Wednesday, November 27, 2019

ISSUE 43 - assembling book work.

Curated this time by Phil Mead in Devon.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Indoor Boot Sale

Nice wander round the indoor boot at Memorial Court this morning. Got a few bargains including an old Radio Fun annual to cut up, cigarette cards, card game, candles, postcard, slides etc. Mostly it was Xmassy stuff - old plastic toys etc. Hazel's eeye is improveing after a worrying time - rushing from one hospital to another to get laser treatment for a detached retina. Amazingly quick prodedure. 30 minutes and we were phoning for a taxi back home. Nice Moldovian taxi driver was very chatty. That's the 5th time we have been to either A&E or outpatients this year so hopefully not going again for a while! The NHS are wonderful despite all the cut backs. Vote Labour and save it!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

A Walk In Anderton

The joys of Autumn - kicking up the leaves - a walk round Anderton woods for a change as Marbury was full of hundreds of dogs - no parking spaces! Then to Granma and Audrey's for batenburg and coffee. Nov. 2019

Friday, November 08, 2019


Nice wander around sunny Chester today with Hazel. She went off to buy material for her quilting and I did the usual charity shop run. No bargains this time - just a slim wall calender to write birthdays and dentist apps. on etc. Also 6 postcard for a quid in the Oxfam shop. Some will no doubt be collaged in amusing and delightful ways. Then to our old chums Beth and Simon who have moved nearby. We took along some vege sausage rolls, cheese, bread and cake for lunch. Beth had made some delicious carrot and coriander soup so plenty to sustain us for the walk back to town and the bus ride to the car park at Broughton. Chester was packed with graduating students pouring out of the cathedral in droves for photo opportunities ouside in the sunshine. You can just about see some in my photo of the hideous sculpture and cathedral. The Blue Coat Hospital is on the way out of town beyond the city walls. Not noticed it before so took a snap of the figure in blue above the door.

Monday, November 04, 2019

Bonfire and Fireworks

These photos don't really do the fireworks justice that we saw last night in Gadbrook Park just round the corner. £1 to get in - a bargain! Hundreds thronged amid the swings and roundabouts - the explosions echoing round the houses on the parks perimeter. BANG! WHOOOSH! etc. Ooohs and Aaaah's a plenty. The smell of cordite and fried onions from the hot dog stall. Hazel and I had our first real date at bonfire and firework party back in 1983 so the evening tinged with nostalgia and togetherness.

Saturday, November 02, 2019


Lots of soggy crows, starlings and sheep on the way to drippy Dagfields antique emporiums this morning. Prices seemed to have gone up again so we didnt get much. Nice ride out though despite the torrential drizzle. Hazel was not tempted by the red wooden engine ( shed work ) or the antique Marvel and Cocoa tins! Nor the fake number 6. £8 seemed a bit steep for a repro. sign. She bagged a biscuit tin for a fiver ( normally £3 on any boot sale ) seduced by the squirrel on the lid. The victorian scrap screen was nice but not as nice as the one we already have. The little snowmen made of sawn up logs were a bit too early - come back next month! Stopped off at the hospice place on the way home for a rummage. Hazel found a glass dish engraved ( or moulded?) with King George 6th Coronation wordage.