Monday, December 31, 2018

Pitsea Market

A bit of nostalgia . Photos from the Pitsea group on FB. Fond memories of this old market when we first moved to Basildon back in the early 50's when the villages such as Pitsea and Vange were still quaint with old houses, shops and some rustic architecture. All since bulldozed to make way for hideous flyovers, housing estates and shopping malls. My favourite stalls on the market were the record stall that sold ex-juke box 45's ( with the centre missing ) all piled in a heap. Three for a shilling or some ridiculous price. Discovered such gems as Gary U.S. Bonds "Quarter To Three" and Lonnie Donegan singles I'd faintly heard on Radio Luxembourg - the only pop station in those days - the BBC was a mostly MOR and classical only station comprising the Home Service and the Light programme. The other stall was dedicated to old comics which were also cheap and plentiful. Alf the Market Man sold bundles of household goods at knock down prices - he had the patter and gathered a big crowd who waved 10 bob notes in the air for his minions to collect and hand out bags of "treasure" which turned out to be brillo pads and bleach etc. Exciting stuff back in the 50s and early 60's ! The market was eventually bulldoezed to make way for a vile road system and the market temporarily housed in some sci-fi like domes seen HERE in this lovely old film.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Festive Season

The usual Xmas dinner traumas, silly hats, silly games and piles of washing up! We took our own nut roast with chestnuts and vege gravy - twice as much as Granma has a tendency to boil it until it evaporates! Plates piled high with food and then pudding and nibbles! We are collapsed with extreme bloatiness! Fell asleep during the Queen's speech - catching flies. Raced plastic elfs ( and one Santa ) from crackers across the dining table. Deja vu definately the order of the day! Home by 8pm. and further collapse in front of the telly.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Picking A Tree

The annual choosing of the Xmas tree this morning over at Marbury where they were reduced to half price - hooray! Our boy , who is home for a few days, helped out with the heavy work. Tough choice - they all looked a bit wonky but cheaper than last time we looked! You'll never notice once they are covered in tinsel and other gaudy trimmings!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Marbury Country Park

Nice wander round Marbury woods and the lake (mere) today before lunch. Not as cold as yesterday ut still pretty nippy. Amazed to see so much wildlife including a Jay, Nuthatch and various Tits. Also mad dogs and daft ducks. Gooses and squirrels. Swarms of midges? Surely not! Nothing surprises me about our weather anymore. Then to the garden centre for plants and looks at the expensive Xmas trees. The one we planted last year died sadly so that won't be any use this year. Then off to Granma's and Audreys for coffee and a half scone.

Saturday, December 15, 2018


Nice drive over to frosty Frodsham to look round the charity shops and junk shops etc. Found a few bargains. Hazel got a lead cowboy drawing his guns to go with the other three lead cowboys on the picture rail above the mantlepiece. Also a blue bowl. We have hundreds of bowls so don't know why we needed another! She can't help herself. I found a copy of "Flyposter Frenzy" that was published back in the 90's - full of mail art folk we used to correspond with. Then to Roy's little shop of treasures. He's very chatty and shows us some prize possesions he didn't want to sell - had to move the poor slumbering dog to get at them - a fancy architects measure thingy and beautiful old glass Xmas tree ornaments ( £4 each ) We were tempted but a bit pricey and fragile - the chances are they'd be in bits time we got home. Tried the bakery for some lunch but they wanted to charge us 50p to heat up a pasty so we decided to go to a cheaper shop down the road. We were going to buy a loaf too so they missed out on several pounds worth of sales. After a cheese and onion pasty in the car we walked round the antique emporiums at Lady Heyes. Found a few more bits and bobs. Freezing cold wind blowing off the Mersey - Brrrrr! Glad to eventually get home in the warm.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Marbury Walk

Pleasant walk around Marbury this morning in the sunshine. Squelch squelch went the leaves. Honk honk went the geese. Tramp tramp went the walking boots! Afterwards dropped off some stuff at Granma and Audrey's . Didn't go in as Granma was feeling a bit poorly. Home for fakey bacon and egg sarnie. Yum!

Early Birthday and Crimble Celebration

Nice afternoon with the Eves. They were off soon to Oz so we had an early surprise birthday lunch and combined Crimble treats. I made a frittata with two salads- sour dough bread. Trifle that Hazel made with lashings of sherry! Went for a drizzly walk down the lane - rain got faster so we ran home for tea and ecclefechens ( sort of mini mincemeat tarts wiuth nuts ) Yum! I almost nidded off in the front room - not very good for a host! Tony and Pene didn't seem to mind - they were looking at books and chatting to Hazel.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Boot Sale Time

Indoor boot sale this morning at memorial court. Got a few nice old DIY mags from the 50's for 50p each . Hazel got a big roll of gum strip for 50p , a enamel mug and measuring glass. Then to Iceland for some "bits". Afterwards to Granma and Audrey's for coffee and chin wag. Filled in a competition in Take A Break for them to identify celebrities hidden behind silly Xmas costumes and beards etc. What fun! Home for a mozzarella burger on a bun.