Sunday, July 30, 2006

Boot at Moss Farm

Gathers no stones. Or vinyl or much else for that matter. maybe I'm getting too fussy? Archie got a few annuals - Topper 1971- 1972 and Beryl The Peril 1978. He was very annoyed at missing a stack of old 1920's CHUM comics for 50p each that some old guy grabbed just before him! I told him he should get up earlier. He did well for bargains though as he found two boxed sets of Futurama for two quid each which he is watching now. Hazel didnt get any gadgets but two Magic Roundabout ceramic mugs. She's had to take her sister and Mom now as they refuse to drive anywhere they haven't been before! No wonder they never go anywhere! All I found was a lined notebook for 10p.
Thankfully it is cooler. The car has a thermometer and has been up in the 28c mark all week but now down to 17c.
Hazel's Mom dragged us all the way over to Lostock for a fictitious boot sale at the Slow & Easy. O well, nevermind, maybe it's on next week.

Fluxlist: A day in the life of a Fluxus artist 3

Friday, July 28, 2006

Stain Collecting

Tony and Pene dropped by to drop some birthday cards and presents off which was nice of them. They stayed for tea and a chat and tour of the garden. Tony showed us his collection of stains he had aquired during their day on the Wirral. They had driven to Ikea in Warrington and then to New Brighton and further round to the golf course where the recent Liverpool Open was played. Nice beaches round that was apparently and you can see the wind farm from the other side. On the other side of the Mersey at the lighthouse who's name escapes me- where we flew the big kite last year. It seemed like a nice day out and maybe we will try it soon. Back to the stains. Unfortuanley the back of the chair reacted badly to his wet shirt and another stain aquired to match the Branston pickle that Pene had dripped on him.
Archie was at James', camping in the garden and today going to North Wales with James and his Mom. he just texted to say they were stopping off for chips and would be home soon.
Today we went into town for some shopping. Hazel needed to stock up with sugar. I got three CD's from charity shops and the library sale. The Dandy Warhols "Odditorium", an african band from the Congo that I'd never heard of and a compilation of Voices Of The World - featuring many world music acts such as Ladysmith Black Mambaso, Black Umfolosi ( who were at Archie's school a while back) and Billy Bragg! How did he get on there?
Also found a book about old comics that Archie will enjoy.
It's been a bit cooler today so Hazel has been gardening and I have been collaging and copying some old Jools Holland shows and Glastonbury Fest. tapes onto DVD. Gradully whittling away at the pile of old VHS tapes and throwing them out- making more shelf space.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Cold Collation.

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It was a kind of joint Audrey and Hazel birthday lunch yesterday with a cold collation ( too hot to put the oven on) balloons, streamers, cards, presents etc. Audrey and Granma Jones came over for lunch and then watched some film whilst being filmed for Auntie Audrey in Australia. Also they had some games of Bust-A-Move on the PS2 and rode round on quad bikes.
Seemed even more humid and heavier than of late and difficult to do anything but flop. Hopefully some respite today. They have promised some thunderstorms but none so far.
This nice photo taken by Esther when she was here.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weaverham Boot Sale

Found a few old postcards at the Weaverham boot sale this morning including "Jolly Jack" here. Another was a lovely collaged one of cigar bands that Schwitters would be proud of - possibly made early last century and before Kurt got his hands on his scissors and glue pot!
Also got some cassettes and vinyl but nothing really exciting. One tape just had "Stars on 78" scrawled on it and later discvered it was a radio show made for BBC Newcastle by the presenter Frank Wappatt. Mostly it was dance bands of the 30's but some intriguing tracks amongst them by Japanese artists doing versions of "Show Me The Way To Go Home", "Makeway O Makeway" and other favourites. Also Lonnie Donegan in 1973 and some fine rockabilly on the MGM label. The vinyl was less impressive - the pub singalong "Time Gentlemen Please" was pretty much as expected and the single "Tin-Tan-Tivvy" was a terrible song sung by The Corona Kids.
Hazel got a few oddments for her collection including a xmas pudding tin and some chinese metal puzzles. Archie bought two 8mm movie films of Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin for a couple of quid. He used to watch lots when he was a nipper on an old projector and seems he'd like to collect them again.
It started out quite cool but once the clouds rolled away the sun was as back to it's recent strength and we wilted again. Hazel and Archie went to the organic farm shop after lunch to get some ice-cream to go with the strawberries we bought the other day. I have been making some collages for Scrapiteria.

Cigar Bands Collage 1913
Cigar bands collage by unknown persons. 1913 ?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Going Bananas!

