Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Had to go for 6th monthly check up and scrape at the dentist this morning. Bumped into Peter Lloyd, Archie's old driving instructor who was having his check-up too. He asked after Archie and I told him he was still living in Brighton. He was walking a bit wonky , waiting for a hip operation - he said he'd been putting it off. Still does a bit of instructoring despite being 71. He goes to the gym too - "nothing too strenuous - more of a social thing" The dentist's receptionist goes to the same place and they loudly sung it's praises. "It's very clean" said Peter. Afterward's a trip into town with Hazel to do some shopping, go to the bank and post office etc. Got some cheap DVD's including a nice BFI set about shipbuilding.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Crimblemess and New Year

O dear - getting a bit behind with my blogging. Too much to do and so little time to do it. The festive season has come and gone . We had a nice time with our Archie , who was able to get a week off from his temporary job at Sainsburys to visit us and make it a special family time. His girlfriend went to her folks in Dublin. We ate far too much as usual so now trying to loose the pounds I put on which is quite hard seeing as we have much of our larder filled with xmassy treats still, like the Dundee cake, puddings, tins of biscuits etc. Still ploughing our way through the exotic cheese platter! The last of the pickled walnuts has squelched off into the sunset. We managed a few walks and pub lunches too like the one above to Shackerley Mere. Tony. Pene and dave came over to join us at the Salt Barge. It was Chrisma day at the Jones's of course and I took along the famed nut roast wellington and marmite gravy. They supplied the sprouts and roast spuds etc. Board games followed - I forget which ones - they all seem alike to me! Crackers pulled and daft jokes read out. Hazel collected all the party popper strings for her gadgetry requirements. New years resolutions include doing a drawing a day in my new sketch book that Hazel gave me and walking more.