of Dick Emery's funniest moments complete with 6 free postcards for 50p!
The postcard with Emery in a sailor suit I will send to my Auntie Olwen as she was a Wren in the 2nd World War and has an eye for sailors even now at the age of 80. I sent her postcard of Popeye last time which she found very funny.
After our marketing spree we had a late breakfast in Charlie's of scrambled egg an tomatoes on toast and compared bargains. Walked home in the fine rain that soaks you through and found a nice pile of mail waiting including a showreel from Tim drage of his wonderful Lego animations, a book of "Gluings" from Mark Bloch, a postcard from Pistol Pete (yeeaha!) and nice letter from Creative Thing plus bits of collage material picked up in San Francisco where he is holidaying at the moment.

Farm transfers book with original transfers still intact.1950's.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


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A third of a collage from 1991. This section, based on an old wartime postcard about rationing is my favourite part. Probably thinking about being a parent at the time as Archie was born about a year later. Starting a family in your mid-forties is a scary prospect and I had feelings that we may have left it too late.

Mr.Turnip from Whirlygig. BBC Childrens TV. 1950's

One small step for mail kind.

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This was the poster I got back from Ti Parks, the organiser of the first mail art show I ever saw back in 1980. I can't tell you what a revelation it was for me to see all these envelopes, postcards and objects etc. hung up ( in polythene bags) in the stairwell and foyer of the Greenwich Theatre in South London. Here were people all round the world who communicated with rubber stamps and playful collages and decorated envelopes that I thought I and a few close friends were soley responsible for!(This was before the internet became established ofcourse). This poster was my start - the few addresses on here lead to others and soon the postal ball was rolling and couldnt be stopped!

And here we are nearly 25 years later. This is the cover of an assembling 'zine that grew to 49 issues and finished last year. Floss has taken up the assmbling baton now. I wonder how many issues it will run to?