Friday, March 04, 2005

Part man part washing machine.

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This collage is for the Collage Kids at Flickr. The new themes is Pin Ups and Inventions. Worth a look.
Walked into town and got the bus back as I was bursting for a Jimmy Riddle. I've been drinking copious ammounts of water since going to the docs . and him saying I might have a bladder infection. I won't go into the gorey details. I bought some Cranberry Juice as thats supposed to be good for cleansing the system - it tastes horrible though and makes your tongue feel like sandpaper!
Didnt find much in town. A folded/popper box to put CD's in. Cheered myself up with a PS2 mag and demo disc which has the new metal gear solid on it. You creep around a very authentic looking jungle complete with butterflies and crocodiles etc. and you have to catch your own food with a tranquiliser gun and a fork. Finding your way out of the impenetrable swamp is hard enough!
Richard the builder has gone and left a bit of a mess but I cleared it up. I painted the bricks brown to ressemble bricks and got rid of the hanging vestages.
They are coming to put the frame and roof up on April 1st. Ho ho! Very funny!


swapatorium said...

Cranberry juice is very good for a bladder infection. Hopefully, it will get you feeling better soon!

michael said...

I hope so Angelica - it's not very nice to drink.

Roger Stevens said...

I quite like cranberry juice. Try mixing it with a different juice.

Glad you got the hanging vestages sorted! They can be so troublesome.

(Thanks for the postcards and poem book BTW. They're lovely!)

I'm off to the dentist's now. I HATE the dentists! I'd gladly drink cranberry juice forever than go to the dentist's.

michael said...

I'm getting used to the taste of Cranberry. I would rather drink it than go to the dentist too! I didnt go to the dentist for about 10 years once as I had a terrible time with one particular bad dentist back in the 70's. Luckily found a good dentist in London and have been going regularly since.

Roger Stevens said...

Just back. I've had a filling and my mouth is still numb.

When I told the dentist that I had an irrational (well - not so irrational - I had some really nasty dental experiences as a child) - fear of dentistry - the dental nurse said, "So - is that why you didn't turn up for your last filling?

And I had to say yes. So she said - Let's do it now then, so then you won't worry about it. And I said, Okay.

So at least it's done.

And right now I can't drink anything, even cranberry juice, as it would do that comedy thing and dribble down my front.

Roger Stevens said...

Are you watching Help - on BBC2 - Sunday evenings - ?

Brilliant! It's about time there was some good comedy on.

michael said...

Hope you have recovered from your dentist trip Roger. Yes, we did catch Help which we enjoyed and hope to see the rest of the series. Yes, you are right - very little comedy on tv these days - all the good stuff is nearly all repeats.