Sunday, December 31, 2006

Merry New Year's Eve!

Just back from Crewe and dropping Jackie off at the rail station before the worst of the weather hit. Very windy and wet now.
Yesterday we had a few friends over for lunch and dinner. Hazel's old college chum Jackie from Cardiff got a lift up to Brum with her boyfriend on the way to Coventry. She got a lift the rest of the way with old chum Leslie and her family Carl and Bethan. We had a veg. sausage rolls and quiche and salad for lunch. Archie entertained us with some power-chords. Bethan who is 8 going on 35 told us about her ballet class in great detail - seems she has the same teacher that Hazel used to in Walsall. Hazel thought she was ancient then but in reality could only have been in her twenties!
Later I made a curry and had some Tesco's curries to make it a bit more interesting.

Jackie blew on Wilfred as he climbed his cage and he fell over backwards. Jackie slept on the fold out sofa-bed. Hazel used to her Tom Tom to find the way to Crewe even though she knew the way. Tim, the manly voice, told her to go another route which was a little disconcerting. We got there in good time. Stopped of at a posh Waitrose on the way home to get the Sunday papers and some bagels etc.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Boxing Day!

Another quiet Xmas at home very much like last years infact. I just read the blog entry to see what we did and it all sounded very firmiliar! We had our nut roast again at Granma's and Audrey's and the usual fussing in the kitchen and the heaps of food piled high on our plates. I waddled back to the armchair after the huge pile of washing up - Granma managed to use every pot and pan in the house! I dozed off whilst watching the Queens Podcast to the nation. Later we played a tortuous long game of Monopoly in which I managed to aquire three properties that hardly anybody landed on and I always seemed to be in jail or owed the tax man, never won any beauty contest prizes and paid out high rents to all the money grabbing landlords sat around the table.

Archie wanted a remore controlled helicopter and Santa managed to find him one. So far it has flown about two feet and crashed into several ornaments. At Granma's he played Silent Night punk style on his geetar and rattled several ornaments.

We plan to be more healthy today and have a walk over to Marbury. More nut roast to eat up as I made an extra large one. Delicious it was too with chestnuts and cashews etc. I should have taken a photo of it as it came out the oven , the puff pastry all golden brown and humming quietly to itself.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Archie hasnt made a Christmas card this year though was working on a Sams Xmas animation but not sure what happened to that? Anyway, heres an old card he did when he was seven.
More shopping yesterday but didnt really find that much. It was very cold so glad to get home again. I bought the local paper and Archie makes the news again with details of how you can access his animations on the Guardian website. Also pictured were some of the pupils at the Xmas Music Concert rehearsal at the High School but Archie was away that day and so isn't in it.
The tree and decorations are up now and look very nice. The tree is the right shape for once. Sometimes you buy them all wrapped in netting and when you get them home and the netting taken off the branches ping out in most perculier shapes! Last years was very bottom heavy and a bit lop-sided.

Hazel ventured to Tescos and said it was hell. No surprise there then! Our pantry is groaning with all manner of unhealthy commestibles.

Have been invited for mince pies and mulled wine at a neighbours tomorrow. Last year we stood in the garden whilst the other neighbour burnt some car tyres in his back yard! Ah the festive glow of Firestone!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Xmas Concert

We went to the schools annual Christmas Concert last night which was o.k. especially the bit Archie was in with the Guitar Club band playing "Sunshine Of Your Love" ( see above ). He was meant to play in another section but hadn't rehearsed that bit due to an oversight so dropped out. It was far too long and the solo violins and keyboards were pretty hair-raising but some of the singing was good and thankfully they stuck with lively show tunes and carols and didn't attempt any opera this time.
At the interval they had mulled wine and mince-pies to queue up for - I've never seen Hazel out of her seat so fast! The mulled wine was obviously the non-alcoholic variety as it had no effect on me whatsoever! Granma and Audrey had tickets for this too but Audrey was still feeling a bit under the weather and Granma doesn't like to travel in the fog. It got quite thick in the evening too and you could barely see further than 100 metres.

Today Archie went on a school trip to the Regal ( the last ever I fear ) and saw again "Happy Feet" which he didn't mind as he enjoyed it the first time but given the choice would have gone to see something else. We went to the garden centre to look at the garden stoves. Hazel bought one for her Mom as it's her birthday tomorrow. She likes burning rubbish so an ideal present. We had to hide it in the garage at Granma's whilst she closed her eyes and promised not to peek.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Shopping

Sorry PLG - here's your lovely box of flotsam you sent on our living room window sill. It has pride of place next to a box of old beachcombed ceramic dolls heads and marbles I found on the Thames and one of Hazel's many pencil sharpeners.
I did some more shopping today but didnt find much. The library sale had a few tatty CD's including an 80's triple pack with a DVD included. Also songs featured on adverts over the years in another double. These are all things for me and I should be getting presents for Hazel and Archie! I did buy a couple of things but can't tell you because they read this and it would spoil the surprise.
The friendly woman in the charity shop remarked on how blustery it was but not as cold as December normally is. I agreed, adding it was quite mild and I felt overdressed in my overcoat and scarf. This started her off about Christmas in general and how she'll be glad to see the back of it. I agreed and adopting my Victor Meldrew persona I suggested it was a racket and costs too much money. Oh yes, and all the cards you have to buy and the presents and the food! Cor, lummy what a couple of old grumpy codgers!
Not much in the post- just one card for Hazel and a Trailfinders catalogue. Yes, a cruise round the melting ice caps would be most illuminating I'm sure and would get us away from all this Xmas lark!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nearly ready for Crimble.

We've got t' trimmings up!
Originally uploaded by Roger B..
Roger B. over at Flickr posted this great pic of a 50's room from the York Museum. It reminds me so much of Xmas of my childhood even down to the pathetic paper chains we made ourselves and the board games on the brown art deco carpet! We actually have that fireplace in our back room and considered many times if we should rip it out but after seeing this I don't think we could!
Nearly all the cards have been posted. Just a few more presents to buy and the big Christmas shop ofcourse that nobody is looking forward too - stuck in Tesco's with trolley rage!
Just had one of my poems turned into a song at Songs For Poems. A great idea for a blog. Some of his other creations are very good too. Go and have a listen.

Audrey is looking better but staying in bed. We popped in yesterday to deliver some chocolate mousse she requested - ideal medication for absessed tooths she said!
We went into town to get some shopping and look round the library sale. I didn't get much. Hazel bought herself some gifts and gave them to me to wrap up for her. She likes surprises.

Archie took his electric geetar into school today for rehearsal - he's playing in the Christmas Concert next week with the guitar club band. Silent Night is definately one they won't be playing!

Monday, December 11, 2006

That's A Doozie!

Wilfred gets cleaned out
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
That's what the doctor said when he saw Audrey's swollen face when Hazel toook her to the Infirmary last week. It was discovered she had a thematic tooth - whatever they are? Needles to say she was in quite bit of discomfort and could hardly speak - poor thing. When going through the surgery on her crutches and her face swollen to twice its size she mumbled to a small boy with a bloodied nose " Don't worry - the doctor will put you right" but it must have sounded like the idiotic mumblings of the Elephant Woman to the small child who recoiled in horror ,Hazel said.
Wilfred continues to entertain us with his acrobatics and cute posturings. Archie can feed him and stroke his back now without getting a nip.

No Sunday Boot sales this week or forseeable future so we have been making, folding, stamping cards and shoving them in envelopes. Audrey fainted again and was sent to bed. She went out to get the Sunday papers when told not too. Archie went to badminton lessons down at the High School. He says he's improving and almost beat the 10 year old girl with her arm in a sling.

