Saturday, October 12, 2013

Artisan Market

Nice wander round the latest Artisan Market in the streets of Northwich today which happens the second Saturday of every month.  We missed the last couple being in Brighton or Yorkshire or somewhere so glad we could make it to todays which was heaving with people. Good to see it being so popular!  The lady we bought some oat cakes from said she had to bring twice as many this time as before they had sold out in no time - literally like "hot cakes"  ( made late last night in Stoke ).  Lots of interesting stalls full of cheeses, wine, jams, preserves, chutney, olives, antiques ( some lovely but expensive French wine and milk crates, suitcases and distressed biscuit tins etc. )

We bought some onion bread ( which we had for lunch - yummo!)  and then off through the throng to M&S to get some pudding for our lunch with Will, Adela & Morrey tomorrow.
Collage today is for the latest theme of "On a precipice of an abyss" at The Kollage Kit.

Black Scat Books

My good friend Norman Conquest has asked me to mention his latest book and so I have managed to secure a sneak preview of one of the pages NOT in any of his latest books!   Hoping that's caught your attention. And now for the shameless plug for Captain Cap.  Hope it sells better than mine did!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Scary Doorbell

Hazel found this in Quality Save.  We had a similar one years ago but it broke.  He also says " Hello little goblins- are you scared?" and  " Dont be afraid - come in!"   Horrible cackling laugh included.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Above & Below

 Nice day yesterday starting out at indoor boot sale over at Frodsham. Hazel got loads of stuff for her blog and a few presents for Archie, who is 21 on Thursday. I found him a couple of presents too. Afterwards we went to Lady Hayes antique emporium nearby to have a rummage. The weather was very mild too so a perfect day for being out and about. Hazel bought a few bits.
 Afterwards we drove to a farm nearby to see an art trail in the barn and the woods that Chester University had something to do with. It was called Above & Below probably because it was so hilly and involved a steep climb up roughly hewn steps in the earth held up with chunks of log cut from nearby trees.  Anybody infirm or out of shape would find it a difficult climb to the very top. We managed it somehow. Pff pant puff!
First though we gathered our strength by having lunch in the small farmhouse cafe that seemed very disorganised but run by friendly arty bunch who served up delicious home made macaroni cheese and salad and elderflower cordial.  Hazel bought a bottle on our way out.
Most of the sculptures and al fresco installations were nothing special but nice to see something different going on in Cheshire which is a bit of a cultural desert most of the time it has to be said!
Hazel met one of her old students going round the trail which was strange - but we do tend to bump into them in odd places - once in Venice!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Liver Pule

Nice day out in Liverpool yesterday with my old chum Tony Eve.  We went by train. Hazel gave me a lift to the station. I somehow missed Tony who was down the front end and I got on in the middle, looked through two coaches and decided he wasn't on that particular train and must have got the fast train from Crewe.  Anyway, we met up at Lime Street and walked through the shopping streets to the Tate and the docks.  The Chagall retrospective was excellent with all our favourites there. Surprising how big some of them are - in reproductions they look quite petite.  Also lots that I've never seen before.  Tony got us in with his Tate card which was handy.  It was quite busy which was annoying at times - a group of school children always seemed to be sitting in front of a painting you wanted to look at!  The exhibition down stairs of sculpture and installation art was also interesting especially as Ryan Gander was in it - an ex-student of Tony's (and Hazel's)  Interactive Arts course at MMU.  The boy done good.

We had a sandwich in the Tate resturant which was expensive but handy. Then off to the Bluecoat to see some Spanish art and video which was pretty dull. Then more walking to the Walker Art Gallery and some new aquisitions including a Yoko Ono piece ( step ladders)  and others who I forget. O yes, Anish Kapoor, Paula Rego and Louise Borgeois?  ( Just found the leaflet)

Walking round the bustling noisy city made us realise how much we appreciate living out in the sticks!
Got the train back after a coffee in the Lime Street  buffet. Hazel picked me up from the station.