Sunday, September 26, 2021

Blakemere Boot Sale

Penultimate sale at Blakemere. We got there at 8am. and the sun was just peeking out from behind some clouds - quite mild for the end of September. I didn't find much just a DVD of "Southbound" - a horror anthology. Also some runner beans from somebody's garden. A big bag for a quid. Hopefully they are not too stringy. He had beetroots too but I declined. I once ate a big plate of freshly cooked beetroot and it turned my pee bright red - really quite alarming! Hazel got a few things including a large flower pot, a large mixing bowl, a pile of nursery material for quilts etc. a geometry mug and plastic paper weight with a dandelion inside.

Thursday, September 09, 2021


Braved the trains to go to Altrincham to see Archie's work in the Air Gallery. Only two carriages going but thankfully not as busy as last week. Some idiots still not wearing masks but kept a safe distance. Very warm. A short walk from station following the train lines. No surprise the Air Gallery is run by an ex-Interactive Arts student that Hazel vaguely remembers - also ex- MMU Fine Art also involved. Nice exhibition in a refurbished industrial unit. Building also housing 25 small studio units and a cafe. Walked to the centre of town afterwards - very busy - lots of out door eating places - felt very much like Brighton. Altrincham has certaily changed from the drab place it was several years ago. Went in a few charity shops but didnt find anything. Hazel said all the clothes were much more expensive compared to Northwich.

Monday, September 06, 2021

Griffiths Park

 This mornings wander round our local park and down the conk conk path to the post office.  We considered goin g to Chester but in two minds whether that would be a good idea with infections and deaths on the rise.  Chester is very busy and we'd have to get a bus from the "park and ride". We will try Altrincham first and if that's OK maybe try Chester next week.

Sunday, September 05, 2021

Knutsford Heath Boot Sale

 Nice sunny rummage around the bumper boot sale at Knutsford heath this morning. Got a few bargains including a box of candles, lead soldiers, blank postcards, note paper, knitting counters, board game, plants, glass flower arrangement thingy, and surprise snake in box. Had a little walk in the woods by the side of the heath. Then to Lostock to show off our purchases and have a chat in the front garden.

Friday, September 03, 2021

Walk In Carey Park

 A shopping trip into town to get a few bits. popped in charity shop for 3 DVD's for a quid including Somewhere ( Coppala )  The Sting and Meeks Cut Off.  Hazel went in QS and Poundstretcher.  Most of the charity shops were still closed. Went to post office to post mail to Leslie Caldera.  Nice Indian lady behind the counter admired my envelope and wondered where my wife was. I told her she was shopping at the other end of town.  She gave me a lovely smile.  Afterwards we went for walk to Carey Park and sat by the river. Got a few more blackberries.