Going Bananas
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I thought I'd typed this out earlier but Blogger was playing up again so I guess it vanished into the ether. This collage is the CD cover art for a new comp. for the Exoticaring group on the theme of "banana songs".
Its too hot and muggy to think straight so please excuse any spilling mistakes and bad punktuation! Despite the heatwave we went to Crewe Flea market today for an hour or so. Audrey came too much to our surprise. I didn't find anything and spent most of the time trying to find shade and any cooling breeze that was about ( not much!). Hazel bought me a shavving brush with a wooden handle as my old plastic one is cracked and held together with sellotape. Audrey bought some sceenic postcards for her Mom. On the way back we took a detour to avoid the roadworks and found out way blocked by a train carriage on the back of an articulated lolly that had jack-knifed in the middle of the road. luckliy hazel was able to demonstrate her skills at three point turn in the new car.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hot boot at the sales!

Oven on wheels!
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Not just the boot but the whole car was boiling. It's all very well having wonderful automatic windows but you can't open the blinkin' things until the engine starts- meanwhile you are wilting in the tremendous heat! Otherwise the new car is doing just fine and Hazel is getting used to it's funny little ways just like she got used to mine.
The boot sale at Witton Albion FC was quite larger than normal and so lots of stalls to rummage through. I found lots of DVD's and Videos including the Seven Samurai, Mr. Bean and some old Warner Bros. cartoons of Daffy Duck and Porky Pig , some in a strange sepia tone made in the 40's.( when they needed all the colour for the war effort ).
Hazel found some gadgets includin g a folding padded coat hanger and a thing for stretching pipes or maybe nostrils ( in the wrong hands!). Archie found a Worms game but sadly it won't load on our PC for some reason though it says it's for Xp. Also two Lego men.
Hazel's Mom and sister managed to take themselves for a change now they have the car back.
This afternoon we escaped the heat and went to the regal to see the latest over blown and over long Pirates of the Caribbean film which was o.k. but needed to be 60 minutes shorter! Also it ends rather abruptly so be prepared for that if you go. My advice is "don't" - borrow the DVD when it comes out if you enjoyed the first one.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Boat Museum - Ellesmere

Hazel drove to the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port today - the first big outing for the shiny new car. Thanks to the AA route directiosn we printed out from their website we managed to find it o.k. and it only took about 45 minutes. It was just past Chester Zoo which we'd been too before in Audrey's car so knew most of the way. Hazel was still nervous though but felt better after we arrived. The main reason to go was that Archie was doing a special one day media course with the Gifted and Talented group. He was a bit nervous too at being there but seemed to enjoy it. They had to make a short film about "friendship".
So we had four hours to look round the museum which was probabaly just right. We imagined it to be a tiny place we could get round in an hour or so but delighted to find so many buildings and exhibition rooms. Some had huge boilers and engines in- old pump houses, blackmisths forge, stables, lots of boats in various stages of decay etc. We had a nice big breakfast too in the cafe - very friendly- they even gave me an extra fried egg!
It was very hot and the car was like an oven when we got back to it. Niaga emoh yaw ruo dnif ot deganam ew sdrwkcab snoitcurtsni eht lla gnidaer.

A rotting hulk of an old boat in one of the duck weed covered docks.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Red car shines bright - Hazel's delight.

Big Wheel (Twice)
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Hazel bought her bright red Nissan Micra the other day - we had to go with her in Audrey's car and Audrey drove back in front, although she was supposed to be following. We popped into Morrisons to get some groceries whil Hazel filled in forms and collected the keys and stuff. By the time we filled a trolley and piled it in the boot of Audrey's car Hazel drove up to meet us. The brakes are very sensitive she said but hopefully she will get used to them.
The evening before was the "Music Night" with singing and tickling of the ivories etc. Archie took along his electric guitar and small practice amp and played along with seven others in the guitar club ( he goes to on Wednesday lunchtime). One more older lad attempted the Jimmie Hendrix number "Voodoo Chile" and another a self penned composition. Some of the singing made us wince a bit but otherwise the evening was pleasant enough and there was even strawberries and cream served in the interval outside on the patio. The nearby table won a huge box of chocs in the raffle and as we left we saw they had scoffed the lot during the second half and left the empty box and wrappers all over the tabletop!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Smoke gets in your eyes

