Friday, February 25, 2005

The Great Hoozini

the great hoozini
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Who? You mean you've never heard of him? O he was famous for his slight of hand and dexterity with snakes and the occasional dove. He used produce flags of all nations from the most unlikely places!
A bit of an altercation outside. Some women were having a slanging match with some mouthy bloke about some minor driving misshap by the sound of it. It looked like it might end in tears but they stomped off into the cars and drove off thankfully.
I went to town this morning for the exercise more than anything. I went to the post office to post a few things and the library. Bought some bread and disposable razors. Found a silly record of old childrens tv show themes but it's mostly pretty awful - no the originals but some session musicians by the sound of it.
The builder is off today but will be back tomorrow or Sunday? He wasn't quite sure when. Hazel is already planning what tiles to have and what table and workbench will fit etc. It looks very small in the garden but infact is bigger than the room I work in upstairs.


Jonathan said...

Let's hope that Hazel doesn't fill her new space quite as full as you've filled your room... leave enough to turn around in. (not that I'm to talk, as I'm painting with my knees against the canvas)

michael said...

I'm sure she won't - she's far more sensible than i am! Having big windows all around will stop any of that sorta nonsense anyway. Painting with your knees eh? What's wrong with brushes?