Monday, March 28, 2005

Hot Cross Monday.

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Well, not really that hot or cross but definately a Monday. We drove over to a boot sale at Frodsham in a field next to the community centre and not at the Castle Park as advertised. It was very crowded and difficult to get near a few stalls which was annoying. I meant to go back to a few but forgot where they were in the hustle and bustle. Got a nice Cd of the Scaffolds Greatest hit, which has lots of songs I'd not heard before. Also a DVD-R someone had made with all Beatles related films like the John Lennon "Imagine" film that was on BBC2 a while back and Carl Perkins in concert with George Harrison and others in his back-up band. Its a shame the film of Ringo in Concert goes all weird and pixelated at the end. Maybe it needs buffing up with a cloth?
Hazel got a poker that the owner used to "beat his kids with" - err, yeah nice! Archie got a pile of annuals including a 1973 Beano for a quid so he was happy.
Afterwards we drove to Lady Heyes Craft Centre and Antique emporium to have some tea and toast and browse the barns full of expensive nick-nacks. I tried to find some postcards but even the dull "scenic" ones were £1 each which seemed a bit pricey to me.
Hazel got some metal objects for her collection and her blog. They included some paper fasteners, bulldog clips and patchwork quilt stencil.
Horrible accident we almost witnessed driving back- three police cars parked and officers attending to slumped body on the pavement. It's quite shocking to see that here - in London we used to see bodies lying on pavements and in roads all the time!
Home via Co-op for bread and lunch of haloumi, tomatoes and basil in toasted sandwich.

The Scaffold - 2 Days Monday

The Scaffold - Do The Albert

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Quick nurse the screens!

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Ventured out in to the drizzle to a boot sale over at Witton Albions ground in next village. Amazingly a few foolhardy folk had set their stalls out and were selling all manner of junk very cheaply - obviously in a rush to get home out of the elements!
Got several old scratchy records - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles from 1969 and two by XTC- "English Settlement" and "Mummer". Also CD's by the Darkness and the Platters. I think I have the Platters original hits somewhere on vinyl. This Cd was an inferior re-make done in the 80's probably - it didn't sound right, but for 50p one can't complain too much.
Hazel got a garden rake of uncertain vintage and some plants. Archie found some comics - an old 70's "Buster and a "Cracker" which I'd never heard of.
Hazel too Audrey and Doreen later and they came back for a fish and chip lunch as it was easter and it seemed like a nice idea. They seemed to enjoy it and we had silly games too - Jenga, cards, draughts and Bibble-Blobble on the Playstation.
Another boot sale tomorrow so hopefully it will be less damp than today.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Tattooed Lady.

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Michael Scott sent me this photocopy many years ago and I made another copy of it today and added some fake "tattoos" with the aid of a few rubber stamps. This was inspired by the song which follows ( available for 7 days only) that Jim sent on a cassette today. Most was early jazz novelties by Louis Prima but amongst the oddities on side two was The Tattooed lady by Billy Cotton & his Band with vocal by Alan Breeze. This reminded me of the Groucho Marx "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady" which i tried to find but found instead another Tattooed Lady by Paddy Roberts. So here they both are.

Billy Cotton Band - The Tattooed Lady Pt's 1 & 2

Paddy Roberts - The Tattooed Lady

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

George the Giraffe's Groovy Slide Show.

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Missed a chance to upload some Screaming Jay Hawkins here but instead we get Tommy Handley singing about bananas and eggs.
Went to Crewe Flea market today and didn't find any fleas but Hazel found some flies - in a little red tin. I expect she will show it on her blog fairly soon along with the collection of odd gramaphone needles and lead shot tins. You can find them here.
I didn't find much of interest just a record called Don Juan's Monster Hits Vol. 2 , which turned out to be rather similar to the Barron Knights. Also two PC games for £1 each.
Hazel took Flo to the vet's yesterday to have her bottom de-clagged. The vet said it was probabaly due to too much rich food, so we are cutting back on the trifle and eclairs.

Tommy Handley - Bananas Are Coming Back

Tommy Handley - The Egg Song

Two typically daft songs about shortages of fruit and other foodstuffs in the war by Tommy Handley who was there in the black-out cheering us up whilst the bombs were dropping. A stalwart of ITMA (It's That Man Again) on the wireless during the war years.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sandy Powell found wandering at boot sale.

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Up early for the boot sale at the cow pat field but when we got there it wasn't, if you know what I mean. Maybe it starts next week? So we carry on towards Macclesfield and find the big boot sale at Chelford which Hazel tries to avoid as they are so rude and it costs twice as much to park on a tussocky field in the middle of nowhere. Apparently the fellow who runs it is a millionaire with two planes but can't be bothered to supply a proper porta-loo for the gents who have to use a a piece of corrogated iron leaning on some thistles in the corner of the field! Ouch!
I didnt find many bargains despite the number of cars but the best of the day was an old Sandy Powell LP on the Decca Ace of Clubs label from 1962. On it were a few sketches from radio shows and a handful of music hall songs records in the 40's, one written by the Two Leslies (Sarony & Holmes). The sleeve notes disclose a few facts I was unaware of-
"At the age of sixteen years, Sandy played his first pantomime at the Rotunda Theatre, Liverpool. he became recognised as one of Britain's most reliable pantomime comics in the years which followed. Sandy broke into braodcasting via a series of hour-long prgrammes under the title Pages From Sandy's Album in which he was supported by artists from his own road show.
In 1929, while he was appearing at the London Palladium, Sandy made his first record. It was called "The Lost Policeman" and it sold over a million copies."

