Thursday, November 30, 2017


Spent the afternoon in Stockport at the War Memorial Gallery helping collage artist Charlie Holt put up some work in a the large upper gallery. Charlie covered the walls in old posters he'd been given and the small collages on canvas were screwed on top. Quite tricky as the walls were plaster. Hopefully they will stay up for the next few weeks. Got quite a lot done as Charlie was the other end of the big room so couldn't engage me in conversation and slow up the hanging process like at the Weaver Hall Museum. It was looking pretty good bu 4-30 pm when left to get my train. The opening is on Saturday so hopefully we shall see it then - all finished. Nice twinkly festive lights n the way to the station afterwards in the evening gloom.

Monday, November 06, 2017

34th Anniversary

Celebrated our 34th year together by going to the indoor boot sale in town. Didn't get anything but Hazel found a few bits and bobs including some wool for her train knitting project ( another quilt I suspect ) , folding coat hangers for her coat hanger collection. slap bell ( the sort they have on desks or counter tops ) needles and tin toy. In the afternoon we went to Granma's and Audrey's for some coffee and chocolate fingers. A lazy afternoon followed by the fireworks in Gadbrook Park which is always a treat ( and only a quid to get in! ) despite the quagmire and the noisy kids! Our first date was at a firework party in Alsager so hard to forget.