Friday, October 27, 2006

If It's Not One Thing It's Another

My back is a lot better so have been venturing out. Went to town the other day on the way back from dropping Archie off at his friend Jacks in Weaverham. Had almost an hour round the charity shops and library etc. Didn't find any bargains though.
Yesterday was a quiet day in with Hazel and Archie in Manchester. Archie was showing some students how to use Flash. They went to Johnny Roadhouse and bought a Capo ( clamp for the guitar neck ) and some felt plectrums for the uke. Also a kazoo for the one-man band that Archie might do in a school production of Oliver!
Today it's Hazel's turn to be poorly and she came home from college early feeling faint and very tired. She scraped the new car against the side of the house slightly when parking due no doubt to her fragile condition. Hopefully she will be better after a rest - if not it's the doc's on Monday.
A package arrived today from an old mail art contact PLG, in Germany, its was for Hazel and contained a cigar box full of odd metal bits so Hazel was cheered by this and sorted through it when she's had a nap. Inside were many bottle tops, pins, buttons, paper clips, an ancient screwdriver, a couple of badges, a brooch, a nice old pencil sharpener, pencil holders and all manner of wonders. Some will no doubt end up on her BLOG.


Roger Stevens said...

Glad you're feeling better. The little collaged book is all enveloped up and ready to send. Hasn't made it to the postbox yet - although it went on quite an interesting trip to London and back on Thursday.

Felt picks for the ukulele - interesting. I use a regular thumbpick.

Really you should use your fingers.

Must go - off to Tescos.

PS What's reallllly weird...
the word verification letters are


michael said...

Uke Just So Wizard! Not sure if the felt picks are for the hawaiian uke or the madagasgan uke that is made of wool. Those dried thumbs are hard to find. Tescos annoys us so much- they are rude for one thing and the only reason we go really is to get soya milk which is cheaper there ( about the only thing that is!)

The pumpkin soup was really delicious but had to add some onion, potato and carrot to it for flavour otherwise its a bit insipid. Also had greyure? cheese and crusty olive bread warm from the oven to dunk in it. Yum!

We are having tinned sponge pudding and custard later as a treat. Hazel needs lots of sugar to keep her from fainting!

Look forward to the little collaged book back again. It must be almost done eh? Nice that you sent it to London for a trip. Did it go on the Eye? Have it's photo taken with the Beefeaters?

Archie is playing his kazoo very loudly in the other room. I expect Hayley will be banging on the wall in a minute.