Saturday, April 30, 2005

The weak end starts here.

Yet more builders turned up this morning to dig the soakaway and put in the drain despite the drizzle. As we suspected the 18 sacks of gravel were far too many and they had to take half of them home again. They left us four sacks of top soil and mud which they will collect on Tuesday - thus dragging out the procedure even longer!
They seem to have done a good job though it's hard to tell as the drizzle has washed some of the cement around the drain away and so they may have to come back and do it again. But not on Tuesday - oh no, that would be far too simple.
More free DVD's in this weekends papers. In the Mail was "A Handful of Dust" with Alec Guinness amongst others and in another terrible paper only suitable for rabbit bedding (even the rabbit looked offended!) was 3 old creaky tv sci-fi episodes of Batty Starbuck Leap, Quantum Rogers and some other. Probably a big mistake.
On the sci-fi front we went to see "The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy" this afternoon as it was raining. It was o.k. but they'd taken huge liberties with the script and I think I really prefer the radio version where you can make up your own visuals. It had it's moments but not enough really.

Mad River - Merciful Monks

Mad River - Amphetamine Gazelle

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Friday, April 29, 2005

Flippin' Friday again!

Dinner Party.
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Poor Hazel woke up about 5 and cricked her shoulder out but she managed struggle into college this morning. She e-mailed to say it felt better. Thats happened to me a few times - you don't have to be doing anything particularly strenuous, just bending down to pick up a pea thats rolled under the table or turn over in bed and something goes ping! It's usually the elastic in my underpants!
Anyway, I was just about to get ready to go out for a walk and there was a knock on the door - it was another man from Northwich Glass to put glass in the conservatory to replace the ones that got broke. He was just fitting them and I was putting the kettle on when another turned up! He was delivery a huge pile of gravel (in plastic bags) for the soakaway. He's been here before and so I knew he had coffee , milk and one sugar.
He told the other chap about the conservatory fiasco with the wonky walls and both seemed highly amused. It must be the talk of Northwich now!
After they had gone I dug out the compost from the compost bin and spread it around the garden where I could find gaps in the plants (not many!) and moved the bin over so they had room for the soakaway. The other chap is coming tomorrow to dig it and put the drain in (which he's left also).
It was quite pleasant out in the sun but digging is quite hard work and the anti-biotics made me feel a bit woozy so I stopped and went indoors to cool off and make myself a brew (as they say round these parts).

Brett Marvin & the Thunderbolts - Highway 61

Brett Marvin & the Thunderbolts - Going Round the World

Thanks to Big Al Davies for these great tracks.
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Monday, April 25, 2005

I too have seen the inbloggable.

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Cut up poem made for collaged book project. Not finished like lots of my projects.
Sunday was quite busy what with Archie going to a birthday party at a friends over at a big house near the Art School. They took 10 of them to a bowling alley near Chester -very brave!
We decided to take Audrey to Lady Hayes craft centre and antique barns as it was a nice warm , sunny day.
I found some old "Happy Families" animal cards to collage into ATC's. Hazel bought two old tins - one to make into a "time capsule" to place in the gap in the brickwork before the new sills are made. Archie and I made one each too. Archies was a tin easter egg filled with all kinds of old toys, stickers and trading cards. Mine was similar but in a newish tobacco tin. It included a tape, badges, stickers, a small book and a rubber stamp.
Hazel's Mom and sister came over in the afternoon to inspect the new conservatory/workshop and bought some cakes they had made.


Hazel trying out her new workshop - reading the Sunday papers.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ice Cream You Scream

The Ice Delivery
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We all scream for ice-cream, but lemon drizzle cake will do. Hooray, the builders have finished up and gone. Still a few more bits to do. All the glass is in now ( a broken pane which will be replaced we are assured) and we have been sitting inside it admiring the light filtering through the double glazing and contemplating the blobs of mastic like tiny ice cream cones.
Still to be done is the guttering and drainage pit (soakaway) and the sills that a joiner will do next week sometime . The wiring has been channeled inside and dangling. Will have to contact the electrician to see if he can put in two electric points and a light fitting etc.
Hazel has just gone into town to buy some quarry tiles for the floor. She isn't keen to lay them herself or entrust the job to me ( I don't blame her!) so hopefully get someone to do that.
I went into town this morning to stretch my legs and post some mail. Went to the bank. Bought a gift token from Woolies for the birthday party Archie is going to tomorrow. Its at a bowling alley near Chester. Bought a nice book about the russian artist Ilya Kabakov in the library sale for 50p. We saw an amazing installation by him once at the ICA in London.
Also bought 3 videos of Fawlty Towers in a charity shop for Archie to watch as he's been listening to the CD's and wanted to see them too.
All I need now is some music about ice cream, windows or fatty owls!

