Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Wheel" now at YouTube

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Gradually in process of uploading Archie's animations to YouTube. HERE's the latest - "Wheel" which never got much attention at Flickr and so may reach a bigger audience here. Viewing figures show that over 500 people have watched Archies animations so far in just a few days, so it looks promising. Mind you, it could be Hazel watching them over and over again!
Went into town this morning for a walk and browse around the library. Delighted to find "Howl's Moving Castle" on DVD to borrow. Archie will be pleased. Maybe we can get them to stock all the Studio Ghibli films which would be good. Most of them have just been re-released on DVD and some for the first time. This latest has an extra disc of extras with John Lassiter and the author, Diana Wynne Jones etc.
Also bought some bagels from M & S and the papers to see if any boot sales are on this weekend. Good to see one in Anderton on Sunday. Let's hope the weather stays fine.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bits & Bobs

A slightly different version to the one shown on Flickr. I choose an old whistling version of a very old tune thats name escapes me for the moment. Also some of the clips are different or in a different order. These were just Archie's experiemnts when he first was learninghow to animate using Flash and Ive compiled them into some sense of progression. I had fun too, ofcourse. I only wish i had Archie's patience at drawing all this stuff! Watch it HERE.
Went into town yesterday but didnt get much. Found a dutch film on video about Van Gogh for 50 pence in a charity shop sale. Very windy and a bit colder than the weekend. At home I copied more to disc from old VHS tapes. The pile seems just as high as before though!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Don't Litter

A public information film that Archie made last year. I added the music. Actually there was a version with him playing a guitar in background but I don't know whats happened to it. See it at YouTube HERE.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mad Mouse

Archie made this animation last year when he was 12. The link on Flickr got broke so uploading using YouTube which has a wealth of amusing material if you go and browse through the hundreds of films in the archive.
It was Mother's Day today so Hazel's Mom and sister came over for Sunday lunch ( fish and chips) and some games on the console, cards and bricks. You pull a brick out at a time and wait for them to fall over. Very funny. We are easily amused obviously! Hazel managed to pounce on Flo, the smelly rabbit, and snipped off a dangly ball of poop and straw that had been bouncing around for a few days just under her tail. A Mother's Day treat! Earlier we had a brisk walk around Shakerly Mere to feed the baby swans, geese, ducks etc. who fought over the bread like it was the elixier of life! It was nice to get out whilst the sun was shining. It didn't last long though - in the afternoon the rain came down.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Woodchuck Song

The latest animation by Archie who knocked this out in about 2 hours after lunch after seeing the collage I made. He couldnt find a woodchuck so had to use a hamster. Still, very funny .I sang the song based on " The Woodpecker Song" by the Billy Cotton Band ( I have it on an old EP somewhere with the Marrow Song).
This morning we went for a nice walk over to Marbury to feed the ducks out stale bread and watch the gulls fighting over the scraps. Then to Granma's and Audrey's to take the car back.
Hazel was feeling better today after a day of sickness and headache yesterday thank goodness. She was in the workshop this afternoon to make up for lost time. Getting panicy about how much work she will have for this exhibition soon.
I did some collaging and read the Sunday papers. Another weekend flown by in the twinkling of an eye!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Where is the Spring?

Catching up again. I seem to have let a whole week go by without adding anything to flobberlob. I'll have to consult my fascinating diary of scribbled nonsense which tells me it was grim oop North. More snow! And rain and sleet. Caught in a mini-blizzard in town on Tuesday. It ended as soon as it started though. Strange weather for March. Coldest since 1987.
Archie made a short animation for a competition on CBBC TV. The prize is a trip to Aardman and animation equipment. He worked very hard on it on Monday night as it had to be in by Wednesday. Fingers crossed.
Not many bargains in the shops but did find a copy of "Space Patrol" on VHS which I remember vaguley from the 60's. It was a Roberta Leigh production ( no relation) who did things like Twizzle and Four Feather Falls I think? I will have to check the Whirlygig website ( see links ). Its in glorious black and white and the most inept puppetry one can imagine. It makes BIll & Ben look like Citizen Kane!
Archie's chipped tooth repair fell out yet again so had to make another appointment for him. This is about the third time in as many months.
Otherwise its the usual round of collaging ( new one above for Fantasy Rooms) and tape dubbing, chores and shopping.
Archie's knee is slowly getting better but he's been taking a note to school to let him off games, drama, dance and any other physical activity that might aggravate it.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

More snow!

