Saturday, December 12, 2015


Yesterday we went over to the Blakemere Craft Centre and antique emporium to have a rummage. Audrey , Hazel's sister came too. We didn't find that much - some stocking fillers and odd ceramics. The old postcard stall isn't there anymore which was my favourite bit - spent ages sorting through trying to find old photos of Southend and other places we know well. Bought the tree from the garden centre and the nice man there gave us a discount as we are regular shoppers. Managed to cram it in the car just about with me holding the pointy end so Hazel could see in the rear view mirror!This lovely old galloper roundabout was being erected on the car park in readiness for some festive celebrations at the weekend. Shame it is pouring down with rain. Hazel has braved the elements to go into town for the artisan market. I'm staying indoors to collage and do the last of the crimble cards.