Friday, November 06, 2015

32nd Anniversary

Nice day with Hazel out for a drive before it got too wet. First a stroll round the Flashes ( filled in salt workings - now a bird sanctuary ). We hadn't been since it opened 6 0r 7 years ago and amazed at how all the small saplings planted then had grown into small trees. We tried to catch the falling yellow leaves but they were too quick for us! Bumped into a few solitary men with dogs carrying overlarge sticks. One turned his head to negotiate the eccentric gate - his owner said "He's quite intelligent!" My boots were beginning to pinch a bit - still wearing them in - so glad to get back to the car. Drove to the nearby Salt Barge opposite the new Lion Salt Works museum. They hadnt quite opened - busy preparing a hog roast and bonfire for the evenings festivities. We were seated inside and ordered our drinks and later when the cook arrived we ordered lunch. We thought it sounded like a light lunch - omelette and salad - Hazel had battered king prawns and salad and side order of chips. But two huge platefuls turned up that were delicious but we couldn't eat it all. Bang goes my diet again!