Went to a musical evening at the school last week. Did I say? Archie had been volunteered to dress up as jolly cockney barrowboy in a short excerpt from "Oliver!" and did a dance with two girls. His face was a picture. Hazel tried to take a sneaky pic. but i don't think it came out?

Hazel learned she has an exhibition earmarked for the Kunstbanken Gallery in Hamar, Oslo in 2008 so she is thrilled with the thought of going to Norway again in the Winter rather than the Summer and equally horrified that she must find the work to show. Still , she has 12 months in which to put something together.

Hazel took her Mom to the SocialClub Xmas "do" the other night and amused that all the regulars seemed to be dressed as overstuffed pixies or fairies in pink tu-tu's!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Archie in local paper

Here's the newspaper clipping I mentioned. The photo of Archie doesnt look too bad and not atall like the one he described.
The article goes onto say how he's got 4 films into Exposures this year and he's been animating since he was 7. Surely not? I suppose it must be as he made some plasticine animations long before he got into Flash . How time flies!
I had to drop a DVD of a couple of his films off to the Guardian office today for possible inclusion on their website. I'll let you know if this happens.
I had to go for my two year eye exam and thankfully they haven't got any worse. I bought some bread and a couple of stocking fillery things. Walked home in the drizzle.
A nice Franco & OK Jazz CD in the post so will go and listen to that now.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Manchester visit

Manchester Town Hall
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Just back from 24 hours in Manchester. We stayed overnight in a hotel so treated ourselves to a wander round the Continental Market by the Town Hall where a huge inflatable? Santa who was peering over the top. It was peeing down with rain yesterday so wasn't as much fun or festive as it usually is. We bought some dutch pancakes with cream and chocolate sauce and scoffed them under the dripping eaves of a nearby beer German tent. We tried to get into a film but they had all started so bought tickets for a 9p.m. showing of Tin Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D" We went for a hurried but tasty pizza in a nearby basement. We were feeling very tired by the time the film came on and I could quite happily have nodded off in the cinema but pumpkins and snowballs kept flying out of the screen at me and kept me awake! The big 3-D specs you had to wear made everyone look like Brains out of Thunderbirds. The film made your eyes ache. I can't see it catching on. Still it was something we couldnt see anywhere else!
Then we trudged back to the hotel in the rain and watched TV and had a nightcap.
The real reason for the trip was Archie's 4 films at the Underexposed Film Festival at the Cornerhouse the next day at 11a.m. which we attended after a hearty breakfast in the college refectory. The films were generally very good and Archie's got a good reception and some laughs Sadly the end of the DVD they had all the films on was corrupted and Archies last film and his best "Gotto Wee" coudn't be shown. The staff at the ~Cornerhouse apolygiused profusely and let Archie pick any book in the bookshop he liked as compensation. So he now has a very fine and heavy copy of The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams.
It was sunnier today for a while so did some more shopping. Archie wanted to drool over the gadgets at the Apple shop again. Hazel had a headache so we didn't wander long and got the train back to Northwich just in time to meet all his mates coming out of school which was bad timing.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Busy Sunday.

Archie on BBC 2
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Well, first we got up early for the boot sale at Wittington Youth Club which was pretty pitiful but at least the rain had stopped. Mots of the stalls were inside the "hut". Hazel bought a Muppets In Space video for Archie and thats about it I think.
Then home for breakfast. Then we watched Archie's animation again on the recording I had made. Some other nice animations especially a lovely pirate one made out of plasticine by a primary school with all the appropriate piratey noises - Jim lad! Ahaaarrgh! Shivers me timbers! etc. ( made by speeded up teacher? ) Archies stood up well amongst all the graduate stuff.
In the afternoon we went to see " Happy Feet" at the Regal. Which was great, amazing to look at if a little overlong like most films tend to be these days. We stayed to watch the credits roll at the end and and they went on for ages with huge lists of people like "Lighting Directors" ( about a dozen!) Lighting assistants ( hundreds!) etc. What amazing teamwork.
Then home through the towns twinkling Christmas lights to fold some more crimble cards and stuff them into envelopes. I missed the "Life Before Vinyl" prog. on Resonance radio again. Nevermind.
Oh, yes I forgot to mention that Archie went to play badminton in the morning too after we got home. A bit too windy and wet for a walk in the afternoon and we had piles of stale bread too!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Archie's animation on BBC 2

Just a quick blog to let you know that Archie's animation ( not sure which one ) is on the Blast late strand where the Open Universtity goes featuring young filmmakers. He just this minute got a phone call telling him about it so couldn't tell you any sooner. Set your videos. If it's not tonight it might be tomorrow as I see there is another Blast at 2a.m. until 6.a.m. After looking at the website I can see it says Animation is the fourth hour of Sunday morning slot.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Non Existent Sunday

First we went out for a non existent bootsale at Witton Albion ( wait until I see that charity shop lady ). Then Archie went to non existent badminton lessons down at the high school. Seems they had a tournament on today. Mr. Pilchard forgot to tell anyone. Then home for non existent breakfast beacause we had no white bread ( I was quite happy with brown ). Now we are going out for a non existent walk.

Yesterday did exist, at least in my memory. We went to a church fete which was a typically dull, knitted affair. Lots of tombola where you could win knitted things, doilies, bath salts etc. Archie won a plastic garden gnome which he immediately donated to the white elephant stall! Hazel won some brussels sprouts. They had a game of "Higher or Lower" where you have to say what card is going to be revealed next. Archie spent about three quid and didnt win anything! It was one of those days. Still it was for charity. The man doing the Bruce Forsythe impression was very apolygetic everytime someone lost.

The walk did exist and we fed the ducks with our meagre bag of stale bread and took some photos of the berries and funghi etc. The car park was absolutely packed and found out later that the other car park , around the other side of the lake, was closed for re-gravelling or something. We felt better for some fresh air and stretching our legs. After burning off some calories we went home to have tea and cake and put them all back on again!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Spike Jones & The City Slickers

I just had to share this with you just found at You Tube. Spike Jones and pals at there bonkers best!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Bubble Gum Cards

Funnily enough, Graham Rawle was talking about his collection of bubble gum cards the other day at the MMU and today I found some in Northwich market. See "Brain Destroyer" example here. A bout 30 of the "Outer Limits" from the 60's, two "You'll Die Laughing" cards and one N.E.M.S. ABC "Beatles" card. Sadly I missed Graham's talk but Hazel bought home the video so I could watch it . Hazel also got Graham to sign his latest exceelent book "Woman's World" and he wrote a nice dedication inside which cheered me up no end. Still have a rotten cold but it's not as bad as it was last week.
Also bought a scart to scart lead to try and copy a NFCS? american video tape to VHS. I still keep getting lots of weird interference so gave up in the end.
Wilfred seems to be settling in but we don't see much of him. The water bottle leaked so I bought another and that seems to leak even more! Not much luck with gadgets today.
Have been copying "The Shadow" an old Columbia serial from the 40's onto DVD. Sadly its only episodes 7 - 15 but as they all seem to begin and end the same one can imagine the first six episodes are very similar. The fight scenes and stunts are very funny as the actors or stunt men are pathetic and hit thin air on regular basis!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Here's a new addition to the family called Wilfred or maybe just Wilf? No sure yet - it may change. He's a young albino hamster who darts around the cage very quickly and so difficult to get a photo of him that isn't blurred! He loves his wheel and woke me up last night racing round in it ( where's that oil can? ) and that in turn made Flo the rabbit ( in the hutch inderneath ) very grumpy and bang her feet so quite a racket going on. Hazel didn't hear a thing ofcourse.
Still have the lousy cold and so stayed in again today and caught up with some blogging and Sunday papers.
Hazel and Archie took Audrey to hear a choir sing carols over at the Craft Centre. They came back with gifts including a handy gas lighter for singeing all the hairs off the back of your wrist and some sugar monster teeth. Also a nice victorian looking glass lamp to burn candles in.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Colb In De Nobes