Another snowman
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
But it didnt last long. Archie was brave and went into the garden to scoop up what was left and made a snowball sized snowman and put it on the window sill to look in at us in the warm. How cruel!
Didn't bother going to the boot sale at Weaverham High School as I'm sure nobody went to it. Who'd be mad enough to stand around in this weather in a freezin' cold slushy playground?
Spent the day recording some tapes onto disc for Jim in Basingstoke. He sent some rare Chuck Berry and Don Partridge ( the one man band ) to copy.
Hazel went into her workshop once it had reached the right temperature and continued with her metal mangling.
Yesterday I went into town as it was milder than today. Tempted by some goats cheese on the market but the sign said "Rolled in ash" which put me off a bit!
The above snowman was made by Thomas and his sister over the road. I think Archie helped too. It wasnt really yellow snow- just playing about with the iPhoto tweaking system.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Melted away to nothing

Archie's snowman 2
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
All the snow is mostly gone now but we had quite a heap of it on Saturday. I trudged to town pretending I was Scott of the Antartic. Mush! And then it turned to slush!
Sunday we went to a boot sale at Witton Albion FA. There was FA there in fact but Hazel bought a ROUND TUIT which she'd always wanted, for 50p. Archie bought a book of Garfield cartoons. I guess he was desperate! It was perishing cold so not surprised at the meagre turnout.
Archie's knee seems a little better so he returned to school yesterday with no problems.
O yes. he built several snowmen over the weekend and this one (above) is the most bizarre. Obviously influenced by Tim Burton?
Sad news that the great and much missed poet, song writer, comedian and author Ivor Cutler died aged 83 last week. Shame on the BBC for not even mentioning it. You will find an obituary inthe Guardian HERE and also a little bit about our meeting with him HERE.

Yesterday I walked into town again in the sleet and drizzle ( slizzle?) and got a few things - some bread, slicing sausage, a record by Hank Snow ( how appropriate!) and borrowed stuff from the library. The video of "Legend of 1900" was there that I ordered. A bit disapointing and not nearly as good as the directors finest work "Cinema Paradiso". Also borrowed Ray Davies' first studio solo album which is good though not really listened to it properly yet , and Clap Hands And Say Yeah which sounds a bit like the early Talking Heads and worthy of investigation.
The snow has turned to rain and the snowman looks like a very sad and dejected grey amorphous blob

Thursday, March 02, 2006

First snow of the year- 2nd March!

Daft weather eh? Here we were expecting the Spring and Winter makes an unwelcome return. Even Archie is sick of snow now and anyway is off school with a poorly knee. I took him to the doc's yesterday and he said he's done something to his cartledge and must rest it. He prescribed some paracetamol to help the healing process. We thought it was getting better but he did some PE at school on Monday and that must have aggravated it again. Why didnt we give him a note? So, he's sprawled on the sofa watching the Mighty Boosh and eating toasted bagels. I ventured out into the snow to get the wheelie bins. I got the neighbours too. I don't know why, she never gets ours!
I have to consult my diary to find out what I did on Monday and Tuesday, my short term memory being what it is! Seems I went into town on Monday and ordered a video at the library. It was one that Jim in Basingstoke recommended - "The Legend Of 1900" about a baby found under a piano of a cruise ship and adopted by one of the sailors. He stays on the ship all his life playing the piano - the one he was found under. Sounds daft but the director also made "Cinema Paradiso" which is a wonderful film so have high hopes. Also borrowed CD's of "Anthony and the Johnsons" for Hazel and the Fall for me. Showed Archie the Audacity recording gizmo on the computer which he's been playing with ever since - having fun recording silly conversations with himself and running them backwards and sideways and changing the pitch to make them sound like Pinky and Perky etc. Maybe it will be useful for his animated films?
I went to Chester on Tuesday and took my camera. Photos of my wander round the ancient cobbled streets cane be found at Flickr.
Didnt find much in the charity shops. Just a few postcards to collage and a scratchy LP of steel band music from Antigua. The only reason i bought it was a track called "Archie". Maybe we can add a vocal to it on the Audacity gizmo? What a frightening thought!
Got a nice packet of goodies from Jim yesterday. Some CD's of old timey music and some rare cassettes of the Oily Rags ( Chas 'n' Dave in a former guise ) who can't quite decide whether to sing like Jerry Lee or Albert Chevalier!