Sunday, February 27, 2005

John Hegley

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John's excellent website can be found here!

Wake up and smell the poems!

alarm clock
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A few moments after slagging off John Hegley for not replying to my letter , the phone rings and it's John asking us if we'd like tickets for his show at Chester's Gateway theatre in the evening. His ears must have been burning! It was very spooky but after some umming and errring we accepted his kind invitation and had to put up with Hazel worrying the rest of the day whether she could drive the 19 miles to Chester without the aid of satellite navigation!
I caught up with some mail and did some collaging for most of the day and around 5.30p.m. we set off to Chester armed with various AA route maps and step by step guides downloaded from the internet. The road from here to Chester is pretty much straight forward and we got there in 30 mins. but it took us anothert 30 mins. to find a car park around the confusing roundabout and one-way systems Chester ( a walled Roman city) has devised to reduce grown men to tears!
We eventually found a carpark close enough to the town and walked the mile or so to the theatre down the narrow cobbled streets. The centre of the town is really lovely with old half timbered shops and houses and a magnificent cathedral and an equally imposing victorian town hall. The Gateway theatre however was less than imposing and was round some grubby backstreet and looked like a bit of shopping mall they'd forgotten about. We got our tickets and made use of the conveniences and got some Filet of fish and fries at the Macdonalds that seemed to be the only place open . As much as I hate Macdonalds and all they stand for they really can be counted on to be there when you are desperate for something quick and unfussy to eat. We even had Filet of Fish and fries at the most northerly MacDonalds at the Arctic Circle in Finland a few years back when hunger drove us there out of a blizzard!
To cut a long story short. John was great and depsite not having any puppets or doing any tap-dancing ( as advertised) his show was full of humour, great songs, great poems and some audience inter-action. We had to write an acrostic from the name of the town we lived at and leave them on the stage during the interval. We did a pathetic combined effort and Archie did one which John read out and got some applause. I wish i could remember it. Anyway, he didnt win ( we'd already won the tickets) and the most applause went to some chap from Warrington which mentioned Ikea.
Hazel bought John's latest book in the interval as it seemed churlish not too and at the end he signed it after we'd waited in the queue for some minutes to thank him and say hello etc. He asked if we could stay for a drink but it was getting late and we were worried about finding the car and running the gauntlet of the drunks and rowdies that roamed the streets at chucking out time.
We managed to get home o.k. and it seemed a lot easier than going but then it always does.

Friday, February 25, 2005

The Great Hoozini

the great hoozini
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Who? You mean you've never heard of him? O he was famous for his slight of hand and dexterity with snakes and the occasional dove. He used produce flags of all nations from the most unlikely places!
A bit of an altercation outside. Some women were having a slanging match with some mouthy bloke about some minor driving misshap by the sound of it. It looked like it might end in tears but they stomped off into the cars and drove off thankfully.
I went to town this morning for the exercise more than anything. I went to the post office to post a few things and the library. Bought some bread and disposable razors. Found a silly record of old childrens tv show themes but it's mostly pretty awful - no the originals but some session musicians by the sound of it.
The builder is off today but will be back tomorrow or Sunday? He wasn't quite sure when. Hazel is already planning what tiles to have and what table and workbench will fit etc. It looks very small in the garden but infact is bigger than the room I work in upstairs.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Carey Park and River Weaver.

Photo Library - 1545
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Just back from a nice walk to the Anderton Lift via Carey Park which hasn't been open long. They've just built this footbridge linking the Northwich side to the Anderton side so you can walk for miles now past all these rotting industrial sites, pipes, bunkers and chemical factory right round to the Anderton Lift and Nature trail. It doesnt sound all that cellubrious but is really quite nice and attractive in parts. Even the old pipes and overgrown concrete bunker things are quite interesting. My camera was playing up so didn't take many photos of them. I think I deleted one by mistake. At one point the camera froze up completely and only started working again when I took the batteries out and popped them back in again!
It was bitterly cold with a freezing wind blowing in our faces but sheltered down by the river was warmer. We had tea and a sandwich for lunch in the Anderton Visitor centre cafe which overlooks the river. We walked back to the car which we left in the car park in town. Just painted the wall with exterior emulsion by the new conservatory as the builder says he will bring bricks and concrete towmorrow and Hazel's worried he will obscure the wall so we can't paint it later on.

Friday, February 18, 2005

300 year monopoly to end.

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What a game that was! Maybe it just seemed like 300 years?
The builder has been and started on the shed demolition, most of which went yesterday. It was pretty hair raising and noisy for a while but it didn't take long to batter into submission as most of it was rotten and fell down on it's own!
Today he's filled the footings with concrete from a big lorry outside, barrowing it in. Hard work - I know 'cos I did it once to help out a friend building a garage over in Paglesham, Essex. I ached all over the next day. I suppose builders are used to it.
He's putting the first course of bricks down now. Good to see it happening so fast. The difference in extra space and light is amazing!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Nantwich and Dags Antique barns.