Here are two tracks via You Send It which will be available for 7 days or until exhausted.

Sandy Powell - How Ashamed I Was

Sandy Powell - Oh! Ain't It Grand To Be In The Navy

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


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I walked into town and went to the bank, the post office, the usual charity shops and took the CD's back to the library.
I bought Archie a home recording studio which you can set up on your computer. It consists of a microphone, a CD-ROM and a CD of drum samples. I thought it would be useful for him to make his own Flash animation soundtracks and maybe when he's more proficient at the guitar he can record some songs? But it's early days yet ofcourse. I spent most of the day pulling my hair out, trying to figure out how to get any sounds to emerge ! Not a sausage! Why do they make it so complicated?! No wonder they were selling them off cheap!

Sweet Mama - Mambo sans mot

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Not much known about this french jug band Sweet Mama. This song from a CD called "C'est Completement Fou" from 1983. Thanks to Jim Benson for sending it to me.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Boot sale time again.

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It's boot sale time again! Hooray! Despite the freezing conditions and a sprinkle of snow we went to Weaverham High School and surprised to see quite a few foolhardy folk had turned up to get rid of their junk.
Not much music alas though was tempted by a big stack of very old scratchy looking 78's. I made an offer for an expensive rare Ray Dorset soundilikey jug band but it was rejected. Maybe I should have bought it. O well, too late now. In the end I got a Fall 1980's vinyl LP that I didnt have and some cheap DVD's including the Iron Giant for Archie. Hazel got a brass coat hook and some plants. Archie found a battered 1989 Dandy annual which he wasn't sure he had or not. Turns out he didn't so he was happy. We didnt stay long as it was so cold. Got the Sunday Telegraph as it had a free DVD of an old Michael caine film called "Last Orders" that I'd never seen before. The Telegraph is a terrible tory right wing rag and I was loathe to buy it but a free DVD is a free DVD and besides it makes fine rabbit bedding!
Hazel took her Mom and sister later and they got some nick-nacks and stopped off at Lidl for some groceries.
Have just been watching an odd film about the Arctic, based on a true story apparently about a scientist who goes to study wolves. he gets dumped in the middle of nowhere with a pile of crates and a canoe and he finds all he has to eat is dozens of tins of asparagus!

The Fall - My New House

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Fridays exercises by numbers.

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This collage is another for the Collage Kids at Flickr on the theme of Physical Fitness and the other is Easter Bunny.
Walked into town for some exercise. The usual route round the cahrity shops. Bought a DVD of a film called "Analyse This" for a couple of quid. It was very windy and so leaning into wind on the way there and blown along coming back.
Archie made a pizza in Food Tech. which looks very nice but he said the teacher made him put all the chopped onion on it which he didn't want.
It's Red Nose Day and I certainly had one after all that wind blowing in my face! Archie's school were allowed to go in ordinairy clothes for charity. Some pupils had dyed their hair red and wore red face paint but Archie put tomatoes on his pizza instead.

Jehosophat & Jones - Gal From Arkansaw
The Two Ronnies welcome repeats on the beeb this week. This is to celebrate.
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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Test for colour fonts

testing for font colour

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Coup de Chickens.

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This is a nice matchbox label - one of many we bought at the Matchbox Collectors Fair in Northwich a couple of years ago. We managed to miss last years for some reason. These indian labels are so cheap and all brightly coloured and have very attractive designs.
The collectors were all very helpful and generous with their wares- they gave Archie a big starter bag of matchbox labels for nothing. More labels on my Flickr photostream.
Yesterday I walked to town and back and took a DVD back to the library and bought a cheap video of a film that was on tv last week but I forgot to set the video. It's one with Bill Murray in called "Rushmore" .
Only mail was from Mark Pawson who sent some nice japanese inspired badges and a set of recently printed Gocco envelopes and cards.
Archie is learning to play the guitar at school now. He has one 30 minute lesson per week which costs £3. He has to do it in his lunch hour which he does'nt like much so not sure how long this will last. His hands have grown quite big and are the same size as Hazel's now , so should be easier to stretch for those chords.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Part man part washing machine.

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This collage is for the Collage Kids at Flickr. The new themes is Pin Ups and Inventions. Worth a look.
Walked into town and got the bus back as I was bursting for a Jimmy Riddle. I've been drinking copious ammounts of water since going to the docs . and him saying I might have a bladder infection. I won't go into the gorey details. I bought some Cranberry Juice as thats supposed to be good for cleansing the system - it tastes horrible though and makes your tongue feel like sandpaper!
Didnt find much in town. A folded/popper box to put CD's in. Cheered myself up with a PS2 mag and demo disc which has the new metal gear solid on it. You creep around a very authentic looking jungle complete with butterflies and crocodiles etc. and you have to catch your own food with a tranquiliser gun and a fork. Finding your way out of the impenetrable swamp is hard enough!
Richard the builder has gone and left a bit of a mess but I cleared it up. I painted the bricks brown to ressemble bricks and got rid of the hanging vestages.
They are coming to put the frame and roof up on April 1st. Ho ho! Very funny!