Full of cold at the moment and don't feel much like doing anything. Even this blogging lark is an effort. Thankfully the terrible sore throat has gone and but left with a very red nose ( no change there then ). Made a very hot curry last night but couldn't taste it really. Spent most of yesterday feeling sorry for myself and watching old films as I transferred them to DVD. Good to see Citizen Kane and the Magnificent Ambersons again. Orson Welles really was a genius.
Cant even face a walk into town. I think Hazel and Archie are going later to buy a new hamster.
This collage is one I made in 1968 before ignoring collage for twelve years and concentrating on painting. One wonders where it might have lead if I had been encouraged to continue with it.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crewe - Flea market

We went to Crewe market this morning with Audrey. Luckily the cheap postcard stall was there so bought a few more for 10p each. Hazel got about 20 including this nice old amateur collage of the "Saving Gamp".
Also found an EP by Winifred Atwell playing some boogie-woogie on her "other" piano ( which she used to call her upright ).
The market was very crowded but very few stalls outside which was a shame as the weather was very mild and sunny. Hazel bought Archie some rock samples including Feldspar and Obsidian. I think she is trying to encourage him to be a geololist for some reason? Home for seedy bagels, edam and chutney.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Boot Sale - Brighton Belle

Another boot at the Brighton Belle in Winsford . The charity shop lady who goes to most of them said it would be the last as the council have closed it. You are not allowed to have more than one a month it seems? Spoil sports. It wasn't a very big boot sale - ten stalls in all but quite handy for Morrisons. I found some cassettes of old 40's British Dance Bands - Felix Mendelsohn and His Hawaiian Serenaders, Lew Stone and Henry Hall. Hazel got a spring weighing gadget.
At Morrisons we stocked up with Soya Milk and other sundries including new tooth brushes.
Thankfully the power has been restored and has been on since yesterday morning. I keep expecting it to go off again though.
Hazel and Archie have been in the garden scooping up the leaves. They went to the garden centre to get a proper rake and were back in time to see a japanese animation called "Pom Poko" - about some raccoons that can change shape and were trying to defend their natural habitat from developers. Very strange film but then most Studio Ghibli films are slightly odd. Wonderful drawn animation though which makes recent Disney efforts seem quite garish and flat.

At The Ends Of The Earth

A very funny and inventive animation by Konstantin Bronzit.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


We have been plagued by a series of powercuts over the last 24 hours which is driving us barmy. They must be mending the fault with a paper clip or sellotape or soemthing because after about 10 minutes or 4 hours the power goes off again and sets off the burglar alarm at a neighbours house - this isnt much fun at 3 in the morning! Needless to say we havent been getting much sleep and they still keep happening. It's on at the moment but no assurances that it will stay on. I've phoned Scottish Power on several occasions but mostly just get a recorded message saying the engineers are looking into the matter. Once , by mistake I'm sure, I got put through to a real person in a kilt, tossing a caber and he said he's not heard of any problems! "Look McTwerp" my alter-ego said, "Even your flippin' recorded message admits there is a problem so how come you don't know there is?" Anyway, I didnt say that and asked politely when the trouble might be fixed. he said he would send some men up some poles to poke the wires with long pointy sticks. No , what he really said was he'd try and send someone out to find the source of the problem or words to that effect. Fingers crossed. Hazel thinks the ancient system is on its last legs and needs a complete updating. Oh, for our own windmill and a solar panel or three!
Actually it was quite pleasant sitting in the dark with a log fire and candles flickering, listening to the DAB radio running on battery power. It felt like 1935.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fireworks, rabbits and polish.

Hazel is polishing everything to try and cover up the smell of damp rabbit bedding. We have moved her indoors because of the fireworks and the frosts.
Granma and Audrey and coming over later to celebrate our anniverary and let off some sparklers. We are having some warming vegetable stew and jacket potatoes. Letting off the ten quid box of fireworks from Aldi.
Last night we went to the local display put on every year by the Northwich Round Table and Rotary Club. It was pretty good and well up to the usual standard. More people came along if anything and it was quite crowded in Verdin Park with the small funfair and hot dogs etc. ( standing too close to the bonfire?)
I took a few photos which you can find above and on Flickr.
Today was the boot sale at the Brighton Belle in Winsford . It wasn't all that big - probably ten stalls or so. I didn't get anything but Hazel bought some old glass xmas tree decorations in the original box and a plastic gadget for measuring rings.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Freezin' Friday!

21 Years by wastedpapiers on Treemo
Not quite our 23rd anniverary yet- not until Sunday. This is an old card I made for our 21st.
Hazel walked to the station this morning as the traffic is very bad on a Friday coming out of Tescos and the added disruption caused by the railway bridge being closed one way and the detour round Lostock way takes forever.
I walked into town after seeing Archie off to school. I got some nice old postcards from the market bookstall and a 1953 Chicks Own annual for a quid. I had to wait ages to be served though as the owner of the stall was nowhere to be seen. They were hiding behind some cloth stalls they own too.
Also bought a crusty loaf and some vegetarian sausages for National Sausage Week. There was a bit about it on the news this morning from a factory owned by Prince Charles. I think thats what they said? Organic sausages from Charlie's farm fed exclusively of swill from the royal kitchens I presume.
I'd put a coat and scarf on as it was very cold earlier but by the time I walked home it was getting quite warm and I regretted dressing up so much.
Some nice post today from the Exoticaring group ( a CD by various Mexican rock 'n' rollers looks particularly interesting ) and badges, stickers and poster from Allen Bukoff in the Fluxlist Yahoo group. The postman pointed out that the cardboard tube containing the Fluxus stuff arrived at its destination all the way from the U.S. despite only having the post code and no street or house number. He looked very pleased with himself as he cycled off, my praises ringing in his ears!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Typically spooky All Hallows Eve with the internet being invaded by ghosts and gremlins. It was still down when we went to bed last night but back up again this morning thankfully so dont have to phone somebody in India to find out what what to do! Now the electricity has gone off and half an hour later is back on again. More gremlins?
The usual visiting witches and mini-ghouls and soon the basket of goodies was looking very bare indeed! Luckliy they stopped coming by 8.30 and so we hid out pumpkins ( pew! dont they pong with candles inside!) and tried to find a suitable spooky film to watch. Earlier we watched "Resident Evil" which was about as scary as Tescos on a Friday night. Archie demanded more scares but we'll save "The Thing" and "Alien" for another day I think. I ended up watching the Chelsea v. Barcelona match and blogging at the same time.
Jim from Basingstoke sent me a batch oif cassettes which he wants putting on CD. Some interesting titles including the Armpit Jugband and Dave Peacock.

Eccentric by Sharon Keighley

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This is a lovely animation of a Gideon Conn song "Eccentric". I cant seem to see it play here but perhaps you can. We saw it a few months back at the Cornerhouse when we saw one of Archie's animations on the Music Night. Gideon played a great set afterwards in the bar. Seems he's getting lots of deserved Radio One airplay and was on the Russell Brand show last week too. He used to be one of Hazel's students a few years back.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Walk through the woods.

