Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Mother Of Invention

Hazel during her brief flirt with fame after leaving the RCA in the late 80's. Photographer - Mike Caldwell . In our Lambeth Walk flat surrounded by collections of plastic tat and mail art!

A Lesson In Numerology

I have been neglecting this blog for a while despite good intentions at the start of the year. I will try and catch up if I can remember what we've been doing lately. New books just arrived out of the blue are huge thick tome from Hungary courtesy of ARTPOOL. I get a few name checks and one of my old rubber stamped ( hand carved ) FLUXUS BUCKS gets a third of a page. I would prefer it to be a collage but , hey ho! happy for any mention at all really and surprising since I haven't sent ARTPOOL anything for a decade or more. Also did the cover art and some pages in the latest magazine from BLACK SCAT BOOKS in the U.S.A. Places - erm, Liverpool to see the Warhol ( did I mention that?) and Frodsham last week to look round the charity shops ( all 5 of them.) and Lady Hayes antique emporium. Hazel bought a few things - mostly sewing sets/ mending kits that she likes to collect. I didn't find anything. Also the antique barns of THINGY near Nantwich. The name will come back to me I'm sure before I've written all this. Hazel has washed the curtains of the front room so now we are exposed to the world - amazing how much light comes in those bay windows when you don't want it too! Like being in a gold fish bowl. Keeping out of there until they dry and go back up again. Noise and mud still churning on nearby building site. Houses all built now and road, fences and garden being added . They don't seem to be in any hurry doing it - bobble hatted men standing around chewing the cud and looking at mobile phones. Have been framing work for a small exhibition of "Landscapes" I managed to wangle myself into in Stafford's Shire Art Gallery. I'll have to take them on the train sometime. Starts in January 2015. Postcard exhibition still at Southport but travelling - not sure where yet. Otherwise a bit quiet on the exhibition front. Making a new CURIOS THING , first for a few years - hopefully ready by Crimble. Above is new collage for the latest theme at The Kollage Kit.