Saturday, February 27, 2021

Walk Around Plumley

 Sunny walk around Plumley for a change.  Hazel dropped off a plant at her old train gang chum's place and had a quick socially distanced chat.  Saw some amazing swathes of snowdrops and daffs just emmerging. Lanes very quiet except for the odd cyclist.  The main road was slightly busier and tricky to walk as there was no footpath just muddy tracks where a tractor had churned up the kerbs. Nice to get out into the sunshine and see a different landscape.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Yet More Doodles!


Toy Box

 Found a dusty box of old toys and other novelties that hadn't been opened since we moved to Cheshire 22 years ago!  It was fun to re-discover gems we founf at flea markets and jumble sales etc. No need for any boot sales or charity shops when we have hidden treasure trove in our own house!  Even some old sweets - candy sticks and Gummi Chews that were still in their wrappers and solidified!  Mind you, those sweet cigarettes ( candy sticks) were like bits of old chalk when they were new.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Walk To River

 This mornings walk to the River Dane. Good to see it at it's usual level now the rain has eased off. Saw some geese fly over and a lot of twitterpated birds. Nice to stretch our legs a bit before breakfast.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Saturday, February 06, 2021

Castle Walk

 A trip over to Castle to use their post office as the one in town is flood damaged. Had a short walkdown the hill and round the back streets - a bit grim in parts. No sign of any Romans but a few vagabonds and misfits lurking in shop doorways. I suspect I fall into that category sadly. My arm still aches a bit after yesterday's jab but otherwise OK.

Pfizer Jab

 I had my first Pfizer vaccine jab yesterday afternoon over on the other side of town. Only took 20 mins and that included  a 4 minute wait in small queue and 15minute wait afterwards to make sure I was OK to go home.  Hazel drove me there and waited in the car park.  Bumped into our nice neighbours Sue and Richard - Sue was having her jab just before me. We had a short socially distanced chat in the waiting area.  Good to see so many cheery eyes hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel!   Snowdrops seen on our walk in Lostock in the morning.

Monday, February 01, 2021

Doodle a Day


Sun Rise

 Yesterday morning - off to the Co-op to get some things we forgot when we went to Sainsburys.  The sky was looking very spectacular over by the Broken Cross.  This photo doesn't really do it justice.  I walked up and down to keep warm whilst Hazel did the shopping.  Luckily early Sunday morning the Co-op is very quiet.  Later we took a few bits over to G&A in Lostock and had a short walk from the station to the A556  bridge.  It was very cold so glad to get back home again.  Ordered some ink cartridges - they were very cheap so wondering if they will work or last that long?  We shall see.  Ink ran out right in the middle of printing a new 'zine so that was annoying.  Today is very similar - sunny and cold.  Staying in to get on with some collaging and mail art maybe.  Also watched a depressing Italian film about a young boy kidnapped by the mafia that was on FilmFour the other night. "Sicilian Ghost Story".