Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wonky brick boys back.

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This is a card i made for Hazel in 1990 for our 7th anniversary. It seems like only yesterday.
Only yesterday I had to stay in for the builders but they didnt turn up until 2 in the afternoon and spent three hours pondering the wonky base - rubbing chins, measuring, moving bricks, tieing string round bricks, rubbing chins, scratching heads, moving bricks etc. and eventually said they'd come back tomorrow to straighten out the base by chipping abit off the edge and adding concrete on the other side. Hazel thinks this sounds like a bit of a botch up job and is going to phone the boss man today to try to get reassurance that it will look o.k. when they have finished.
I spent most of yesterday clipping bits of collage material out of old Sunday Times magazines and surfing the net.
Also made some more ATC's for the Collage Kids. I think I have done enough now and looking forward to making some larger collages.


Jonathan said...

My first batch of ATCs happened real quick... the next bunch is taking as long as bigger collages would.
I sure do hope that they sort out the base for Hazel's conservatory. Keep an eye on them, they're already well into cost over-runs and may try to scrimp on something else to make it up.

michael said...

They are very time consuming are'nt they Jonathan but still it's been fun to do and my post has certainly livened up lately!
We are keeping a wary eye on the builders and Hazel is very nervous about every move they make since the cock up with the wonky base.They seem to have put that right now and hopefully the walls will be finished today and the rest erected tomorrow. We shall see.