Saturday, April 30, 2005

The weak end starts here.

Yet more builders turned up this morning to dig the soakaway and put in the drain despite the drizzle. As we suspected the 18 sacks of gravel were far too many and they had to take half of them home again. They left us four sacks of top soil and mud which they will collect on Tuesday - thus dragging out the procedure even longer!
They seem to have done a good job though it's hard to tell as the drizzle has washed some of the cement around the drain away and so they may have to come back and do it again. But not on Tuesday - oh no, that would be far too simple.
More free DVD's in this weekends papers. In the Mail was "A Handful of Dust" with Alec Guinness amongst others and in another terrible paper only suitable for rabbit bedding (even the rabbit looked offended!) was 3 old creaky tv sci-fi episodes of Batty Starbuck Leap, Quantum Rogers and some other. Probably a big mistake.
On the sci-fi front we went to see "The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy" this afternoon as it was raining. It was o.k. but they'd taken huge liberties with the script and I think I really prefer the radio version where you can make up your own visuals. It had it's moments but not enough really.

Mad River - Merciful Monks

Mad River - Amphetamine Gazelle

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Cocaine Jesus said...

Sadly literature (thats books to you and me!!!)often fails to transfer well to film. I haven't seen Hitch Hikers yet but I cannot conceive of how they will get so much rammed into so little.
I thought Jackson did a great job on The Lord of the Rings but even then he took libertys and made a couple of howlers.
I will still have to go and see it though.

michael said...

Yes, it's not a complete disaster but could have been so much better.
I can't think of any books that have transfered successfully to film?