Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Photos (First batch)

Kindly sent by Jackie Aplin who took them with her camera obscura.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wedding Day/ Hazel's 50th Birthday

Here's the lovely cake that one of our neighbours made for us. Only wedding photo I have at the moment as I neglected to take a camera with me knowing there would be lots of other cameras there at the registry office and the pub afterwards yesterday. Indeed it was a bit like being among the paparazzi at one point! Archie , the ring bearer, alone took over 500, mind you he was a bit tipsy most of the time! Anyway, we tied the knot after 29 years together - one of the longest engagements in history someone said. I don't know why it took us so long really. Sorry we couldn't invite everybody but we wanted a a quiet intimate wedding with just close family and mostly friends of Hazel as it was her idea and her 50th birthday treat. Luckily the registry office at Winsford was a good choice as the lady registrar was lovely and very laid back about the whole thing. We had a pub lunch afterwards at the Golden Pheasant in Plumley - a small village nearby with a function room that lead out into a nice garden and play area where we were able to take some photos after the meal. So lucky with the weather too.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Space Age Chicken

Hot off the press! A slim volume of my collages that people have been asking me for over the years. Thames & Hudson etc. weren't too keen so in the spirit of DIY I've had to go elsewhere. You can find it via the HP button in the side panel. Other news is it's still raining but the sun did shine long enough yesterday for a walk to nearby fishing ponds where we sat admiring the dragonflies and the scudding white fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky. The lane was relatively free of rubbish so not much to pick up on the way home. The hedgerows have grown amazingly though after all the wet stuff so imagine a lot of rubbish has been obscured by grass and foliage!