Monday, May 05, 2008

Bluebells and Trifle

The weather has been pretty awful this weekend as far as the boot sales go. Got drizzled on yesterday at the curry place boot where the few stalls who turned up were rapidly packing up as we arrived. The one at Anderton was a bit better mainly because they had a hall to shelter in but the stalls outside were covered in plastic sheets. I bought a cheap MP3 player but it doesnt work as such but can be utilised as a memory stick so not a complete waste of money.
Hazel got some plants. Archie sensibly stayed in bed.
He went off bowling in Warrington this morning with his friend James and we had a nice walk over at Marbury and the bluebll woods in all their glory. No boot sales today though. Probably a quagmire anyway!

On Saturday Granma and Audrey came over for afternoon tea and bought a trifle. Hazel made a strawberry flan and we made pigs of ourselves.
Afterwards they looked for knitting patterns on the internet and a short game of Worms Blast.

This is my old reel to reel tape recorder that is on it's last legs but just capable of being loud enough to dub onto CD via the handy ION turnable extra plug thingy.

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