Is It Going To Rain?
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Went for a short stroll through Marbury Park this morning. Hazel was feeling like some fresh air . I think we all were. We stayed in all day yesterday. Hazel slept for most of it! Nice to get out while the sun was shining. No boot sales though - most seem to have finished now around here.
Geese gathering on the mere making a terrible racket. It sounded like hundreds from afar but once we saw them realised there was only a three or four dozen. Lots of mad seagulls too who went bonkers for the bread Archie was throwing. Afterwards did a big shop at Lidl. Half the trolley seemed to be cake and biscuits. Hazel says she needs more sugar. I bought a mouli blender - the sort you can buy in France for mashing up veg into soup. We used to make lots of soup when we lived in London but seem to have gotten out of the habit when we lost our last mouli. I expect its in one of the boxes in the kitchen cupboard that we haven't unpacked since we moved 8 years ago! We have a couple of pumpkins to carve so look forward to making some soup with the left-over bits.

It was delicious, even if i say so myself!

Friday, October 27, 2006

If It's Not One Thing It's Another

My back is a lot better so have been venturing out. Went to town the other day on the way back from dropping Archie off at his friend Jacks in Weaverham. Had almost an hour round the charity shops and library etc. Didn't find any bargains though.
Yesterday was a quiet day in with Hazel and Archie in Manchester. Archie was showing some students how to use Flash. They went to Johnny Roadhouse and bought a Capo ( clamp for the guitar neck ) and some felt plectrums for the uke. Also a kazoo for the one-man band that Archie might do in a school production of Oliver!
Today it's Hazel's turn to be poorly and she came home from college early feeling faint and very tired. She scraped the new car against the side of the house slightly when parking due no doubt to her fragile condition. Hopefully she will be better after a rest - if not it's the doc's on Monday.
A package arrived today from an old mail art contact PLG, in Germany, its was for Hazel and contained a cigar box full of odd metal bits so Hazel was cheered by this and sorted through it when she's had a nap. Inside were many bottle tops, pins, buttons, paper clips, an ancient screwdriver, a couple of badges, a brooch, a nice old pencil sharpener, pencil holders and all manner of wonders. Some will no doubt end up on her BLOG.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tiger Balm and Heat Patches

Tin Toy by wastedpapiers on Treemo
Still suffering with a bad back though it seemed to be getting better a couple of days ago and I walked into town yesterday which probably was a mistake. Back to the heat patches which ease the discomfort a little.
Archie's old chum Jack is here today. He lives in Weaverham now so hardly ever see him. He's put on a growing spurt since we last saw him and now towers over Archie despite still being 13. They all went to Shackerly but I stayed at home to creak and groan and watch some old Glastonbury I was transferring to DVD from video.
No Boot sales today but probably just as well as I dont think I could walk very far or bend over to look through boxes of old records.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I've Done My Back In

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
I don't know how but walking in to town this morning I felt something go and I was stooped most of the way there and back again. I was hoping that walking would ease it but it just got worse. I feel a bit like a geriatric at the moment.
In town I hobbled round the usual haunts. Found two more scratchy records in the Help The Aged- A dull chinese pop record and a dreadful folk choir from Italy. Thankfully I did find something to add to the Boot sale Sounds blog- a demonstration record 7" that plays at 33 and third for Stylophone with Rolf Harris for 35 p ( no sleeve ).
Also borrowed the new Razorlight and Basement Jaxx from the library.
I made a big vegetable stew this evening for dinner with some crusty olive bread. No dumplings though much to Archie's disapointment - must get some vegetarian suet.

Running Jumping and Standing Still

Delighted to find this on the net. Dick Lester's first film in the U.K. with the help of Peter sellers. Spike Milligan etc. and he went on to direct the fabs ofcourse and a Show Called Fred which influenced Monty Python. We used to watch it at art school back in the 60's along with other visual gems like "The History Of Nothing" by Eduardo Paolozzi and "Flintknappers" about the lost art of splitting flint into smaller bits of flint!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Busy Saturday

Over the hills 2
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Up early for a couple of hours blogging and then walked into town for some exercise. Did the usual charity shops. Found a great pile of old records in the Help The Aged including some Fados from Portugal, Irish comedy, Brazilian samba, Hank Williams singing religious songs, "It's Trad Dad" film soundtrack from the 60's and a weird 10" LP (no sleeve) of a talk given by a german woman about a chalet!? All or some will no doubt turn up on Boot Sale Sounds in the near future. I bet you can't wait!
In the afternoon we went to the Regal to see "Open Season" which was amusing in parts but not quite in the same league as Shrek or Ice Age. We had a short chat to the manager as he tore our tickets about how sorry we were it was closing. Hazel suggested a campaign to save it but he said it was too late now. He seemed resigned to being made redundant.
Later in the evening we celebrated Archie's birthday some more with a meal out at the Bengal Dynasty which from the ouside looks like a community centre in the middle of the countryside but inside is quite posh with dozens of circular tables and semi circular alcoves, plush seating and white linen tableclothes etc. We just had the same as we normally have - a mixed vegetable dish, spicey cashewnut dumplings and bombay potatoes, rice ,poppadums and chutney and yoghurt. They try to make you order bread and extra rice but this was too much as it was and we had to leave some. We waddled home afterwards feeling very full. Archie seemed to enjoy it anyway as it was a treat he'd especially asked for.
Good news to about his animations for MTV Flux which apparently are being shown this week and his "Dancing Bear" has been used as an ident, they liked it so much. I phoned my brother-in-law and sister later to see if they got MTV Flux as part of their cable package but they said they didn't know but would look out for it.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th!!

It hasnt been too bad so far- touch wood, cross fingers, spit through rungs of ladder etc.
Here's Archie practising some new chords he learnt at school on the guitar. We need to get a better mike for this computer as the internal one makes it sound very tinny but you get the idea.
I ventured out to get some sawdust for Flo the rabbit as her bedding area was getting pretty stinky. I managed to avoid any black cats and ladders. Also posted a packet of photos to Jon and Sylvia - so look out for them soon you guys. You chaps. You chums.
Archie has been showing me how to get a robotic voice to sing to the tune of The Hall Of The Mountain King (or is it Peer Gynt?) any words you type into "Text Edit" and click on Speaking. It's funny for about 5 minutes.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Archie's Birthday

It was Archie's 14th birthday on Tuesday so Granma and Auntie Audrey came round after school for a slice of cake and watch him open his cards and presents. We filmed the whole thing for posterity. We have nearly all his birthdays on film in one form or another. Hopefully it will be nice for him to look back on in years to come. I wish I could see what my birthday celebrations were like when I was a baby, toddler and teenager. Modern technology makes this all possible now and we take it so much for granted. When I was growing up in the early 50's you were lucky to get snapped by a box Brownie! I dont think I have any photos of any birthdays infact and have forgotten them all now which is a shame.
We are going out to the cinema at the weekend to see "Open Season" a new animation. Followed by a curry - another late birthday treat. Sadly it may be the last time we shall go to the Regal in Northwich as it is closing down for good soon as it isn't a viable concern anymore - people would rather stay in a watch a DVD it seems. I do understand that it is quite an expensive night out especially if you buy popcorn and drinks etc. but no replacing that unique feeling of laughing or crying in an audience. Mind you, the rustling of sweetie wrappers and the chair backs being kicked during the film does get a bit annoying at times I must admit. The end of an era. Its a lovely old 30's cinema too. I feel like watching "The Last Picture Show" by Peter Bogdanovitch and getting very nostalgic about the whole thing. If only we could get some tumbleweeds to roll past the Regal in it's final moments.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Shire Horses and Squirrels