Ray Noble - I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

Billy Cotton Band - I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Cocoanuts

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Blinkin' bloggy four day!

A Collaborative postcard
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Stuck in with the builders still who are toiling away. Thrum- thrum! Click -clack! The younger one with the bad cold has gone off in the van to get some more Lemsip one supposes? The older chap is finishing off the brickwork and hopefully they will be finished by lunchtime and I can go out. I have to re-new my prescription at the docs. after 11. Another week of anti-biopics! I don't think they are doing anything but make me feel lousy. Actually these aren't as bad as the first lot I had which made me feel very drowsy and dizzy at times.
No post today for some reason? Just my luck.
At least the sun is out. He's on his mobile phone now but can't hear what he's saying.
The washing machine is making far too much noise. Must remember to keep the socks together.
This collaborative postcard was sent back and forth in the mail to Mark Greenfield in Stoke.
Now wondering what music I can add to this. Have run out of songs about cement mixers.

Spike Jones - Wild Bill Hiccup

Spike Jones - Jones Polka

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Tomato or not tomato, that is the question.

tomato girl
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Rumble rumble - the sun filtered through the new spring buds of the doodah tree. Rumble rumble - the small concrete mixer tumbles in the back garden. The builders are here still and they say "Rumble rumble - is this door to the left?" Yes, it is. Its rumble rumble - to the left. "Just checking - rumble", he says.
Clunk - clonk - rumble - atishoo - rumble - clunk - clonk.

Slim Gaillard - Cement Mixer

Slim Gaillard - Laughin' In Rythym

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wonky brick boys back.

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This is a card i made for Hazel in 1990 for our 7th anniversary. It seems like only yesterday.
Only yesterday I had to stay in for the builders but they didnt turn up until 2 in the afternoon and spent three hours pondering the wonky base - rubbing chins, measuring, moving bricks, tieing string round bricks, rubbing chins, scratching heads, moving bricks etc. and eventually said they'd come back tomorrow to straighten out the base by chipping abit off the edge and adding concrete on the other side. Hazel thinks this sounds like a bit of a botch up job and is going to phone the boss man today to try to get reassurance that it will look o.k. when they have finished.
I spent most of yesterday clipping bits of collage material out of old Sunday Times magazines and surfing the net.
Also made some more ATC's for the Collage Kids. I think I have done enough now and looking forward to making some larger collages.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Walk along lake at Marbury.

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Pleasant Sunday walk to blow cobwebs away. Marbury was full of wet dogs and muddy children but we managed to find some quiet areas like this one ( where have all the ducks gone?). We found them a bit further on- mostly stuffed on all the bread they'd been fed all morning so they weren't keen on ours which floated off into the reed beds.
Archie had a wonky knee and I was feeling drowsy from the anti-biotics but managed to walk a fair way to see if the bluebells were out yet - some, but probably better display next week.
No boot sale today alas so a lie-in for everyone. I went to the local newsagent for the Sunday paper which had yet another Michael Caine film on DVD given away inside. This week it was The Eagle Has Landed. Next week it's the 14th Protocol? We've already had The Ipcress File and that one with Julie Walters in where he plays a lecturer. I don't know when we'll get time to watch them all but quite a library of M.C. building up!
It's just started to rain so glad we went out when we did.
Yesterday was pretty quiet until we went to visit Granma and Audrey in the next village who had cousin Maggie and Dennis (the menace) from the West Midlands popping by via the motor cycle rally over at Little Wotsit. Brrmm! Brrm! Dennis is a keen Beano fan too and was happy with the two swaps Archie took over. He was wearing a Dennis the Menace black and red striped jumper and has a Dennis the menace painted on his helmet and rucksack. Archie was impressed.

Carson Robison & the Pioneers - Polly Wolly Doddle

Carson Robison & the Pioneers - Cross-Eyed Sue

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thankyou Mr. Postman.