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We had to wait in for the chap to come from Northwich Glass this morning to see that we'd emptied the shed - which we had done, about two hours before. It was freezing cold so kept running indoors to warm up on the computer.
It didnt take long to empty and now the bottom of the garden boasts a fine pile of antique wood and garden implements.
After he's gone we went to Nantwich to see the shop museum but sadly it was closed by the time we got there! Only open 9- 12. on a wednesday for some odd reason. So we found a nice cosy cafe above a bookshop with old beams and wonky flkoor to have lunch of toasted cheese sandwiches and a pot of tea. Archie had panini's and a hot chocolate as he likes to be different.
Then to a few charity shops but we didnt find much. I got a cuban diva Cd for 99p. The "cuban Edith Piaf" it says here on the label. I didnt quite see the resemblance.
Also a DVD of the Secret Policeman's Ball for next to nothing from the Booksale shop.
Then we hunted for the road to Shapely water gardens or is it Stapely? But found oursleves on the long windy road the Whitchurch which we found out was comepletely the opposite direction after we found a lay-by and consulted the map!
We found it eventually and the dags Antique barns nearby full of expensive tat to admire and ridicule. Archie found a big ol' pile of Beanos for quids and also a nice bookshop feller knocked a few quid off as he could see Archie was a collector and would be back for more.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Penny slot machine fun in the countryside.

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It's about a 40 minute drive from our house to where the slot machines are, just behind Beeston Castle at the Candle Workshops. Its well sign-posted thankfully so found it quite easily despite the circuitous route down the winding country lanes, past farms and waterlogged fields. We'd not not known about it if it hadn't been for a short clip about the slot machine museum on a local news programme on television last week. For £5 you get 60 big old pennies to play with, and what great fun! The phrase "worth every penny" never seemed so appropriate!
The only thing missing really was a crane machine but they had lots of other interesting diorama's and automata that I remember from my holidays at the seaside- The Drunkard's Dream, The Haunted Graveyard, the Gillotine.
When we came out it was snowing but luckily it stopped by the time we'd got up the road a few miles.
James came over to play with Archie in the afternoon and they could be heard three or four streets away giggling and screaming and firing bits of potato at each other in the back garden.
Hazel washed the mud, leaves,twigs and accumulated debris of the weekend off the car and took it back to Audrey. I loaded all my slot machine photos onto Flickr and had fun writing suitable notes to accompany them.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Party hats and rain hoods.

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I got back from town just as the drizzle started. This morning I put all the illustrations I'd done for Roger onto a CD and posted it along with a load of other mail. The usual haunts around town but didnt find much. Got some plastic CD envelopes cheap on the market.
This collage was another for the Kids at Frickr on the theme I devised using different "elements" I uploaded for the group to print out and use.

Can you guess the platform oddballs?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sneaky snapper's shakey snaps.

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Archie is still feeling unwell so reluctantly kept him off school again. Luckily Hazel was home to keep and eye on him so I was able to go into town and take advantage of the good weather to do some sneaky photos with the camera dangling on a chain round my neck. I felt very subversive taking pics of shop windows and pub signs - I don't know why. In London, no one would bat an eyelid.
This one of the special display for Valentines day in the Fancy Dress shop window came out a bit blurred because I was rushing things a bit.
It's nice not to worry about using up film and being wasteful.
Borrowed the new Jim Carey film on DVD from the library ( Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?) Awful title but a good film , it says here. Interesting to see Carey in a more serious role.
Hazel and Archie were playing draughts when I got home. The sorted the spud gun collection and Hazel put some on her Flickr blog.
Spent the afternoon catching up with mail and doing a few projects that have accumulated.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Spud-U-Like Sunday Tip Challenge.

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Not really. But we did clear some junk from the shed you'll be pleased to know, and Hazel took two loads to the tip. We wanted to go out but Archie still looking very pale and not 100% so we stayed in to do odd jobs around the house - which mostly involved traipsing mud from the garden to the inside. The slot machines of the Candle Workshops will have to wait until next week. It's amazing how much junk one collects over the years and today we found heaps of buggy wood and crusty tins of paint. Some wicker baskets of electric plugs and sockets, A plastic rocking horse. 3 bags of flowerpots. 2 sheets of ply and a cartridge in a bare tray.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Sheds and their blokes.

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A great book that I bought for Hazel, or she bought for me, many years ago. Some lovely photos of sheds, mostly crammed full of stuff.
Our shed is nearly empty now ready for it's imminent destruction.
Walked into town this morning under a leaden sky. No chance to take any photos. I feel a bit intrusive taking them of shop fronts though I'd quite like to.Maybe I"ll do it on a weekday when it's quieter and hang the camera round my neck on it's chain to enable a quick getaway.
Didnt find many bargains. The Booksale shop had lots of Beanos and Dandys but Archie has them already for Christmas. Auntie "A" was miffed that now you could get them for next to nothing and she paid the full price a couple of months ago!

One of our many sheds, packed to bursting!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The old giant pear joke never fails.

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Archie still not very well so we kept him off another day. Hazel is at home to keep an eye on him so I was able to wander into town in the drizzle for some fresh air and a chance to try out my new camera. Took a couple of the pub signs down Witton Street for Al's Frickr group. I would have taken more but it was very gloomy and wet.
Bought some bread though sad to hear that the "seedy loaf" was no longer available. Luckily the old witch with a face like a slapped arse wasn't in today and I was served by a young girl who was quite pleasant and had manners.
Also bought some re-writable CD-R's for the audio recorder as the others were a bit scratched and jumped occasionally.
With the Times this week you can buy a DVD of Morecambe and Wise highlights for £2.99 which seemed too good to miss. Every week they are selling a BBC related DVD cheap if you buy the paper. Next week I think it's Jane Austin's "Persuasion" starring the Krankies and Basil Brush?
The surveyor is coming tomorrow to measure the shed for the conservatory so I cleared some of the junk out of it to make his life a little easier.
This afternoon catching up with some mail and various mail art related projects.