Went to the Shire Horse Centre near Tarporley today as there were no boot sales close by. Archie wanted to go in the summer again but we never got round to it. This was a special birthday treat - one of many I expect. he also wants to go and see a new animation called Open Season which looks quite amusing from the trailer viewing.
We'd been to the Shire Horse Centre before a couple of years ago and Archie enjoyed feeding the animals with bags of food you could buy from the shop but this time feeding animals was banned because a child had her fingers bitten. Health and safefy gone mad again! So Archie was a bit miffed. Also the bumpy tractor rides were only in the summer and had stopped. Another cross against them. You can never re-live those happy days of your youth it seems, even when you are fourteen!
This film is a mistake - I thought I had it on the camera still camera setting and it was on video, hence the exciting shots of our feet and mutterings.
Also saw some friendly otters and amusing baby guinea pigs climbing in the food trough. The red squirrels moved very fast so just got photos of their blurry tails and ears. Some sad foxes in a dark hut. They were too "humanised" it said and so could never be set free which seemed very unfair. Put a bit of a damper on the morning.
Drove home via the Craft centre and bought some sweets to nibble. Chocolate maggots anyone?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friday's Footprint.

Walked into town after the rain stopped and it turned into quite a warm sunny morning before going all dark and wet and windy again in the afternoon. I took some cable and the hub with me again to try and get the ethernet sorted but the knowledgable and slightly grumpy bloke on the computer shop said I needed to change the modem as it didnt allow for any extra cables or plugs. So will have to get back to BT which we all know is a particularly daunting task as they never answer any phone calls and pass you halfway round the world several times until your hair turns white ( o dear it already has!).
Also did the usual round of charity shops and the library. I found a video of the second seris of Monty Python but when I got home discovered we already had it but with different design on cover. Another stocking filler.
Got a few little things for Archie's birthday next Tuesday including a Simpson's Comic Book ( I expect he already has that too!). Some bagels from M&S and my bag was pretty heavy. Trudged home for lunch.
Managed to reconfigure the DVD recorder back to its old settings so at least I can dub some old VHS tapes to it and reduce the pile a little. Watched a little of "One Dot TV" which C4 used to show a few years back. Experimental animation and short films by students and clever young things. It all looked very old fashioned somehow just five or six years later!
Must remember to mention the Artifact exhibition in Manchester that Hazel has some work in. Here's a LINK to her page on the website devoted to it.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tin Toys and Freeview

Have been enjoying making short films on my new camera to upload to Treemo which is great place for all kinds of file storing and sharing. These animated tin and plastic toys make it easy for a one-man film production company as you just wind them up and let them go! weeeeeeeeeee-clunk!
Yesterday we had to return to Hazel's Mom's to put together her new fancy TV cabinet ( the TV is fancy not the cabinet!) which is one of those dreadful flat pack jobs with four pages of unitelligibble instructions written by a sadist! It took two hours to glue and dowel the whole thing together. Hazel did most of it I must admit. I was just there for moral support and to look for sprocket flange nut 35b. Anyway, to cut a long a tedious story short, Hazel managed to put it all togther and it looked better than expected but we had two screws left over! The new telly tuned itself in to all the freeview channels so that was a relief and Granma was very happy. We got given the old Freeview box to try and to our amazement it worked so we now have a few extra channels to flick through and say "There's nothing worth watching". Which wasn't really true as I did find a great prog about African music ( much to Hazel's annoyance as it clashed with Coronation Street) on BBC4 ( first of a 6 part series - yippee!) Browsing the listings I see there is a couple of programmes about the late great Jake Thackery on BBC 4 also at the weekend so things are looking up on the TV front.
Ray the builder eventually came back to collect the concrete mixer and wheelbarrow and promised to return to smash up the two remaining slabs and take them away.
Hazel is getting used to driving onto the front without flinching when she gets near the bay window and the neighbours have been parking well away from the dropped kerb so no problems there as yet.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Conkers and Ethernet Hubs

Walked into town after the rain had stopped to pick up a couple of conkers that had blown down in the night. Also went to buy some ethernet cable to try and get the PC online. Wasn't really sure what sort I needed so a bit of a stab in the dark. Learnt from experiance that the idiots in the computer shop have no idea so didn't ask them for advice after the "wireless" fiasco. When I got them home I realised they would never fit the plugs we had - certainly not the USB port which is square on the router and not flat like these are. Doh! I think i will have to take them back and change them.
Not many bargains to be found. The library sale had finished.
Yesterday at the bootsale at Weaverham there was little to be had but did find a scratchy copy of 'Songs For Gay Dogs" by Paddy Roberts for 50p. I have a couple of his other LP's and they are very funny in a quiet english whimsical sort of way. This one has more risque songs but by today's standards very quaint. I put a few tracks and the amusing sleeve onto my Boot Sale Sounds blog. Also bought a ethernet hub which spurrred my interest in getting the other computer online.
I don't think Hazel or Archie bought anything - just some boxes of pansies. Audrey came along too but I don't think she was tempted by much despite the many stalls.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Shackerly Mere

Archie and toadstool
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Just back from Shackerly Mere to feed the ubiquitous ducks. We found this solitairy toadstool - Fly Aligaric? that had not yet been flattened by mad dogs or rampaging children. Archie said he would like to flatten it - the horrid boy! But maybe he just said it to annoy his grumpy Dad.
The geese , swans and ducks seemed very hungry despite it being late in the day and we imagined they had been over stuffed with stale bread all morning!
This morning I walked into town and got a few CD's from the library sale for a quid each including The Best of Blondie, The Best of Adam & the Ants and The Hits of Some Country Singer I Can't Remember The Name Of But He Was In San Quentin When Inspired By Johnny Cash When He Came To Play.
Also went to the bank and the post office.
Ray has finsihed the slab laying and it looks pretty good.

Hazel wanted to check her e-mails so had to curtail my blogging activities.
Back again. Where was I?
Also at the market found an old 1964 Silcock Farmer's Diary for 1964. It makes fascinating reading. Lots of stubs and ephemera of nasty chemicals he used on his crops and cows. Actually I think its mostly a diary farm or a dairy farm? Subtle play on words there which i hope you noticed. Iv'e just burnt my finger on the oven trying to placate a bowl of Cheesy Pasta.
So, where was I?
O yes, the diary ios full of gems such as " Cultivating silage pit bottoms to smooth down in prep. silage. Grinding four ton. Sprayed white field 26 acres of wheat with phenosaylene plus. rate of 4 pt. per 9 gallons water per acre."

Sheer poetry!

Better go and check the dinner before it explodes.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Butterfly Phenomenon!

Roger Stevens (radio) came to visit us yesterday and during a rather inspired collage session in the back room a most extraordinairy thing happened - just as he opened his mouth for yet another brilliant and pertinent witticism a few colourful butterflies came out of his mouth and flitted round our heads! It was so astonishing I had to rush upstairs and find my camera - luckily the butterflies were still there so I took this photo. Also a fly and bee emerged at some point and strange ethereal sixties type music was heard wafting on the breeze. Very odd. But things like that always happen when Roger turns up. Sadly Jilly was stuck in Manchester at the Labour Partly Conference but she phoned several times to check on the butterflies and the wasps etc. - she's obvious used to this.
Roger got held up in traffic so didnt arrive until lunchtime and afterwards we started on a curious eight page booklet on the theme of Space Travel ( or was it Spice Drivel?) Anyway, it soon took shape and Roger was churning out cut-up poems about dogs with beaks and horses with mortgages in no time. By 5 we had worn ourselves into a collaged induced stupour and had to stop. Hazel meanwhile had filmed alll this and the 3 hour DVD is available in the shops on Monday.
Roger showed Hazel his Tom Tom as they negotiated the roadways to the curry house and we had a selection of vegetarian dishes and I cooked the rice and nibbles. Jilly phoned to say she was having dinner with Tony Blair but she would much rather be with us.
Archie showed Roger his new guitar technique and Roger showed Archie some new chords he had invented.
Roger bought us some lovely gifts including some insect badges ( very appropriate!) , a poster of old record players, and a big shoebox full of ancient school's slide film in beautiful round sellotape encrusted cannisters. Not forgetting the two old Beano comics from the 80's for Archie's collection.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yes, ducks!

