Thursday, March 17, 2016

Artworks Studio & Gallery

Popped into the new Artworks studios and gallery on the Leicester roundabout on the way into town this afternoon. A lovely light space full of busy creative people. Carolyn showed me round and introduced me to a couple of artists busy on their little corners -still moving in and getting settled but it's like they've always been there. Carolyn showed me the plans of the new roundabout which will be larger than the old one and a rather baffling design with car parks in the middle island which also contains the betting shop. Anyway, I took a few snaps and went on my way - into town for some shopping and rummage in the charity shops. No real bargains except for a handy Ikea photo frame still in its polythene wrappings. Quite warm out. I wonder how Hazel is getting on at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park? She's gone with a student group from Interactive Arts to see the Bill Viola etc.