Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tatton Park

I forgot my camera today hence the robot picture which is the nearest I can get to Indiana Jones. We went to Knutsford this afternoon to the cinema to see the much hyped Crystal Skull movie which thankfully turned out pretty good despite all the bad reviews. Harrison Ford looked a bit past his best but managed to pull off a few hair raising stunts with the aid of stunt doubles and back projection. It was typical hokum and the 2 hours plus just flew by. Hazel went shopping though as she doesnt like blockbusters ( she fell asleep during Lord Of The Rings!) and so spent three hours going in all the posh clothes shops and the time flew for her she said. So we were all happy.
Afterwards we drove to Tatton Park which was just round the corner to have a pleasant walk to the farm and see the tiny chicks being pulled along by invisible elastic by the proud mother hen. Hazel bought some herby plants at the Garden Shop and we spotted some ART hiding in the trees ( painted branches like antlers ) also the deer nearby that they were based on.
Sat by a small lake and realised we were sat on an ants nest so quickly moved! The Indiana Jones film still fresh in our minds!
There was a lovely old steam driven Galloper type roundabout in the courtyard.
Stopped off at the Co-op on the way home to get some poppadums and lentils for the curry. Jolly nice it was too if I say so myself.

Monday, May 26, 2008


We drove to Nantwich this morning and to Dagfields which is on the way to Stone. We were looking for a comfy chair for the back room as we are fed up with the dining room chairs to sit on when watching the TV or computer. The antique barns at Dagfields go on for miles and theres so much stuff, it's a bit overwhelming! We didn't find a comfy chair but seeing a wicker garden chair gave us an idea. So saved money by not buying one as we have one already covered in junk in the bedroom I had forgotten about. A couple of plumpy cushions and it should be just the job - and light enough to carry about from one side of the room to the other.
Hazel bought a metal bottle opener to join the other one screwed to the cupboard in the kitchen - another collection starting I think! Also a tin that contained a "Variban" bandage some years ago but now will contain buttons or screws or something similar.
Archie was very good and didn't moan - well, not until later when discussing lunch. We pointed out a few old comics to him but he didn't seem all that bothered. He did find some guitars in various states of tunage to strum though.

There was also the little petting farm and model village with rabbits and chickens living in the houses and windmills etc. A bit like a crazy golf course from a distance. Also freindly goats, sheep, calves and two snoring pigs.

Decided to drive home for lunch as Nantwich seemed closed. The boot sales had finished so time to head off home down the narrow country lanes and try and miss the kamikaze blackbirds diving in front of the car - and the squashed rabbits.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Looking for Cassia Green

Stayed in yesterday to read the papers and watch Tv and generally mooch around. Watched Eurovision in the evening and hoped that the French entry would win but all the Eastern Block countries were voting for each other which made a mockery of the whole thing. I don't think we should televise it anymore as it's just become far too political.
This morning we drove to Witton Albion boot and watched as the wind blew all the stuffed toys and lampshades about. Not much there really and the stallholders were really grumpy for some reason? Maybe it was the weather or maybe they wanted France to win too.
Hazel bought another mapping compass measuring tool thingy for 50p in a box. She has about three now and definately a collection.
I didn't get anything mainly because I was still fuming about the wretched Eurovision outcome.
Then we tried to find the other boot sale at Cassia Green near Whitegate. We drove around for ages, down some very pretty lanes with thatched cottages and gold clubs and churches nestling in tiny villages but couldn't find it or any signs even mentioning Cassia Green. I blame the former eastern block countries!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kedgeree Doo

A nice old photo from the Art nahpro Archive just posted on Flickr. Its me and the Nahpros snapped in 1986 by Hazel. I'd forgottoen all about this one - we have another version with Hazel in that Mrs. Nahpro took. Gosh, we all look so young!
Today I walked into town and got some bread and fish for the feeding of 3. Kedgeree of sorts for tonights din dins.
Also got a nice old Mickey Mouse pop-up book which is a bit battered but only 50p from a charity shop. I could probably sell it on e-bay for twice that!
Home to find a nice pile of post including some old episodes of The Twilight Zone from Jim in Middlesbrough.
Our other neighbours are moving today ( is it something we said? ) and so two lots of new neighbours to get used to.
Archie is off school again with a nasty cold. He's been doing some animation and some piano practice but mostly sleeping.
Nice sunny day here again but typically it will be raining over the bank holiday weekend.
I saw Betty in Age Concern and she said she was doing a boot sale at some football ground in Winsford but didnt know where it was! We fell for that one last time! Thankfully there is one at Witton Albion ground so the local paper says.
Time to go and watch Manchester Utd. and Chelsea in the European Cup Final in Moscow.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Last Of The Bluebells