Marbury - duck feeding
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Lots of ducks to feed this afternoon at Marbury. Had to get rid of all our stale bread before Roger gets here.

Earlier we had two bootsales to go to. One at Lostock School which was pretty poor - just a few stalls and nothing worth buying. Archie bought a Gorillaz CD and when we tried to play it realised it had a big scratch and jumped all over the place.
Drove to Kingsly Cricket Club for the next one which was a bit more up market out in the wilds of Cheshire. Lots of posh people getting rid of stuff so did get some bargains including a rare Lonnie Donegan EP and an LP by Burl Ives singing some childrens songs amongst other things. I don't think hazel and Archie got much though. Hazel was tempted by a snooker score board made of wood but decided she had enough bric-a-brac.
We just got into the car and driven about 100 yards before the heavens opened so good timing! The rain tipped down and the thunder rolled out and rumbled ominously until we got home.
It brightened up later and so, like I said, we went for a walk to marbury and it seemed that hundreds of others had the same idea. We found out it was a sponsered walk in aid of Muscular Distrophy. The woods were teaming with families and prams and buggies, children and dogs etc. Found some nice shiny conkers. Hazel stooped down to gather a load into her plastic bag. She drilled them all later to take into college for her students.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

No Ducks Today

Simone & Garfinkle
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Just a walk into town and some early morning shopping before it got too busy. No bargains whatsoever. It was quite mild too- so much so I had to take off my jumper. Its nice to get to the end of September and not put the central heating on since May or whenever it was.
Hazel and Archie were just getting up when I got home. Hazel said she's got up hours ago and had a bath and was listening to Round The Horne on the radio- if you can believe that!
Above is a collage I made yesterday with a couple of others for possible inclusion at Scrapiteria. Also for the Girls And Guitars pool at Flickr
Hazel and Archie went out shopping later. I watched the prog. about The Fall and Mark E. Smith that was on last night. I have a soft spot fore the Fall but sometimes they are rather painful to listen to. I once saw them play live at Queen Mary's College in the Mile End Road back in the 80's - they were fantastic. Mind you, I think I was slightly tipsy at the time. I wrote to the band and got an illegible note and cassette of live gig from them which really amazed me - what other band would send out bootleg tapes to their fans!
Got a couple of interesting CD's in the post from the Exoticaring Group - James Brown's Intros. and some wonderful calypso from the 50's and 60's.
I made a prawn curry tonight which was excellent though I say so myself and we watched Men In Black again on BBC 1.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Family Snaps

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Here's an old one with my sisters and brother at Gravesend in Kent with the British Fleet massing in the background. Just got a surprise phone call from my little brother John who has just found my blog and wants a name check. So there you are Bruv, not just a name check but a dubious family photo- cheesy grins all round!
Not sure why we are in Kent but maybe went to see Uncle Bill who lived in Tonbridge? Or just a day trip that went horribly wrong when we got on the train to Southend and ended up here by mistake! Who knows.
This morning I walked into town and did some shopping and did the usual snoop around the charity shops. Found a video of Jabberwocky which was Terry Gilliam's first feature after Monty Python I think? Also two badminton rackets that I discovered were ancient wooden ones and not the fibre-glass ones that Archie craves. So what do you want for two quid?! I guess we'll have to re-cycle them or turn them into fly swatters.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Double Boot Joy

The first boot today was at Hartford High School which isnt all that far - twenty minute drive, if that. Quite well publicised so very packed and cars spilling over into smaller carparks. Luckliy we found a parking space. I found some scratchy records- a 4 LP boxed set of George Formby (Hazel rolls eyes heavenward) I was very chuffed with - also a folk group called Fiddler's Dram who had a small hit in the 80's called "The Road To Bangor". Also an LP by a scottish chap called Will Fyffe from the 30's or 40's. I expect they will all end up at Boot Sale Sounds very soon.
Hazel didnt seem to get much - a box of pansies and a packet of pins? Archie didn't find much either- two lego skeletons. He produced them from his pocket and said "Oh no, they've died!"
We went home for some breakfast and Audrey phoned to say there was another boot sale at Witton Albion F.C. so we went over there too but it was almost time to pack up . I found a video , still in it's wrapper ( but no box) of BladeRunner ( the directors cut) for a quid. I don't think I've ever seen the directors cut so it will be nice to see it again and Archie might be old enough to enjoy it now.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Have a good weekend!

English garden
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Hope the jet lag has eased off a bit now Jonathan and Sylvia. Glad you got home o.k. Here you are in our leafy oasis. Mind those apples! Crunch!
Yesterday Hazel drove us over to the Retail Village at Cheshire Oaks which sounds very quaint but is just a big circlular outdoor mall with a huge carpark in the middle. Tons of shops with boring clothes in so Hazel was having a great time popping in them to buy stuff but I wandered about looking lost and bewildered and wondering why I'd come. Found a Virgin record and DVD shop which had a sale on but most of the cheap stuff was rubbish you'd find at a boot sale for 50p- they wanted a fiver for it! So I didnt get anything. Got lost on way home and nearly came to blows when Hazel ignored my half -hearted directions and turned right onto the road that goes to North Wales instead of the road that goes somewhere else! We were on the big road to Wrexham and manged to turn off thankfully at some pretty village - Piflington , Pulpinton? Anyway got sucked back into Chester again and thankfully found the circular road that leads to Northwich after a 30 minute detour. So it could have been worse. We could be in Wrexham though I'm sure it';s a very nice place.
Hazel is even more determined to get a Sat Nav system now!
What else? Maybe the last boot sale of the year tomorrow at Hartford so hopefully this fine weather will continue.
I'm off to town in a mo' to checkout the library sale and the charity shops. Get the papers etc.
Over and out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Test Post

Aeroplane Sweet Wrappers by wastedpapiers on Treemo
I just want to see what this looks like here.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sylvia and Jonathan visit.

