Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Nice weekend in Brighton to see our boy's 2nd year sculpture show at the Grand parade gallery in the Uni. art college. Good to see Debra and John Hegley turn up to the PV. We saw John later at the Hove Folk Club where he did a short set. Roger Stevens did a spot too at the end of the evening.  We stayed at Roger and Jilly's in Hove. It was very windy and wet!  The next day we showed R & J  the sculpture show and had a nice vegetarian breakfast/lunch in the bohemian quarter.  Did some shopping and then back to Hove for some supper and meet up with Jill's son Joe and grandsom Sam for some Lego action.  Got the train back on Sunday - thankfully no trees had blown on the line.  Got home around 3pm.  Car still where we parked it in the pub car park across the road from the station.  Nice to get back to relatively windless Cheshire!