Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Tattooed Lady.

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Michael Scott sent me this photocopy many years ago and I made another copy of it today and added some fake "tattoos" with the aid of a few rubber stamps. This was inspired by the song which follows ( available for 7 days only) that Jim sent on a cassette today. Most was early jazz novelties by Louis Prima but amongst the oddities on side two was The Tattooed lady by Billy Cotton & his Band with vocal by Alan Breeze. This reminded me of the Groucho Marx "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady" which i tried to find but found instead another Tattooed Lady by Paddy Roberts. So here they both are.

Billy Cotton Band - The Tattooed Lady Pt's 1 & 2

Paddy Roberts - The Tattooed Lady


Roger Stevens said...

I've got the Groucho version, also on video - can't remember which film he sang it in. I think it was Way out West. I've also got the Billy Cotton one.

The Billy Cotton Band Show was on the wireless every Sunday afternoon in the fifties and most of the UK used to listen. He was a cross between Spike Jones and a regular/ serious big band.

He also took his show on the road.
I saw it. Jill saw it. I bet Michael and Hazel did too!

The highlight was the song I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts - when the band used to pelt the audience with cotton-wool snowballs.

hazel said...

I've got Groucho singing that too somewhere - on a train probably. Billy Cotton was an integral part of my childhood - the Tv show on Saturdays before the Black and White Minstrel show came along to spoil it. His radio show on at Sunday lunchtime was always listened to as we munched on out roast beef and yorkshire pud etc. Afterwards it would be Round the Horne, Ken Dodd or Jimmy Clitheroe.