Saturday, September 10, 2011

Andy Plant

Fascinating film about automata maker Andy Plant.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Where The Knuts Come From

Went to a big boot sale in Knutsford today on the Heath. A Fun Day in aid of the Scouts and Guides I think. No second hand woggles or knotting badges to be seen though. The sun was shining so a good turn out. Organised parking which is awalys good though the chap next to us left his driver's door open. We kindly closed it for him incase he really had wandered off distracted by the thought of bargains!
I didnt get much really considering the many stalls. Nice to find some buff card wallets that will be good for the assembling book covers I am making at the moment. 14 people have promised to take part but only 4 have sent pages so far which is fine by me. I would quite like a copy myself and if 14 people send pages I would have to go without a copy! Serves me right for not getting my sums correct.
Also got two DVD's of films that are unknown to me - I Love You Philip Morris ( with Jim Carey) and J'taime Paris by work by 20 directors all submitting 5 minute love stories set in Paris.
Hazel got a nice old air raid wardens bicycle lamp which was made it illuminate your front tyre and little else (whoever she might be?). Also a new dial for Archie's dial collection. He got some rubbish trucks so he was happy. Dustbin lorries rather than trucks that are rubbish!
The postcards here are from our jaunt to the antique place near us the other day.