Smoke gets in your eyes
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Went to the Cheshire Steam Rally yesterday which is always a treat. Shame Esther and kids couldnt stay long enough to see this. They are back in Norway now. The weather was a bit overcaste and breezy but ideal for this event which is out in the open with little shade. Lots to see including all the traction engines ( more photos at Flickr) the stationary engines that did things like pump water, power lights , sheep shearing equipment and chicken pluckers etc. The fair with traditional dodgems,big wheel and roundabouts including a wonderful "galloper" with steam organ in the centre. Also loads of stalls selling junk, engine parts, tools, crockery, food etc. A display of old cars and motorcyles, bouncy castles, punch and judy, dancing girls, vintage transport etc. Sadly the "Wall of Death" wasn't here this year. Something for everyone in fact. Archie even found a pile of old Beano's for 25p each. Hazel bought some bits of brass and a voltmeter for her growing collection. I expect it will find its way onto her blog soon.
Afterwards we went to Hazel's Mom's to help put some curatins up and bring back some furniture into their recently decorated living room. I nodded off and Hazel video'd me with my mouth open and looking like I was trying to catch flies.
Our other big news is that Hazel bought a new car ( well new to us) the other day which was very exciting and nerve racking for her - spending all that money. She's collecting it next week. Sorting out the tax and insurrance etc. This is Hazel's very first car despite driving since she was 18. Starting out on the bottom rung of the insurrance ladder which is a bit annoying after all these years of trouble free motoring!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sultry Days and Sleepless Nights

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It's always nice to get fine weather when you have visitors but this humidity is getting a bit much. I barely slept a wink last night and the night before. It felt like all the windows were shut but they were all open. Phew! They all went off swimming again yesterday to a place in Chester. I stayed at home in the relative coolness of our little house, which seems much smaller now we have four extra people in it!
I spent the afternoon making a compilation in response to the nice archive gleanings that Gordon sent over from Pennsylvania, where he now lives. He used to teach Ian Dury when he was a lad so a few comedy bits by him tacked onto the end which was nice to hear. He'd obviously been a big Peter Sellers and Goon Show fan!
Also the continuing transfer of VHS tape to DVD. Four hours of old Disney and Warner Bros. cartoons that Archie used to watch all the time when he was a nipper and obviously sunk in.
In the evening I made some quiche and humous ( not the rotted leaves!) and we had some salad and waffles.
They seemed to have enjoyed their swim. Hazel went off to shop and bought some strange sparkly shoes, the sort you might wear with a tiara!
It was nice at dusk to see the bats flying round the garden and the relative coolness - thunder rumbling ominously in the distance.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Das Boot!

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Two boot sales yesterday. The first was at Hartford College campus car park and not the old gravel pit they used to use but a big new space which was packed with cars so lots to see and root through. Esther and kids looked quite perplexed at first but soon got into the swing of things and bought even more stuff than we did eventually. Useful things like car seat tidys and jam pot covers, pencils and key rings. Hazel found a lovely old tin full of ancient buttons, poppers and hooks & eyes- all on original war time cards. She was delighted and they will soon be displayed on her blog no doubt.
Archie got a few books and some PC games for 50p each so he was happy. I found only one scratchy record - by Clive Dunn in his Corporal Jones from Dad's Army personna. A lot of the tracks jump too I doscovered later so not such a bargain after all! But to make up for it I also found a few games and videos including the anime "Ghost In The Shell" .
It was boiling hot so glad to get to the Verdin Park boot sale which was mostly shaded by trees. Very packed though so difficult to see much. Esther and kids also had fun finding bargains to take back with them including a virtual paint ball gun, set of drawers with stars and planets on, T-shirts etc. Archie got some "Calvin & Hobbs" strip cartoon books. Hazel found some propelling pencils and one ingenious one that had a dip pen at the other end. Sadly no vinyl here either but more games and DVD's including the excellent and very funny Catherine Tate.
It was hot and clammy though so good to get home and sort through and compare bargains. Granma and Audrey came over for tea and cake in the afternoon to show us their bargains but not the rude postcards they had bought! When they go them home they realised they were more than just the cheeky seaside postcards they expected and not the sort to send to anyone of a sensitive nature.
Later in the afternoon they all went off to feed the ducks at Shakerley but didnt get far before a thunderstorm drove them back. I had made two big pizzas meanwhile and we had them for our tea with salad. After a torrential downpour the sun came out again and it felt a bit cooler but another sticky night with little sleep.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Trip to Anderton

Photo opportunity
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After a late breakfast we went to town again and walked through Carey Park to Anderton to show our Norwegian guests the "Cathedral Of The Waterways"- the Anderton Boat Lift. We stopped along the way for photos along the River Weaver and Nature Park etc. Here we are sat on some stone sculptures that overlook the huge salt processing factory ( hidden by the trees). Much of the land is reclaimed from the salt mining industry.
We were lucky in getting a boat ride through the Barnton Tunnel too as the man agreed to take us despite nobody else around for 1 o'clock trip ( it was quarter past by this time). So nice to have the boat to ouselves and even a bar onboard for a cool beer and drinks for the kids. The 80minute trip passed some nice old canal side cottages and boats, ducklings and other watery treats. I could have done without the musak of 60's hits on the boat though.
Also looked round the Anderton Visitors Centre and watched a film abou the boat lifts history etc.
Then a shorter walk home along the river and later traditional english fish and chips and mushy peas!