Monday, August 24, 2020

Furey Woods Again

Nice walk along the River Weaver to Furey Wood again. This time we went right to the far end until the path turned away from the river and up the hill.  Some steep steps took us to a woody path that lead  back to the town.  It was strewn with fallen trees, old pipes and kindling.  Woodland maintenance seems to be nil.  Then back to do some shopping before going to Granma and Audrey's to deliver some groceries and a phone token thingy that Audrey wanted.  Sat outside in the sun for a while chatting. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Walk Round Carey Park

Early morning walk aroud Carey Park which was quite busy. Hazel found some more blackberries ripe enough for a crumble! 19th August 2020.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Sorting Out Shelves

Covid is a right pain but sometimes all the shielding helps you focus your minds on things to do at home that have been long overdue - like clearing the shed and de cluttering generally.  Hazel found a mysterious dusty suitcase in the coal shed and I assumed it was full of old correspondence but it turned out to be out collection of old tin money boxes shaped like post office "pillar boxes".  Some nice old ones amongst them. Also some nasty plastic ones that will be off to the charity shop.  First we had to find a shelf for them which wouldn't be easy as we hate to throw anything away.  Hazel convinced me that a cull of the DVD's above my work station would be a good idea.  So with a heavy heart I went through them all and put aside the ones I would least likely watch again like the Phantasm boxed set that seemed a good idea at the time!  They look great all dusted and standing in rows looking down at me as I type this.   Also found  some tin drums that went underneath the TV next the wooden puppet elephant from India.( via Yorkshire charity shop )

Friday, August 14, 2020

Marbury and Anderton Walks

Nice walks around Marbury and the garden centre first and then moved on to the Anderton nature reserve and fishing ponds.this morning.. Discovered some more ponds hidden behind grassy banks and trees.  Some fishermen already settled at a safe distance.  The obvious social distanced sport in it's element!

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Carey Park Blackberries

Early morning walk in the drizzle round Carey Park. Hazel picked some ripe blackberries. Seems to be a glut of them at the moment. Looks like apple,pear and blackberry crumble in the offing. Then to Granma and Audrey's to drop stuff off that they ordered. I stayed in the car as the rain got heavier.