Friday, July 26, 2019

Audrey's Birthday

Nice lunch with birthday girl Audrey and her Mom - got fish and chips and mushy peas from the Codfather. Then over to the garden centre at Marbury to watch the butterflies and buy some plants and soil. Back to granma's for lovely lemon drizzle cake that Hazel made and cherries which were a bit past their best. Phew! Not as hot as yesterday but pretty clammy!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Lunch in Alsager

Braved the heat to have lunch with old chums Tone and Pene in Alsager. Sat in their lovely garden being bothered by wasps and dive bombing flies. Delicious feta, pots and peas traybake and salad. Strawberries and cream and home made biscuits for pud. Yum! Watched a silly film "Lego Story 2" ( I nodded off half way through ) and looked through photos on Tony's laptop of visits to friends and relatives. Too hot to go for a walk. earlier we ventured into Sandbach to look round the Antique centre but most of the top two floors were closed. The market was good though and we got some old post cards of Southend and Westcliff. Also some strawberries and peaches. Popped into Aldi for some beer and a plant.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Boot Sales

Slim pickens at the two boot sales this morning. The first at Whitegate was mostly the regular stalls whose goods we have poured over for the last few months so very little new there. The second at Moss farm was pathetic with just a dozen or so stalls but did find some bargains - two CD's by Everly Bros. and Stevie Wonder. Hazel got some postcards, brass engraved plaque and some plants.Nice and sunny.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Boot Sale Fun

Pleasant trip out to Nantwich area this morning for two boot sales- both on cricket fields. The first at Vagrants was very busy but I couldn't find any bargains. Hazel bought a plant. The next a few miles further on was slightly more busy and proved the most abundant in bargains for us both - some excellent CD's ( not that I need any more!) from a kind lady who helped me pick out a few gems ( 50p each ) , such things as Salif Keita, Faka Toure, Songhai 2, etc. lots of "world music" to choose from most of which I had already in some form or other. She said she's sold lots earlier which made me wish I'd gone there first instead of the other one! O well, just as well. Hazel found a nice old black tin documents box, a fancy plate and a small ceramic bowl , and more plants!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Northwich River Festicals

Pleasant morning in town for the artisan market and river festival. Watched the Newfoundland dogs doing a demo. of how they save fishermen from a watery grave. Very strong dogs - one was pulling a dingey through the water with two big blokes in. Also the Dragon Boat races. We saw one and decided that was enough and came home for some lunch.Nice to see the town so busy.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Friday, July 05, 2019

More RCA photos.

Post gaduation photos around the Albert memorial - Tony Eve and family come to visit - Jane who organises outside events for three London art schools - etc. etc.

London trip - RCA Graduation and Degree Shows

A busy week in the big crowded smelly city. Saw lots of art and caught up with lots of old chums - Jane and Graham, Dick Turpin, Tony Eve and Family, John Hegley and many others too numerous to mention. Saw lots of art too at the V&A, Serpentine s galleries, Sophie Coles, RCA degree shows of course - our main reason for going - to see Archie and Meriel's work and see them get their MA at the Royal Albert Hall. The weather was wonderful - too hot at times but we stayed in the shade mostly and managed to cool down with copious bottles of water and the occasional beer! Must thank our hosts too- the lovely Jennifer and Matteo Adinolfi who let us stay in their arty basement close to Hyde Park. So lucky to be so near to all the museums and the college so walked mostly everywhere except for ocassional bus rides ( which took ages ) to Lambeth to visit old haunts and ee exhibions at the Portland Street gallery and the West End. Also managed to catch the Artist's Postcards show at the British Museum in which I have one collaged postcard. In the same cabinet as Tom Philips, Yoko Ono and Gilbert & George to name but a few! So nice to get back to quiet leafy Cheshire. More photos soon. Took hundreds!