Lovely to have Jonathan and Sylvia come stay for the weekend - all the way from Boston. Its been a bout 5 years since there last visit and traumatic and infamous twin towers tradegy a couple of days later after they had flown from Boston. Sadly Jonathan was feeling a bit poorly and spent much of the time drinking water - some bug picked up on the flight over maybe? We still had a good time though and took them to Nantwich for a look around this quaint old Cheshire salt town and had a long wait for tea and cheese toasties in the cafe above the bookshop in a very old wonky 15th century building. Later we explored the attic which looked even older and just used for storage up some steep narrow stairs! This is photo of it above. The following day we went to the last boot sale at Sutton Fields near Frodsham. (below) It was a nice and sunny so plenty of cars and stalls to look round. Syl got a necklace and bought Hazel a beautiful old map gauge made in Switzerland. I expect that will turn up on her blog sooner or later. I got an old scratchy record made in Hawaii of latin interpretations of chinese and japanese songs which was a bit odd. I could not resist it for 50 pence! Also some cheap blank DVD-R's. Not sure if Archie got anything. It wasa bit too crowded and so we didn't stay long. Next to the Lady Hayes Antique Centre in Frodsham for for more rummaging among the junk ( expensive junk mind you! ) and a photo opportunity at the Dr. Who exhibit.
I think Jonathan nodded off when we got home as he was so shattered. I made a curry later and we watched some old videos of Roger and Jilly singing and playing the guitar when they last came to visit. Also the video of the Killer Rabbits last gig! Oh how we laughed!
Drove Jonathan and Sylvia to Crewe station where they got the 10.35 to Cardiff. Amazed at there combined round trip ticket was only 95 quid from London to Crewe and then to Cardiff and London again. What a bargain! We went back through Crewe and popped round the charity shops again. Hazel forgot to get a clothes line which broke yesterday. She bought some clothes though and some books to read on the train including the biography of Ricky Tomlinson. I got a DVD of "Lake Placid" and a cassette of John Fahey.
Hazel has just cycled round the corner to the post office to buy a washing line at inflated corner shop prices.
Sylvia & Jonathan at car boot

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gotto Wee

One of the flash animations Archie made for the Cornerhouse "Easter Project" and shown earlier this year- also selected for the next student film fest. in December. The song is by Manchester band Dear Eskiimo.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Seaside Sunday

Hazel had promised Archie another trip to the seaside before he went back to school so yesterday was really the last day we could go as the weather forcaste seemed better than previous days. Tony came round first to collect the CD of Archie's animations for possible showing on Flux TV or whatever the new channel that MTV is producing. More about that at a later date hopefully.
The drive to Talacre in North Wales took about 90 minutes and on dual carriageways most of the time so it wasnt too bad with the aid of AA routefinder. Hazel is keen to get a Tom-Tom or Sat-Nav system to find our way to these places. A friend said they were excellent. Will have to ask Santa.
Got to Talacre on the lip of the Dee estuary about 11 so plenty of time to get down to some kite flying and sand castle building before the rain came and washed them all away. It was windy too and sand blowing into eyes, hair and ears! Archie seemed to enjoy the two hours of digging and pebble throwing anyway. I tooka few photos- some of which are on Flickr and some on Treemo.
When the rain came we blew back to the amusement arcade to throw some pennies down chutes and in the dustbin . Archie managed to make a pounds worth last a hlaf hour. He tried to win a penguin on one of those big crane machines but it didn't move. Hazel twiddled the knobs and the jib plummeted through the open hatch, where the prize usually goes, and lay there helpless! We ran out incase we got the blame.
Got home again by about 5. Hazel went and got a take-way curry which was delicious.
Today we went over to Lady Hayes Antique Centre near Frodsham to mooch about the barns of high priced junk and take some photos. The Dr. Who display was still there so more shots of the fake Tardis and K-9 who had appeared since last time. Hazel took some photos for an elderly couple and their grandchildren and promised to send them after getting their address.
Had out lunch in the park surrounded by screaming kids and dogs in Frodsham. Then to the town centre and the Oxfam and Cancer charity shop where I bought scratchy LP's by Max Miller, Chas "N' Dave and one about Fairground Organs. Archie got a talking book and Hazel found a book about the woman who does Bart Simpson's voice.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Soggy Saturday

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
More rain! Managed to get into town yesterday for some shopping before the next shower. I didn't find much, just some blank CD-R's that we had run out of. Archie had spent the night at his friend James' and came home feeling sick and slept most of the afternoon. It was James' birthday and he'd eaten too much weird rich food or something. Playing lots of video games that gave him a headache which didn't help. He's fine today though. He has an animation at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury, London, tonight but we can't get down to see it. It's part of the Flash Film Festival. He also has three films in the next Cornerhouse animation festival in October. His CV is looking better than mine now!
Today the rain just kept coming so kept us in to blog and mess around on the computer. I popped out briefly for some bread and get the Independent which had an obscure Italian film on DVD given away inside. "Francis, God's Jester" by Rossellini.
Hazel and Archie went out later to the shops when the rain stopped. Archie got a new book and some old Dandy's to read.
Just watched a very one-sided football match between England and Andorra, which I think is in the Pyrenees? Apparently the whole country's population could be accomodated by the stadium they were playing in. I don't really see the point of playing such poor opposition.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Dank Holiday Monday

Went to the boot sale at Moss Farm this morning despite the ominous dark clouds and the showers. Luckliy the rain kept off until we had been round most of it. Surprisingly quite well attended though few bargains to be had. I found some scratchy records much to Hazel's annoyance including the Lonnie Donegan(above) and his first LP on Pye for a quid each. They are rather battered though so surprised if they are worth more than that. Also found Rambling Syd Rumpo by Kenneth Williams and some of George Formby songs from the terrible films he made. Archie got a couple of books and 8mm film splicer. Hazel got some fat balls for the bird table. When she got home she discovered some tablets for tummy upsets at the bottom of the bag - a free gift?
Archie bought Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 yesterday and has been playing it non-stop ever since, building more and more convoluted rides to make his punters feel queasy. He's been moaning for ages that the other RCT game didnt work properly on the new PC so he's happy now. I finished Halo and now playing Deus Ex 2 which is very complicated and I may ditch it soon if I still can't figure out what's going on.
There's another boot sale at Lostock but the rain still keeps coming down so I think we are giving it a miss.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Walk In Marbury

Had a nice walk in the woods and fields at Marbury Country Park yesterday. We meant to go last week but it looked like rain. It did drizzle a bit today but thankfully stopped and was quite pleasant. Our old neighbour Sarah and her two kids, Thomas and Lucy came along too. Not forgetting Monty the very old and overweight dog who huffed and puffed along too. We saw another dog very like Monty on the walk and I said he was Monty's "double". This will mean nothing to anyone who hasnt seen the creaky old British film of a similar name!
We didnt go down to the mere as Monty still likes to jump in the water to scare the ducks despite his age and infirmities. Later Sarah bough the kids ice-creams from the van in the car park and we sat by the play area which contains some climbing frames, a sand pit, balancing apparatus etc. The boys went off to make a den and see-saw nearby.
Afterwards we went into town to collect the hundred odd photos that Hazel had printed from our CD of digital images. We miss having photos to stick in our albums since the advent of digital cameras and out printer at home isnt really up to the task. We found that Boots did prints for 7p each if you had over 100 done.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Just back from nice couple of days by the sea at Llandudno in North Wales. We went for a day trip hoping to find a B&B so we could stay longer and luckily found one on the Parade which runs along the sea front. A comfy en-suite family room on the top floor that over looked the bay. If you stood on the bed you could see our car parked outside and if you stuck your head out of the window you could see the Great Orme. That's it behind Archie and Hazel in this photo. At the other end of the bay is the Little Orme, another imposing rocky prominence.
We went to the top of the Great Orme in an old rattling tram that takes 20 minutes or so to get to the top up some very steep gradients. At the top is a cable car that takes you down to the Happy Valley - a steep wooded park and gardens that look out over the pier. Also on the Great Orme is the Bronze age copper mine that you can explore with aid of a plastic helmet. A warren of narrow passages hewn out of the rock in prehistoric times go down 220 feet but the public can only go down 60 feet which seemed plenty! I was getting quite claustrophobic at times and glad to get back into the light again.
The town is also very quaint with lots of charity shops and arcades. We didn't really have time to explore it all so looking forward to going back next year to stay longer perhaps. We were annoyed that we had just missed Ken Dodd on at the local theatre the night before but assumed it was sold out anyway. Maybe see him there next year. "Buddy" the long running musical was on now but we'd seen that in London so not bothered about seeing it again.
Archie enjoyed the beach and bought a bucket and spade to make a few castles and moats and looked for tiny crabs when the tide went out and more sand was exposed.
The Llandudno town brass band played on the bandstand one evening and drew quite a crowd to hear selections from Gilbert & Sullivan and other favourites.
The weather took a turn for the worse today so we came home as planned and beat the thunderstorms back to Northwich.
We ache all over now from our walks down the steep streets and over pebbly beaches!