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A nice lot of mail art in the post today which cheered me up after a frustrating morning trying to phone the doctor's for an appointment and not being able to. Here are some of the things I got , mostly from the Flickr group who are churning out ATC's. Also a splendid collage from Art Nahpro and a collaborative postcard of Laurel and Hardy from Sticky Fingers. My cup runneth over!
The builder reappeared again with some excuse and proceded to knock down the wonky walls he had built. I left him to it and walked to town for some fresh air. I didn't find much but bought some parsley, bananas, apples and muesli base. Still not eating as much and limited to cereal, toast and fruit.
Hazel isn't eating much either but went to collage anyway. She sent an e-mail saying she was feeling a bit better so hope she's done the right thing.
Archie seems o.k. and struggled off to school with a pack on his back that would make a commando wince!
The builder has gone now and so has the offending wall. He's left the concrete base so I guess that's o.k. - but wouldn't that be wonky too??
O well - they are coming next week to build it again so I'm sure they won't make the same mistake twice!

Iggy Pop - I'm Bored

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What was it called again?

Fish Inspection ATC
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O dear, we've had the most awful 48 hours what with Archie getting the terrible Winter Vomiting Sickness and then Hazel and I getting it at the same time over Saturday night and most of Sunday. Hazel got it the worst, poor thing. Taking the anti-biotics saved me from the vomitting and squitters ( I can't spell diarrearrh!) We have been trying to eat dry arrowroot biscuits but even that seems a massive effort. Drinking gallons of water as it makes you very de-hydrated. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!
So, keeping Archie off school today to recover properly and I'm sure the school doesn't want an out-break of it!
Missed the car boot yesterday which was a blow. I was looking forward to it. I couldnt even find the energy to drag myself down the paper shop for the Sunday Times.
Hopefully we shall all be better by tomorrow.
Have been cheering ourselves up by watching The Incredibles on DVD.

Fish Faces  ATC
Another ATC collaged for the Collage Kids swapping group on Flickr.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Feeling rather Thursday.

Betty Boop ATC
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Aching all over too due to anti-biotics. Its a horrible feeling. Didnt get much sleep- tossing andf turning. Hazel didn't either. I hope these do the trick as I'd hate to think what the "stronger ones" the doc hinted at might be like?!
Stayed in yesterday- just too lethargic and creaky to do much else really. made some more ATC's ( sample above ) for the Collage Kids at Frickr which is proving to be a helpful diversion. Maybe you'll find it here?
Or maybe not. Not very good at links I've discovered.
Last night another upset as woken by Archie being sick at 2 in the morning and every half hour it seemed until 4. Hope he's feeling better now - having a lie-in.
Poor Hazel- two invalids to take care of !
This Easter holiday seems rather doomed from the start, what with the conservatory fiasco etc.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sunday dance to the boot sales.

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
This is one of the old postcards I bought this morning, mainly so I could add some "found photos" to the Flickr group of the same name. The first boot sale was in Verdin Park at the top of the hill. Lots of cars and punters but very little in the way of bargains. I found four postcards and a tobacco tin for Hazel's tin thing collection. Archie got a bag of lego which he's pleased with. hazel didnt find much either so afterwards we went to Winnington Youth Club where there was another but hardly any cars and a few stalls inside the hut the youth meet in. Nothing atall. So, the last boot sale at Kwik Save was out only hope of some bargains but only 4 stalls there too! Luckily one had a big pile of old records for 10p each which took me ages to sort through. It was mostly Max Bygraves, Mrs. Mills and Russ Conway piano medleys etc. but found some old British Dance Band stuff with Billy Cotton, Ambrose, etc. so that made up for the disappointments at the other sales. Also found a Ken Dodd video for 50p. Will tag some songs on the end of this later.

Maurice Winnick - Linger Longer Island

Ambrose - When Yuba Plays The Rumba On The Tuba

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

April fools and picnic in the park.

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Yesterday was a bit of a disaster. The men came to put up the rest of the conservatory but after two hours struggling in the drizzle with the windows and frames they realised the base had been built out of true! So they called the foreman and the foreman called the surveyor (who'd already o.k.'d it!) and he called another builder and they stood in the drizzle and shook there heads and finally they decided the whole thing must come down again and be built from scratch! April fool!
If only it was. Hazel took it quite well considering, as she was looking forward to layin the tiles tomorrow and moving her workbench in - but it seems it may take un til the end of April now before that happens.
Today we went for a nice walk and had a picnic in Marbury Country Park. The bluebells weren't quite ready yet though there were a few dotted around. We'll have to go back in a couple of weeks to see the woods in their true blue-belly glory!
The new bridge over the canal is quite impressive and painted black and white like the old buildings of Northwich. It connects Marbury to the other new stretches of parkland that go to town and joins up with Carey Park.

Jerry Colonna - Waltz Me Around

Jerry Colonna - Balling The Jack

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