Sunday, July 15, 2018

Vagrants Boot Sale

Two boots today at Vagrants near Crewe and the cricket ground a few miles further on. Slim pickings but I did get a sill PS3 game Borderlands with extra levels which I had not played. Also a nice Penguin Book of Comics from the 60's. Hazel got a few bits including a tin jug, French linen table runner, brooches, necklace, beads, etc. etc. Some mad drivers on the roads but we made it back in one piece. Glad of the cool tiles in our little house. More mail art sorting. Now Hazel is painting the landing floor boards a bright bluey grey. Chucking out lots of stuff that was gathering dust.

River Festival and Artisan Market

Lovely sunny and very hot day again yesterday for the annual Northwich River Fest. Beforehand we went round the excellent artisan market where all kinds of foods and home made stuff was being sold by vendors braving the intense heat. The Dragon Boat race was good - we managed to find a shadey spot on the other side of the River Weaver to watch it - well, the first race anyhow. It went on all day and today too so we didn't stay long - just long enough to soak up the atmostphere and watch some miscrient pirates fire a small cannon and say piratey things into the Tannoy system. Aaarrrrgh Jim Lad! etc. Also happening were lots of charity stalls and food outlets, bar-B - Q's etc. The smell of burning sausages and onions wafted over the assembled crowdsW

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Boot Sales

Two boots today ( Whitegate and Verdin Park )with Beth and Hazel. I didn't get much - just slightly fried and a stack of blank CD's. Hazel found some interesting objects including a needle case ( which Bob saved for her ) a file box ( which was on our list of things to get ), a metal file box, a small nuts and bolts cabinet with lots of plastic drawers, a plant, a plastic banana, flowerpots amd a toffee tin. Nice to back into the relative cool of the house.

Rubber Stamp Demo

I foolishly voluteered to demonstrate how to make hand carved rubber stamps at local art fair yesterday. It had been a while since I'd actually made any so tricky in that artificial light and with failing eyesight! I managed to bluff my way through with Hazel's help who is always very engaging with the punters. The "Grand Day Out" organised by the chap at the local art shop was a big success despite the World Cup England match being on at the same time! We had to rush home afterwards to catch the first goal.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Mail Art Sorting

More mail art sorting for proposed exhibition at Special Collections in 2019. Steph, who is in charge of SC came over for lunch and looked through some of what we had sorted and tried to get an idea of the task involved in looking through 40+ years of correspondence and finding out more about it. At the moment putting the regular correspodants into zip lock files. When they have outgrown them they go into a box file. Art Nahpro ( Paul Jackson ), Mark Pawson , Eric Finlay, John Evans and Michael Scott have their own box file and close behind are Creative Thing, Ed Giecek, Mark Greenfield, Vittore Baroni etc.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Car Boots at Care UK and Moss Farm

Two boots this morning. A few bargains inc. a "cow moo" for the cow moo collection. Hazel got lots of clips, ties and a copper ash tray pressed by machine - a sample Bob said.etc. A hollyhock and beads for Beth - who came round with some delicious vegan carrot cake this afternoon. We sat in the garden to eat it with some tea - a welcome break from all the mail art sorting. Three boxes today. One box too many! Phew! Also a snap of Hazel in the pantry which she cleared out yesterday to make room for the small cupboard from the front room - now swapped with a document cabinet to stand the small TV on.