Sunday, February 27, 2022

Organic Farm Shop Walk

We used to do this walk a lot back in the day - before the nasty Barrett homes were built on the green belt up the road. They blocked off the by-pass path for a couple of years but now it's open again so we decided to go. Such a nice sunny morning despite the cold wind. So quite once you get passed the by-pass although on Sunday it's not so busy thankfully. A friendly donkey came over for a chat when we got there. We'll have to take a carrot next time. The coffee was quite expensive but welcome treat - we sat outside for the lovely view of farm land in the distance and the just visible spire of Davenham church. After we had rested and used their fascilities we trudged home again. Not many vehicles in the lane - just one car passed us on the mile long road.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

River Dane and Ponds

Nice walk this morning before the next storm arrives tomorrow (EUNICE) Dudley was pretty horrendous whistling down our chimney last night. Good to get out and breath some fresh air and stretch our legs. A bit muddy down by the fishing ponds but good to see a heron flying off (Hazel here pointing at it as it flapped through the trees ) and some coots hiding in the rushes. Nobody else about. Fishermen seem to have abandoned this place. Maybe the heron ate all the fish?

Monday, February 14, 2022


Popped over to Marsden in West Yorkshire for our chums 82nd birthday. The weather was atrocious! We only emerged from his house once to go to the charity shop to buy some old rusty shoe lasts ( or a cobbling set?) which will probably end up as door stops. The rain started coming down and the wind and stair rods, cats and dogs, etc. We had plenty of birthday cake as everyone who visited bought one! Hazel mended the cat flap - just new batteries needed. Rigo the cat seemed happy inside anyway. Didnt get much sleep due to weather pounding on the roof and velux windows. Good to get home to our own bed.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

The Salt Line - Alsager

Nice walk and picnic today with Tone and Pene.

Monday, February 07, 2022

Trent and Mersey Canal

Nice muddy walk down the canal tow path until it got a bit too muddy and we turned round and came back to the park. We found a musical penguin. Hazel played it with her pen. She didn't fancy picking up the tethered hammers which were probably covered in covid germs! Squelch squelch! Thats not the music the xylophone made but the sound our boots made in the mud. The xylophone made a sort of plinky plonk sound.