Friday, September 28, 2012

Mouseion Exhibition

More photos from the group exhibition in Leicester that Hazel and I are taking part in HERE. It's on until next March I think so plenty of time to go and see it if you are anywhere near Leicester. I have 6 small collages on show and Hazel has filled a cabinet full of sketchbooks, collected gadgets and ephemera and some of her latest work that's been inspired by her finds and her involvement with the Mary Gregg project.Mouseion website is HERE.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Honeymoon in Wales

Lagging behind with my blogging so this is a hasty update. We drove to Ruthin (pronounced Rithin) in Wales which is about an hour or so away round some very narrow lanes and hilly roads. beautiful country around there though- never been before, Had a delicious 11'sis breakfast in a friendly cafe in the town square and found a nice antique market nearby. Then to the farm just outside Ruthin where we stayed the night in the B&B. The other guests were two young Germans who had been travelling around Wales and going home to Hamburg? the next day. It was a great place and very friendly and comfortable. We went for a walk up the lane and back again to talk to the four chickens and feed them our sandwich crusts - well, Hazel did- I ate mine as I was so hungry!
The next day it was off to Llandudno which is one of our favourite haunts and a delightful olde worlde seaside resort that is relatively unspoiled. In the evening we went to see Ken Dodd again and decided he should retire gracefully as he was getting a bit dithery, the poor old thing- he is 85 or 86? after all! Did the usual touristy things like go up the Orme on the old tram and walked down again being chased by seagulls and sheep. Also dived in the local museum and art gallery when the rain got a bit too much. The B&B Hazel found online was excellent and did lovely breakfasts of smoothies , kippers and scrambled egg ( not on the same plate!).