Tuesday, February 28, 2023


Nice wander around Chester this morning. Shopping for spices and pulses etc. Also found some scratchy vinyl in a charity shop. David Lindley and X-Ray-O and weird Yorkshire group who sing a song about the Marsden Cuckoo! Topped up the free postcard rack at our exhibition (extended to 26th June) and had a cheap vege sausage roll for an alfresco lunch - living it large!

Sunday, February 26, 2023

St. John's Field and Park

Good to see so many out on this sunny Sunday afternoon to support the local grass roots footbal match and St. John's Field that is threatened with being turned into 42 houses and a care home by greedy developers who already have earmarked land nearby for 400 homes! They want to build on every single green space it seems - outrageous! Thankfully there is quite strong opposition and even the local MP seems to be against it. Anyway, we shall see.

Thursday, February 23, 2023


Nice wander around Nantwich this morning in the sunshine. A bit of a nippy start so wore my furry hat that dogs don't like. None took offence today thankfully. The road was open all the way - not detours. Last time we went we had to got the long way round which added 20 minutes to our journey. We went our seperate ways - Hazel prefers to shop alone as my rooting through shelves of CD's and DVD's is very irksome! She prefers clothes shops so I dont mind. She discovered the table top sale in the big hall which I missed ( went back later to find these cornish piskies ). Got tow DVd's - Escape From Alcatraz and the remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I enjoyed the Swedish trilogy but someone said this remake was good too - we shall see. Hazel got a few things - glue, paper, squares of fabric for a quilt. Had a chat to the toy man in the market. He had no new stuff though and said he mostly sells online now to Chinese and Austrian buyers. Went home around 11am via the Hospice shop/warehouse at Winsford. Hazel bought a cheap pilates book. Not much collage material sadly this time. That lucky pisky duo isn't working!

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Walk To River Dane

Yesterdays walk to River Dane and the fishing ponds. Very mild for February. A few ducks exchanging quacks on the pond. A lone moorhen keeping it's distance. No kingfishers this time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Plumley Walk and Pub Lunch

Nice pub lunch and walk around Plumley. Spotted a few snowdrops, daffs and buds down the country lanes. Hazel took this one in a convex mirror nailed to a tree. The mirror was nailed to the tree not Hazel. Post Valentines treat paid for by Hazel's Mom. Delicious fish and chips in the Golden Pheasant (Hazel had a plant burger ) and half of bitter. Going to collapse on the sofa now and nod off!

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Valentines Day

We celebrated as usual withan exchange of soppy collaged cards.

Sunday, February 12, 2023


A couple of days over in West Yorkshire with our old chum Dave Smith who is 83 today. We took some cake and candles and a lemon tart etc. Went out for a drink last night which made a nice change. Just a quick Guinness and Hot Chocolate for Hazel. A bit too nippy to be wandering aroud Marsden at night. When the carers had finished tucking Dave up in bed we went back for a chin-wag but we'd worn him out earlier with our chatter and he'd nodded off. Earlier in the day we went out briefly to check out the charity shops - found some cheap DVD's including some South Korean films I'd not heard of for 50p. Hazel found a gardening book . Busy roads today considering it's Sunday. Good to be home and our own bed.

Monday, February 06, 2023

Walk To Anderton and Marbury

Nice walk this morning over to Anderton and also the Marbury Garden Centre where Hazel bought some plants for herself and others. The sun was very bright. Nippy start though and whilst the washing machine at Hazel's Mom's was whirring away we enjoyed a stroll by the River Weaver. Then back to Hazel's Mom's to unload the washing machine and make Granma's bed up. Audrey still finding it difficult to bend after her accident so Hazel goes over to help out when she can. Home to have some lunch - fresh tomatoes on sour dough toast - yum! Then battle with PC when Firefox decides to play up. Very frustrating switching browsers. Microsoft is just as bad. Grrrr!