No boots today so we went for a walk to the blubell woods of Marbury again but not many left now. The window for seeing them is very small - about two weeks. A bit sad to see them faded and droopy. Lots of other flowers in bloom though like the pungeant wild garlic and rhodedendrons. We had a small piece of stake bread to feed the occasional cheeky robin and duck family - a few ducklings on the Mere with a very alert looking Mummy duck. The sun stayed out most of the time though it wasa bit nippy under the canopy of the trees. The smell of the rotting wood and ferns etc. was quite amazing.
Stopped off on the way back to get Wilf some snack bars to chew and some muesli.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Antique Fair

Hazel and I went to an antique fair at the Crafts Centre this morning. Archie groaned something about being full of cold so he didn't come with us. It was a bit nippier than of late but the rain held off. Sadly the comic stall wasnt there this time so no old Beanos for Archie. We looked through a few postacrds but they were all quite expensive and we see cheaper in Crewe flea market. Hazel bought a silly enamel badge that says "Rounders" which she intends to wear her chest. She's been watching too many "Carry On" films I think!
I didn't find anything but bought a bar of Green and Black's 85% dark chocolate at the sweetie shop. Hazel bought some teeth rotting nougat.
The new neighbours have moved in and seem o.k. so far. We watched them struggling with a huge sofa in the back yard. Hazel opened out gate for them to get better manoeuvrebility and eventually they got it into the house.
Just watching the FA cup final between Portsmouth and Cardiff City. It's half time and Portsmouth are leading 1-0. It's drizzling and Archie has gone upstairs to practice on his keyboard. Scales by the sound of it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Having The Wrong Life

Fun new song from Big Al Davies of Rudry in South Wales.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Three Boots

Three boot sales this morning - our cup runneth over!
The first was at Verdin Park in the centre of town but not many there really. Prepared to run the gauntlet of motor bikes and hairy bikers but thankfully the Thundersprint doesn't start until 11 so the roads were pretty empty.
I didn't find much but Hazel bought two re-conditioned church chairs with shelves at the back for putting your hymn book or bible. We shall keep old pencils and sellotpae in ours I expect. A bargain for 15 quid the two. They will replace the rickety old chairs in the back room.
Archie bought a steel stringed guitar which he's just tuned and it sounds quite good. H'e s hoping Hazel might saw off a pieice of metal pipe to make a bottleneck thingy and he can play like Seasick Steve.
The next bootsale was a the High Scool in Weaverham which was huge and covered most of the playing field. Very hot by this time and Hazel had to take one of her vests off. No bargains here - too crowded and I was just getting grumpy and jostled by people with push chairs and pointy elbows. Hazel got some metal things and tiny light bulb. Also lots of cheap plants which filled the car with sweet smell of pinks and carnations.
The last boot was at Hartford High School and quieter thankfully. I got a few old scratchy 78's for 20p each- The Crane Skiffle Group on the Embassy label, George Chisolm's Jazz Band doing a medly of "Hits" and The Singing Dogs! I can't wait to hear those and hopefully upload to Boot Sale Sounds.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Summer Is A Comin' In

Just back from a walk to town and forwards. Very warm again - T shirt weather. I did some shopping and bought a small carton of orange juice for Archie's lunchbox. I would have bought more but they are heavy. Also got some smoked cod loin and parsly for tonight's dinner. I did'nt even know that cods had loins? Kedgeree I expect as Hazel has gone off the fish pie for some reason. It's probably quicker to do so I don't mind in this weather.
Also got two videos for 25p each - Billy Connolly in Ireland and a Jim Carrey film "Me, Myself and Irene" which I don't remember seeing ever.
Also an audio tape of the "Resturant At The End Of The Universe"- the follow up to "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" by Douglas Adams.
Archie made thse two collages in his school book. I think they are great.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Bluebells and Trifle

The weather has been pretty awful this weekend as far as the boot sales go. Got drizzled on yesterday at the curry place boot where the few stalls who turned up were rapidly packing up as we arrived. The one at Anderton was a bit better mainly because they had a hall to shelter in but the stalls outside were covered in plastic sheets. I bought a cheap MP3 player but it doesnt work as such but can be utilised as a memory stick so not a complete waste of money.
Hazel got some plants. Archie sensibly stayed in bed.
He went off bowling in Warrington this morning with his friend James and we had a nice walk over at Marbury and the bluebll woods in all their glory. No boot sales today though. Probably a quagmire anyway!

On Saturday Granma and Audrey came over for afternoon tea and bought a trifle. Hazel made a strawberry flan and we made pigs of ourselves.
Afterwards they looked for knitting patterns on the internet and a short game of Worms Blast.

This is my old reel to reel tape recorder that is on it's last legs but just capable of being loud enough to dub onto CD via the handy ION turnable extra plug thingy.