DSC00262 by wastedpapiers on Treemo

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Raining Still

Baby Brown Frog
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
It stopped long enough for us to go for a short walk around the lake at Shakerley. Archie spotted this tiny brown frog before he almost trod on it. It was camouflaged so well against the brown and green of the path. Saw two other tiny brown frogs a bit further on heading for the lake. Feeding the ducks with our stale bread noticed that the bread kept being slurped by some big fish. They had whiskers like cat fish but I don't think they were. I bet the fishermen on the other side of the lake were wondering why they weren't getting any nibbles.
No boot sale today sadly as the rain has been bucketing down for most of the night and most of this morning so the ground would be a quagmire.
An old art school chum Rick Cox came over on his way to Lincoln to see his Dad on Friday. I haven't seen him for 35 years though recently exchanging mail and I've taken part in one of his assembling artist book projects. It was nice to have a chat about old times and catch up with what he'd been up to all these years. He sneakily left a great stack of stuff to "redistribute" which I found on the sofa after he's left. Tons of old books and metal objects, badges, pen nibs, slide mounts etc. so he obviously had a good idea of what interests us! Hazel was quick to seize upon some nice old policeman's metal whistles for her blog. He gave Archie a wonderful old Mickey Mouse magic lantern and glass slides set which came in it's own carrying case. Parts of the lantern were missing but all the slides were intact and also included some old faded 16mm film of uncertain vintage in small spools.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Park and Ride

Clock - Chester
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Just back from Chester where we went shopping and had our cheese and pickle sandwiches by the River Dee. This photo was taken last time I went on m own as my camera has run out of juice.
We also took a 15 minute chuggy boat ride along the river and back again narrowly missing some scullers( is that what they're called?) and pedalo's thrashing about. Archie steered as he let the Norwegians do it last time. 15 minutes is probably about enough for a land lubber like me!
Didn't get many bargains in the shops though did find some CD envelopes in the Pound Shop for 67 pence. Archie bought some Heavy Metal guitar picks and some drum sticks despite having no drums - I think this may be a hint?
Hazel bought a yellow duster for her new car.
We walked along the old Roman wall and watched the archeoligists scraping away at the dirt where the amphitheatre used to be. You still see the rough shape of the arena and the underground cells or cages for animals?
Half of it is built on and has some large trees growing out of it so a complete restoration job seems unlikely.
It stated to rain quite heavily as we came out of the covered market and so we left earlier than planned and go the small single decker bus back to the car park which was about 10 minutes away. A great idea - all small towns should do it.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lucky for some.

Hazel and Archie at the Zoo
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Not so lucky at the boot sale this morning at Verdin Park which started off drizzly and got wetter and wetter. Not surprisingly it's the 13th today! I should have known. I didn'y find a thing - not even a scratchy record. The only one of interest was a Wout Steenhuis,with him playing a Hawaiian guitar on his lap on the cover and when I looked inside it was a different record altogether by the Waikiki Beach Boys! Hazel bought an old and very cute looking 8mm Russian projector for two quid. Not sure if it works yet - still drying out. Archie didn't find any bargains either. Ofcourse the sun is shining now that everyone has packed up and gone home!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Knowsley Safari Park

Archie has had enough of Rock School so went to Knowsley Safari Park near Liverpool today as he's wanted to go for a while now and Hazel has always been a bit nervous about getting past Warrington and all the roundabouts over that way. We managed to get there o.k. though with slight diversion into a garage forecourt to look at the map. We followed the AA Routefinder printed from the internet which was a great help.
The park itself is set in some lovely grounds of an old stately home and it took an hour to drive round. Hazel didnt want her windscreen wipers and aerial pulled off by mad monkeys so we didn't go into the baboon enclosure like many other cars. We watched from outside some electrified fencing as they got mauled and covered in squished bananas etc. " Oh no, I couldn't do that to my lovely new car!" exclaimed Hazel, looking horrified as several huge female baboons pressed their red bottoms on the windscreen of some poor old Ford Fiesta!
Other highlights were the fat wallabys who sat by the roadside like enigmatic trolls and rheas ( a bit like the ostrich ) who walked hautily among the cars and pecked at the food left by the monkeys. Afterwards we got out to stretch our legs and walk around the zoo and the fun fair. Archie went on the small roller coaster and we bought a couple of expensive and dull sandwiches to eat by the miniature train track. Also visited the Bug House and saw a talking parrot/macaw display. There was also a small petting farm with piglets and donkeys etc. Altogether a nice day out with just enough to do and see. Lucklily the rain stayed away and it was quite sunny most of the time. Managed to find out way home again despite traffic jams through Warrington.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bob's Yer Uncle!

I think this is my favourite of all the old postcards I bought at Crewe flea market this morning. I bought about 30 altogether and just beat Audrey to the stall who usually snaps up all the good ones for Granma! Some more over at Flickr.
Archie went off to the Rock School again. We dropped him off and drove to Crewe via Granma's to pick Audrey up.
Not many other bargains to be had. Qite a busy market though as the sun was out. I went through several boxes of old vinyl but seemed to be the same stuff I looked through last time. Got a cassette of Spanish sounding band in the Oxfam shop someone had bought on holiday no doubt. I haven't listened to it yet. I dont expect much for 49p.
Hazel shouted out as we sat and ate our breakfast this morning "Is that a woodpecker?!" and sure enough it was, pecking her fat balls. Very rare to see them in the garden though we hear them often enough in Marbury Country Park etc. It flew off by the time Archie dragged himself in to look. He thought Hazel had shouted "Get dressed!"

Red is the luckiest number

O yes, I have added my monthly upload to Swapatorium for August which this time is a record by The Two Ronnies.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Actually not sure what the name of this game is. Snootlesnatch? Fizzogfumble? Anyway the idea is you throw your face in this handy cuppettes and the other person has to catch it and throw it back very quickly and not over next door's garden.
You can also play it with a very hard plastic ball that gets stuck in the apple tree ( where it still is ).
Archie went to the ROCK SCHOOL yesterday at Winnington ( above the bowling alley ) and enjoyed it despite being one of the youngest and not having the obligotory black T-shirt and skull and cross bones, monster head, screaming mummy motif and long hair like all the other "moshers". They split up into two bands each having a drummer and three lead guitars and two rythym guitars it seems and practiced a Guns & Roses song for 5 hours! He is keen to go back and do it all again today.
We took the opportunity to go over to Granma's to paint her front gate and wash down the garage door in readiness for painting tomorrow. What fun!
It was a bright sunny day so ideal paint drying weather. The trouble is the gate is ontop of an ants nest and they were running up my legs and biting my nether regions. Audrey went and got some anti-ant spray and that did the trick. Hazel also insisted on going to Next to seed what the sale had to offer. I went and oggled the gadgets in Currys instead.
Archie was home by 3-15 and had blisters on his fingers so lay on the settee for a couple of hours watching Futurama to recover.