Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Diversions

Just back from a rummage over at Middlewich at the antique/furniture place that we'd not been to before. Photo is of cross section of an ocean liner made of card and balsa wood etc.Hazel bought a small metal and glass sided cabinet. Quick look in the farm shop nearby where they sell such delicacies as Wild Beaver Pie, Old Ferret Sausages etc. Home again via Shackerley Mere for a short walk in the sunshine and Autumn leaf kicking.

Monday, November 05, 2018

35th Anniversary

It's November 5th again so must be anniversity time! Blimey, the years just fly past! Pictured is the lovley embroidered Ferdie The Fly and Love Token from Hazel and my collaged card. Not one of my best efforts I must admit. Hazel is poorly with a nasty cold so we didn't go out to any fireworks - luckily the local display could be seen from our back garden so just popped outside ( as it wasn't too cold ) to see the few rockets and whizz bangs. Hazel was off work today as she still felt awful. Hopefully I won't catch it! Flu jab on Thursday - just in the nick of time! Maybe last years jab is still working - hope so! So it's warmed up potato and cheese pie I made the other day and some salad. Perhaps a home made mince pie for dessert.