Sunday, October 04, 2015


Nice drive over to Chester to deliver some work to a small gallery/shop in Northgate. Too early so walked round the charity shops and market. Eventually the gallery opened and i was able to unload my stuff. Meanwhile my arms had stretched 3 inches longer. Then we met up for lunch - a cheapo vege sausage roll al freco outside the cathedral - watching the many and varied folks walk by on there way to the Gay pride procession which we didn't know about. Amused by hairy man in big owl outfit. I wanted to take photo but he vanished into the crowd flapping wildly at shop windows! Lots of rainbow socks and stockings in vogue. Had a coffee in our favourite coffee shop - nice to get a sit down. Not many bargains - the Poundshop had some weird 3-D pictures of men who changed into vampires when you walked passed them - we have one on the outside loo. Got another for Halloween. Also a rubber gerbil. Home by 2pm. Still misty - the promised sun never appeared.