Saturday, June 19, 2021

Carey Park Walk

 Nice walk around Carey Park this morning after doing a little early shopping to avoid crowds in B&M and Quick Save.  Got some cheap headphones for Hazel to wrap up for my birthday tomorrow.  Looked in QS for present ideas but mostly cheap junk so didn't bother.  Two narrow boats were side by side on the River Weaver. One man was shouting over to the other boat. It sounded like he was saying "I'll swap this dirty yellow bandage for your wife!"  I'm sure that can't be right!

Friday, June 18, 2021

Marbury for Picnic

 This mornings walk and picnic in Marbury woods/park with old chums Tone and Pene Eve. Also went to the garden centre nearby.  Surrounded by delinquent baby squirrels whilst eating our sandwiches.  Then over to Hazel's Mom and Sisters to say hello and wave from safety of front garden

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Plague Of Frogs!

 Early morning walk to the fishing ponds and River Dane Community Orchard and amazed to find ourselves walking amongst hundreds of tiny froglets as we went round the largest of the ponds!   Blimey was difficult not to step on them!   Ugh!  Some were no bigger than a thumb nail. Hazel picked one up and it sat quite happily on her hand.  We had to tippy-toe around for fear of squashing them - squelch!  We have never seen so many at once.  I imagine the heron and other birds will enjoy a feast.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

More Marsden

 Another little break in Yorkshire so soon after the other one. More help for our old friend Dave.  We managed a little walk one evening  which was nice.  More old mill buildings and strange totem pole like rocks that were not from Easter Island but beams from a nearby factory - Trenter Posts?  Even a blue plaque on the wall to explain them. I am still none the wiser - maybe wider after huge all day breakfast from Katies Kitchen - delicious food but a bit shambolic. Nice uneventful drive to Glosspot for M&S  wee stop and a few bits from the deli counter.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Marsden - West Yorkshire

 A couple of night break from our usual routine. Popped over to Yorkshire to see our old chum Dave. Managed to take advantage of the local walking - discovering paths we'd not ventured down before - old mills crumbling away, delightful riverside gardens, waterfalls, weirs, rhodedendron forest etc. Lovely sunny weather - a bit too hot at times!  A fish and chip supper from the local chippy.  Snacks from Lidl on the way there via Glossop - our usual stopping off point.  Hazel hates the motorway so we go the scenic route - watching out for kamikazi sheep and dodgy drivers!

Saturday, June 05, 2021

Friday, June 04, 2021

Neumann's Flashes

 This mornings walk to Neumann's Flashes and Carey Park after a shoppig trip to the B&M store in town. Very sunny but cooler than yesterday, 4th June 2021.